30 October 2020
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The Check Up

The link between diabetes and cancer

In this week's episode, Dr Ross Walker looks at the links between diabetes and another disease: cancer.

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More ways to control blood pressure

Dr Ross Walker suggests four more ways to help control blood pressure, including three natural options.

Stop obsessing over cholesterol!

Dr Ross Walker believes that blood pressure is ten times more important that cholesterol for people over 60.

Why are more people becoming sensitive to gluten?

Dr Ross Walker shares some information about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Why almost all heart disease is genetic

Dr Ross Walker explains the two main genetic causes of heart disease that make up 90% of cases.

Sudden cardiac death in older people

Dr Ross Walker explains what makes sudden cardiac death in older people different.

Sudden cardiac death in young people

Dr Ross Walker explains what sudden cardiac death is and what you should do if you think you could be at risk.

Why vitamins may not be good for you

In this week's The Check Up, Dr Ross Walker explains why Vitamins may not be good for you.

Why vitamins don't always work

Why do some studies show no benefit for taking vitamins? Dr Ross Walker explains.

Should you be taking vitamins?

Dr Ross Walker explains why he believes people should start taking vitamins from age 30.

An excellent cardiovascular exercise!

Dr Ross Walker explains a surprising cardiovascular exercise for men and women.

A common issue for men over 50 | Part 2

Dr Ross Walker explains two more things you need to consider about erectile dysfunction.

What role does Ubiquinol play in your body and overall health?

Dr Ross Walker explains to Peter Switzer what Ubiquinol is and the effects it can have.

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