18 May 2024
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer launched his own financial business 30 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing that creates written content as well as video and films, with its latest acquisition being the global brand Harper’s Bazaar, financial advice, insurance and business advice. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones. He talks to Ben Fordham each morning on 2GB, as well as writing each day on switzer.com.au

15 January 2024
Albo’s losing friends & voters, so tax cuts are coming!

With the PM’s popularity on the slide, the promised stage 3 tax cuts look certain to be on the list in this year’s Budget.

20 December 2023
Good news for interest rate worriers

One of the great dramas of the lives of many Aussies could soon end. What could that be?

19 December 2023
Thinking of working from overseas or buying in Italy or London, well, read this!

CNBC looked at the key considerations for anyone thinking about debunking overseas and buying a getaway property or be a digital nomad. Here are some interesting take outs from this research

18 December 2023
Albo’s troubles good for the economy and stocks

Two big Albanese government unpopularity-related news stories are bound to be pluses for the economy and stocks in 2024.

15 December 2023
Two good news events are great for stocks

Our stock market surged yesterday and is set to do so again today. Why is this so?

14 December 2023
Treasurer's big tax take means tax cuts in 2024

The tax office has received a huge $30 billion tax win, which means Dr Jim is bound to stick to his promised stage three tax cuts.

13 December 2023
China is giving our exporters a fairer go

The news is brightening and suggests that economies and stock markets will have a pretty good year in 2024.

12 December 2023
Chemist Warehouse goes public. Should you buy shares in the new venture?

Chemist Warehouse has been an extraordinary success, and this private company is set to go public by buying/merging the listed company Sigma Healthcare. Is this a buying opportunity for investors?

11 December 2023
Silly season looms but serious stuff happens for stocks & rates this week so keep your eyes wide open!

Christmas is coming and the ducks are getting fat, but who’ll put good data drops in the stock players’ hats?

8 December 2023
Here are my predictions for 2024 and what Aussies need to do

Here’s what I expect to see for finance and business next year and my advice for young Aussies who are looking to save and get ahead in the new year.

7 December 2023
The case for ‘no more rate rises’ is building

The economy is slowing faster than what the RBA was thinking when it raised the cash rate by 0.25% to 4.35% on Cup Day.

6 December 2023
Should you buy bitcoin now?

Bitcoin’s price has made a comeback but is it a punt or an investment?

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