7 August 2020
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The Check Up

Did health authorities make the right decision about COVID-19?

Dr Ross Walker shares his criticisms about how the coronavirus pandemic has been handled.

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A common issue for men over 50 | Part 2

Dr Ross Walker explains two more things you need to consider about erectile dysfunction.

What role does Ubiquinol play in your body and overall health?

Dr Ross Walker explains to Peter Switzer what Ubiquinol is and the effects it can have.

3 important studies on heart disease

Dr Ross Walker shares the details of 3 studies about heart disease and how they could be relevant to you.

What is the biggest killer in society?

Dr Ross Walker explains what atherosclerosis is and how it can affect you.

What is coronary calcium scoring?

Dr Ross Walker explains what a coronary calcium score is and when you should get one.

The good & bad cholesterol

Dr Ross Walker takes a closer look at 'good' and 'bad' cholesterol.

What is abdominal obesity?

Dr Ross Walker explains why abdominal obesity is more concerning than body mass index.

3 best tips to lose weight

If you're looking to lose weight, Dr Ross Walker has the advice you need.

Why is the Mediterranean diet the best diet in the world?

Continuing his series on obesity, Dr Ross Walker explains how you could lose weight by eating the Mediterranean way.

The greatest epidemic of the 21st century: Diabesity

Dr Ross Walker is back with a new series of The Check Up.

Avoiding bad coping mechanisms

These are the coping mechanisms you need to avoid to improve your external happiness.

What are the keys to happiness?

Dr Ross Walker talks about the best 'drugs' on the planet.

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