29 February 2024
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A challenge to my critics about the AEC

Malcolm Mackerras
13 July 2022

My most recent article for Switzer Daily 'Poor system gives Albo unexpected Senate control' has provoked more controversy than I expected, from certain readers. I’ll begin with a commenter who wrote: “OK Malcolm if this is incorrect and needs to be fixed and they have lied, when we get the FED ICAC can we then get a submission to it, and have it dealt with or what other methods are there to get this corrected?”

The answer I give is that I have no intention to raise this with any federal ICAC for the simple reason that I have never accused the Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers, of corruption. I have merely accused him of telling lies. I did that first in a letter I wrote to him in October 2020 to which he gave me a courteous response that did not deny this assertion made by me: "First, we had the lies you told on page 3 of 'Your official guide to the 2019 federal election: Saturday 18 May 2019'”.

CLICK HERE to read the full article on Malcolm Mackerras' personal blog.

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