24 May 2022
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The Check Up

A new, better treatment for high blood pressure | The Check Up

Dr Ross explores a new treatment for high blood pressure, a quad pill that contains four low dosages of a blood pressure pill in one

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More episodes

The treatments we have regarding COVID19 | The Check Up

Dr Ross takes a look at the beneficial treatments we can take after contracting COVID19.

Discussing the different types of vaccines for COVID

Dr Ross explains the differences between the vaccines for COVID-19.

The vexing issue regarding vaccines | The Check Up

Dr Ross Walker explains the importance of getting vaccinated.

Why obesity is such a huge problem in society? | The Check Up

Dr Ross explains why diabesity is the greatest killing pandemic of the 21st century.

Taking a look at the foods that heal our bodies

On Dr Ross's second segment on the foods that heal, we look at why its beneficial for our bodies to have red wine, coffee and fibre enriched foods.

Exploring the foods that heal

In his new segment, Dr Ross takes a look at the foods that help our bodies heal.

The many implications caused by consuming processed foods

Dr Ross Walker explores the many health problems that can arise due to consuming processed foods.

The consequences of eating processed food

Dr Ross Walker takes a look at processed food and its connection with health problems such as cardiovascular disease, dementia and death.

Looking at health beyond the age of 60

Dr Ross Walker's final segment on the decades looks at how one should look after their bodies after the age of 60.

Insights on the decade of the 50's

In Dr Ross Walker's second last segment on the decades, we take a deep dive at the decade of the 50's.

Taking a deeper look at the decade of the 40's

Dr Ross Walker explains why the decade of the 40's is the decade to look after your diet and exercise.

Why the decade of the 30’s is the decade for getting rid of bad habits

Dr Ross Walker takes a look at how your 30's present an opportunity to stop bad habits.

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