21 October 2019
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Can we believe an upbeat Josh Frydenberg?

Frydenberg’s positivity on Aussie growth and his rejection of the IMF view, are all good to hear. Now we have to hope he’s right! Here’s my take…

4 stocks under $1

There are plenty of interesting opportunities on the ASX down in the sub-$1 space.

Good morning, Australia

The latest economic news from around the world.

5 things you need to know today

Josh Frydenberg says "there's no need to panic", the latest auction clearance rate numbers and ten days to go until the UK is due to leave the EU.

The greatest epidemic of the 21st century: Diabesity

Dr Ross Walker is back with a new series of The Check Up.

Can you trust property price stories in the media?

Peter Switzer talks property with CoreLogic's Tim Lawless and Destiny Financial Solutions' Margaret Lomas.


Ron Howard's hit comedy is about the eternal responsibilities of raising children. What recent medical studies show is that responsibility extends prior to the momentous occasion when you discover you’re about to be a Mum or a Dad, as well as those vital first nine months of life.

Alternatives to bank deposits

Here are 5 charts to help you understand investing for income, which can involve going up the risk curve, so you need to be informed.

Australia: Job vacancies, manufacturing and services sector activity data in the spotlight

In Australia, investors will be starved of major economic data releases and monetary policy-related communication in the week ahead.

5 things you need to know today

Philip Lowe sees a return to 'trend growth' occurring next year, Britain and the EU reach a Brexit deal and China says additional tariffs must be removed before a final trade deal is reached.

Switzer Video

A look at culture, arts, extras and things we’re following this week.
The real story behind Nike, built by the original entrepreneur Phil Knight. The book tells the complete tale of all the trials and tribulations it took to make this brand such a global powerhouse and how it almost fell apart countless times. Makes you think twice about starting a business!
Snowball is the 4th season of the ABC’s Unravel podcast. Unlike the previous seasons this podcast series has a lighter tone. The host, Ollie Ward investigates the lead up to and the consequences of his brother’s marriage to a con artist. His parents and brother lost their homes, business and life savings, but the episodes reveal many bizarre truths that are actually laughable.
To help you navigate Dr Phil Lowe’s ongoing interest rate decisions, join us at our Switzer Income Conference in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane next month.
Click here to get your tickets.

Quote of the Week

“You have to get your money life on the lawn, find out where you’re going wrong and take action to change things.”
From Peter Switzer's Join the Rich Club

Photo of the Week

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
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