20 May 2024
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The Peter Switzer Show

What happened to Shane Warne? How can others avoid his tragic end?

In today's podcast, Dr Ross Walker tells us his lessons and advice in regard's to Shane Warne's tragic passing.

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Is the party over? Is it time to dump BHP, Rio and Fortescue?

Peter Switzer talks to Luke Smith, Global Resources Portfolio Manager at Ausbil, about his predictions for the iron ore price and more.

The smartest guy in the room, Chris Joye, on whether the delta variant will KO the economy

Chris Joye, the founder, chief investment officer and portfolio manager at Coolabah Capital, speaks to Peter Switzer.

Doctor warns: don't be afraid of the big bad wolf AstraZeneca

Cardiologist and medical expert Dr Ross Walker discusses the latest developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations in Australia with Peter Switzer.

Property expert Simon Pressley shows us how to buy the right property and where!

Simon Pressley, the founder and managing director of Propertyology, discusses the property market across the country, potential mistakes when investing and the three best places to buy right now.

Mumbrella founder Tim Burrowes on how the last decade unmade Australia's media

Tim Burrowes talks about the history of Mumbrella and the story behind his new book, 'Media Unmade'.

Would you like to understand bitcoin and make money from it?

Peter Switzer talks to Jeremy Ng, the Asia-Pacific managing director of cryptocurrency platform Gemini.

Hamilton explained! By the man who brought the musical to Australia: Michael Cassel

The Australian producer of Hamilton, Michael Cassel, talks to Peter Switzer about the story behind the musical, his history in the industry and the effects of the pandemic on local productions.

Meet Nelson Mandela's jailer + the 'Godfather of Crypto'

Peter Switzer speaks to Nelson Mandela's former prison guard Christo Brand plus a revisit of our interview with the 'Godfather of Crypto', Michael Terpin.

Generating alpha & Generation Alpha

AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver and McCrindle director of advisory Ashley Fell join this week's show.

The huge impact of artificial intelligence on business, stocks and our lives

Matthew Michalewicz, author of the new book 'The Rise of Artificial Intelligence', joins Peter Switzer.

Boost your business and success with the founder of Boost Juice

Boost Juice and Retail Zoo founder Janine Allis shares her business insights with Peter Switzer.

Former Reserve Bank economist's war on sugar

Economist Rory Robertson discusses his concerns about research by the University of Sydney, his bet with Steve Keen on house prices and more.

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