5 July 2020
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Julia Lee

Julia Lee is the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Burman Invest. She has 20 years of experience in financial markets. Julia has worked in various market facing roles, including as an Equities Strategist with Bell Direct for 11 years. Her passion in markets is in combining fundamental and technical analysis to analyse companies.

Julia Lee is one of Australia’s best-known financial experts providing financial commentary to SKY News, Bloomberg, CNBC, ABC, Sunrise and on the radio and internet. Julia has also hosted several share market shows including “Your Money, Your Call”, “Equity Investor” and “Educated Investor” on Sky News, Sky Business Channel and the Your Money channel. She is a regular contributor to industry publications and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

14 January 2020
My tips for 2020

The easing cycle started in June 2019 is expected to continue into 2020, with low interest rates supporting asset prices, including the share market.

29 April 2019
4 companies with good yield

Given Labor's proposed changes to the cash refund of imputation credits, here are 4 companies that offer an attractive yield with no, or reduced, franking credits.

16 April 2019
My stock picks

In times of volatility, what are the sectors to consider and what's my pick?

9 April 2019
My top picks post the Federal Budget

What does the Federal Budget mean for Australian shares and the share market? And what are my top picks post its announcement last week?

14 March 2019
Winners + losers in the retail space

Here are stocks that I view as winners and losers in the retail space plus my favourite, Lovisa, and why that's the case.

1 March 2019
Check out a company's culture before you invest

Julia Lee from Bell Direct answers Peter Switzer's questions about how you can account for a company's culture in a stock selection.

15 January 2019
My top pick

With a Senate Inquiry into financial services targeting Australians at risk of financial hardship, are companies in this space an opportunity for savvy investors or something to run from?

11 January 2019
My 7 favourite stocks

While questioning whether the sell off is over or if it will spill over into 2019, here are the sectors Julia feels are likely to outperform and her 7 favourite stocks.

17 December 2018
My 4 stock tips for your Christmas stocking

Here are Julia’s tips for the income investors, the shoppers, the growth investor and the naughty speculative stock chasers!

11 December 2018
My stock pick of the week

What’s happening in the staples sector, a small sector with just 14 stocks. Here’s my pick of the crop.

4 December 2018
My stock pick of the week

November was the third consecutive month of losses for the Australian share market.

26 November 2018
My stock pick of the week

Today Julia looks at utilities, a sector considered defensive and one that usually outperforms when times are tough.

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