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    22 May 2024
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    ATO now a bigger Big Brother thanks to AI

    We’re living in a more taxing world and artificial intelligence (AI) will make it even more intrusive and revealing for the Tax Office.

    The office of Australia’s Governor-General

    The point of my article today is to discuss the office of Governor-General, not the merits of the people who have held it and to ask the question Is the Governor-General the Australian head of state?

    Star casinos could become Hard Rock Cafe casinos

    It looks like Star set to be rescued and the first to put their hand up is Hard Rock Hotels and Resorts

    Switzer Investing TV | 20th May 2024

    9 stocks that the analysts like but do other expert give them thumbs up.

    Poll says voters doubt Treasurer’s Budget promises

    Newspoll’s latest survey of voters doesn’t make great reading for the Government, with few voters believing that inflation will be low enough for a rate cut this year.

    Will the Treasurer end up a rooster or feather duster on interest rates?

    Do these rising jobless numbers scream rate cuts are closer than expected?

    Dark side of the Budget moon

    There have been some positive moonbeams shining out of the Budget to date, but there’s bound to be a darker side illuminated by Peter Dutton in his Budget reply tonight.

    My view on Chalmer’s Budget

    There are a lot of giveaways in this Budget but also a lot of interest rate promises that might not be able to be kept. Let’s take a look…

    Switzer Investing TV | 13th May 2024

    Three stocks analysts see a huge upside for their share prices, but are they buyable now?

    What we know about tonight’s big punt Budget

    Dr Chalmers has been the first Treasurer in a long time to hold back the tide on what would normally be a long list of Budget ‘leaks’. So, let’s do a quick rundown of what we do know.

    A look at culture, arts, extras and things we’re following this week.

    Photo of the Week

    20/09/2023 05:46
    VMelbourne Fashion Week 2023 Ambassador Ayesha Madon (centre) poses for a photograph with models ahead of Melbourne Fashion Week at the Commons Collective, Melbourne, Wednesday, September 20, 2023. (AAP Image/James Ross)
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