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14 July 2024
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Inflation falls in the US as our CPI could be on the rise

Now we could face a spike in many product prices because of shipping troubles in the Red Sea and Asia that will force up costs and inflation!

Premier Minns is closing down business for the Anzacs

Where do I stand on the emotional subject of Anzac Day?

Did the CFMEU and the Fair Work Commission conspire to rob workers of their pay increase?

Wage theft has become a big issue, and it’s a shocking look when it appears that the labour market referee, the Fair Work Commission, acted like an accessory to these underpayments to miners!

Switzer Investing TV | 1st July 2024

Adam Dawes give his 5 best stock ideas for 2024/25 & should you be afraid of shorted stocks?

Woolies boss could lose a million

Ex-Qantas boss Alan Joyce has been accused of a litany of issues that could threaten his final exit pay, while Woolworths’ outgoing CEO could be kissing goodbye a cool million of his pay cheque because his contract had a clause that linked his departure payout to the company’s reputation.

Payman should go Green and Thorpe will go

After three senators have dumped their parties to go independent, we now have five independents, which is a lot of power. But Malcolm Mackerras thinks it’s unlikely these political players will stand the test of time.

What we can learn from James Packer

Wealthy people are always in the market looking for ways to keep building their wealth, while also preserving what they have. For that reason, I’ve always kept myself open to heed what the wealthy might know that can give insights to build wealth.

Rents go through the roof

As rents continue to surge across the country, these questions come to mind: How can we fix this housing shortage that forces rents to go sky high? And who should be fixing this?

Lindsay Fox has stuck it to the banks and big supermarkets, again!

Cash will be available for anyone who needs it because the ongoing dispute between Armaguard and the big banks, big supermarkets and Australia Post has been settled, with ACCC approval.

Do all economists think interest rates must rise?

The economic data drops over July will be critical for the direction of rates but the only place where a rise seems to look more certain is in the media! Why is this so?

A look at culture, arts, extras and things we’re following this week.

Photo of the Week

20/09/2023 05:46
VMelbourne Fashion Week 2023 Ambassador Ayesha Madon (centre) poses for a photograph with models ahead of Melbourne Fashion Week at the Commons Collective, Melbourne, Wednesday, September 20, 2023. (AAP Image/James Ross)
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