17 April 2024
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Albo’s a shoo-in – what will it mean for share investors?

Paul Rickard
24 March 2022

Barring the accusation of the bullying of the late Senator Kimberly Kitchen turning into a political and leadership disaster for Anthony Albanese, I reckon he is a shoo-in to become Australia’s 31st Prime Minister. The polls say so, and so do the bookies!

Trust the polls? I do. Despite “hick-ups” with Scomo’s election in 2019 and Brexit, they largely get it right. Last weekend’s South Australian election was the latest example. The final Newspoll on the election eve had the ALP at 54% on a two-party-preferred basis with the Liberals at 46%, a margin of 8%. With 60% of the vote counted, the actual result is the ALP at 55% and the Liberals at 45%.

This is the same margin that Newspoll has at a Federal level – and it’s been that way for months! More worryingly for Scomo, Albo has recently drawn level in the all-important preferred Prime Minister measure. Further, Scomo’s ‘disapproval’ rating exceeds his ‘approval’ rating, whereas Albo has a tiny net positive score.

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