3 March 2024
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Businesses search for smaller and/or cheaper offices with staff working from home but where are these places?

It’s tale of two types of businesses: the high flyers who can pay high rents and the Pandemic-affected low flyers who are feeling stretched.

MD of Webjet thinks his company will fly + how to invest in bitcoin on the cheap & why EML soared

Peter Switzer is joined by MD of Webjet John Guscic, Dan Annam of Cosmos Asset Management, Ron Shamgar of TAMIM Asset Management, and founder of Century21 Charles Tarbey.

Cheap money up for grabs & going fast!

The Federal government and the Reserve Bank are shovelling out money for anyone who wants to have a crack via the banks.

Cheap rescue loans for The Walking Dead

Here’s a great government idea to breathe life into zombie workers and zombie businesses.

Can the 'expensive defensives' get cheaper?

The so-called 'expensive defensives' have slipped over recent months, so are they heading into buy territory? Let's take a look at the prospects of three popular stocks - Transurban, Sydney Airport and Scentre Group.

Finding cheap quality stocks

Finding cheap but good quality stocks is about avoiding the value traps.

Falling dollar makes property cheaper

A lower dollar makes real estate cheaper for some foreign buyers, but are they really having as big an impact on the property market as some people think?

3 reasons to consider an ETF for cheap market access

Exchange traded funds offer great diversity for a very low cost. They are an option that all kinds of investors should consider.

If oil is cheaper, why is the Dow down 300 points?

US markets had a shocker day but don't despair, it should be temporary and maybe you should be using the opportunity to take advantage of cheaper prices if our market follows suit today.

Motorists enjoy cheaper petrol

After an unusually long discounting cycle, pump prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane peaked last week and have retreated sharply over recent days – supporting the fall in the national average price.

Psst. Want to buy a cheap Aussie dollar?

Psst. Want to buy a cheap Aussie dollar? Well, wait until Christmas is the tip.

Cheaper or better

As fellow survivors of the GFC, you will no doubt be accustomed to some version of the term “the new normal”.

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