6 August 2021
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Lockdowns! Won’t someone read the riot act?

Peter Switzer
7 July 2021

The Greater Sydney lockdown has been extended for another week, raising some questions about the greatness of Sydney nowadays. I don’t think many fair-minded Sydney people enjoyed seeing our cousins down south in Melbourne get locked down for so long. However, many of us liked sticking it to Premier Dan Andrews for his failings, especially when it came to quarantining. So this one-week extension of the lockdown has to take the gloss off the great reputation that Premier Gladys Berejiklian has created since the Coronavirus came to town.

We can’t make excuses for our Glad, even if it’s because she has remained solid to her conservative Coalition colleagues in Canberra, while they have been disappointing with their management of incoming people with this damn virus and the actual rollout of the vaccine.

ScoMo and his team can’t be blamed for AstraZeneca having a clotting problem, but they could insist that anyone coming here from overseas has to be vaccinated. Both Federal and State leaderships should have mandated that anyone working with overseas airline crews or travellers heading to quarantine be vaccinated.

And what about the craziness of unvaccinated health workers! And some are actually working in aged-care facilities!

There could be answers that butt-covering politicians could come up with but considering that Sydney’s three-week lockdown will cost the economy $3 billion (if AMP Capital’s Shane Oliver’s calculations are right), then it kind of makes sense that our politicians actually lifted their game when it comes to supervising, controlling and directing those kinds of people who could spread this virus!

Is that too much logic for our politicians?

What’s really missing from the Coronavirus communiques to us is a certain toughness, which indicates that our leaders are scared of losing votes.

There are reasonable requests  for us to do the right thing, which is OK for the majority, but there’s insufficient ‘tough talk’ that if you don’t do the right thing, we’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Would the moronic St George players have held their illegal party if they knew the player who hosted it, Paul Vaughan, was going to lose his $800,000 a year contract?

I don’t like being tough on weak people when they’re simply letting themselves down but if their weakness hurts others, then you have to threaten consequences to get some people to play ball with the majority.

But inside that majority there are minorities who need to end lockdowns forever, and that’s over a hundred thousand CBD businesses in Sydney and other capital cities, whose owners have had enough.

For many of us, it’s one more week of queueing up for coffee in suburban shopping strips, battling for a parking spot at Bunnings, rushing to book tennis courts and golf bookings and, of course, wearing masks.

That’s lockdown life for most people, who especially don’t have kids at home. But for abnormal people — business owners, especially those in the CBD, it’s another tough week of very low sales, losses to keep staff employed and the likelihood that it could take more time before employees start to return to the office!

Making life even worse for these business owners, we have big firms like Deloitte telling their staff they can work anywhere and anytime, which is another nail in the coffin of CBD businesses. And these businesses have landlords wanting their rent to go back to normal. And by the way, these landlords can be family businesses, who’ve had a rough 18 months of much lower rents.

And it’s not just CBD businesses. There are cleaners and other service providers who look after offices that have no one in them. Not to mention dry cleaners who aren’t cleaning shirts and suits. Undoubtedly there are thousands of unknown businesses and their employees who are victims of this lockdown and second-rate management of the virus.

Need an example? Try this: how did that limo driver carry unvaccinated airline crews with the Coronavirus while not being vaccinated himself?

That was a $3 billion mistake!

Yep, this lockdown started with a limo driver who was not effectively virus-controlled. If he was smarter he might have got himself vaccinated and practised safe virus-defending processes in doing his job, but we know many of us are nincompoops in life and that’s why we need adults in charge.

Our political leaders are supposed to be the adults!

Normal people ask why health workers aren’t compulsorily jabbed. How do airline crews come here without vaccinations? On this website, Dr Theo Aroney has shown how hopeless the allocation of vaccines has been, but has anyone done anything about it? No! I know it’s an over-the-top question but those losing money and even their businesses because of this virus and the bad supervision of nincompoops, could be asking: “Who should be locked out of leadership for this and other lockdowns?” Isn’t it time someone read the riot act?

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