13 December 2019
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5 things you need to know today

Switzer Daily
8 November 2019

1. Labor's election campaign review said that the party lost the election for three key reasons: "a weak strategy that could not adapt to the change in
Liberal leadership, a cluttered policy agenda that looked risky and an unpopular leader".

2. Buying a house is cheaper than renting in 66.7% of Hobart's house markets and 42.9% of Brisbane's house markets according to CoreLogic analysis for the AFR, which assumed 'a 20 per cent deposit on a 30-year loan at a 4.25 per cent average discounted variable rate'. Owning a house is cheaper than renting in only 3.3% of Sydney suburbs, while owning a house was not found to be cheaper than renting in any Melbourne suburbs.

3. 40% of Australia's largest 500 companies do not publish details of the non-financial performance targets being met by chief executives according to researchers from the University of Technology Sydney. "If you compare financial and non-financial targets, it’s clear that a CEO can influence the non-financial targets more than financial ones, because they are not audited to the same extent and there are no real guidelines," said UTS Accounting researcher Helen Spiropoulos.

4. Chinese Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said China and the US had both agreed remove some tariffs and were close to reaching a 'phase one' trade deal.

5. The Dow Jones moved 0.66% higher on Thursday to 27,674.80, the S&P 500 gained 0.27% to 3,085.18 and the Nasdaq rose 0.28% 8,434.52.

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