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Travelling on the road to riches

Peter Switzer
21 January 2020

How do you become richer? This is a question I posed to a group of business owners I was asked to talk to because of my new book titled Join the Rich Club.

There are many roads to riches, so let me list a few that a normal person should consider — and I think the key word is “normal”.

You see, normal or average Aussies will probably end up with an OK level of wealth when they retire. They’ll probably get to own a home, though it is becoming harder for younger generations, especially if they want to live close to a capital city CBD or near a beach.

Super will be a nice nest egg for anyone who stays in a pretty good job for 40 years or so because there should be over a million dollars waiting for them.

However, if normal people end up with a normal super payout, its actual purchasing power will, in all likelihood, only give you a nice, normal retirement lifestyle.

Recently I’ve been sitting in with my financial advisers to meet our clients and get to know what their goals are. I always want to ensure my team are meeting our clients’ expectations.

One part of the presentation to clients is to show them what their super and other wealth will look like when they’re 90 years of age! Interestingly, one guy said: “I won’t make 90 but Jane will, however what will she do with all that money?”

Thinking about how we’re all getting older and how I see really active 80-year olds nowadays, I said to my client: “If Jane makes 90, and she is mentally active, having money means she can call for a limo to pick her up and take her to the movies and see her home. She could pay for a chaperone or nurse to travel overseas with her (and things like that) if she has money.”

My client said: “You are right. I’ve never thought about it that way.”

Getting richer gives you more choices.

What I said to my business audience was, if you want better than normal businesses, profits and riches, you better work on becoming abnormal!

To do that, you should read about great business-builders like Sir Richard Branson, get a business coach and/or a mentor, find a great accountant who ensures you legally cut your tax bill as well as seeing how tax deductions can help you see opportunities.

For example, while a financial plan isn’t tax deductible, ongoing advice is and anyone in the top tax bracket effectively cuts an advice bill in half, thanks to the tax office.

One guy at the conference asked me how he could become great at business. I told him he was on the way because he was asking that question. I told him to become a sponge and go to everyone who could help him for nothing and then be abnormal and pay to get the competitive advantage that will eventually make you even more abnormal and I bet, abnormally successful and rich!

If success and getting richer sounds like you, draw up a plan for You Inc. laying out what you want and then how you’ll make it happen. And if you can’t do this by yourself, then pay someone to make it happen. Now that sounds abnormal!

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