18 May 2024
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Private health insurance premiums get government green light to go up

Private health insurance premiums are on the rise, but the good news is the rise isn’t over the- top. This move should get you to look at what you’re paying and see if you can get cheaper premiums.

Apple fined $3 billion for ripping off music fans

While there’s good and bad news on this massive fine for Apple, the potentially better news is that regulators, courts and maybe one day politicians might have the guts to look at what these big streaming and social media platforms are doing to consumers and crackdown on these rip off practices.

Switzer Investing TV | 26th February 2024

A good tech company caller gives us his tech tips post-reporting season + is CSL yesterday’s hero stock?

Both sides to promise fewer immigrants next election

Labor and the Coalition agree on immigration and both sides will significantly cutback the total number of new arrivals. But what number will they be looking at to cut?

Push for nuclear to be part of the ABC of future power generation escalates

Is the world becoming more rational about the role that nuclear power generators could play in killing off our dependence on fossil fuels?

Under the cost-of-living pump? Try these 25 cost cutting tips

A 2GB listener bought my book Join The Rich Club after wanting tips to cut their costs, but called 2GB to say they weren’t in just one part of the book! Apologising, I promised to put them together in this Switzer Daily article, so here goes.

Is the economy booming or dooming?

Yesterday was a day of conflicts for me. In the morning data revealed the economy was slowing but, in the evening, I went to a fantastic musical at The Star complex in Sydney, which was packed to the rafters with diners, gamblers and theatre goers!

Will the impact of Taylor cause inflation to swiftly rise?

Could Taylor Swift hurt inflation but help the economy?

CEOs head for gallows as ‘woke’ demands kill careers

Are CEOs being pressured by too many woke agendas? Will more public company executives exit to avoid the hangman’s noose?

Switzer Investing TV | 26th February 2024

34 stocks that reported last week, which ones look like great buys now? Peter and Jun Bei Liu give their tips.

Meet the best property price predictor in the country!

Mike GaMeet the best property price predictor in the country! Managing Director of Propertyology and 3-time Australian (REIA) Buyer’s Agent Of The Year, Simon Pressley was inducted in to Australian real estate Hall Of Fame in 2015.

Energy companies and their shocking bill behaviour!

Aussie households have been charged $1,000 a year more than big businesses using the same amount of power! With the cost of living the number one issue for Australian voters, the Government can’t afford to sit back and ignore this huge story.

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