3 August 2021
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The Check Up

Exploring the decade of the 20's

In Dr Ross Walker's new series on health by the decade, we first look at the decade of the 20's and its connection with exercise.

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More episodes

What is long COVID?

Dr Ross Walker explains what the symptoms of long COVID are and how many people it affects.

Newer variants in Covid, should we be worried?

Dr Ross Walker discusses the three new variants of COVID-19 and whether they are more severe than the standard coronavirus.

The consequences of having a fatty liver

1 in 4 adults in the world have a fatty liver. Dr Ross Walker explains some of the alarming consequences of having a fatty liver and the best way to avoid these related issues.

Are Covid vaccines really causing blood clotting?

Dr Ross Walker puts concerns about blood clotting from the coronavirus vaccine into perspective.

Can alcohol be good for you?

Dr Ross Walker believes there is a lot of misinformation around alcohol and gives you the reasons why he doesn’t necessarily agree with an Australian study on alcohol consumption.

Basal cancer and the treatments that have risen due to COVID-19

Dr Ross Walker discusses research on basal cell cancer treatment that is similar to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The benefits of drinking coffee and tea every day

Last week Dr Ross told us what happens when diabetics have coffee and tea every day, but what are the benefits for non-diabetics?

How drinking coffee could be good for you

Dr Ross Walker talks about a study undertaken in Japan around diabetics consuming multiple cups of coffee and green tea a day. The results are surprising.

Are artificially sweetened soft drinks better for you?

Dr Ross Walker tells us facts from a study of people who drank artificially sweetened drinks and the results are alarming.

What happens if you drink a can of soft drink every day?

Dr Ross Walker explains how regularly drinking soft drinks negatively affects your health.

The best options for a coronary artery bypass graft

Dr Ross Walker explains what coronary artery bypass grafting is and what the best types are.

A vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Ross Walker talks us through a study that is currently being undertaken in mice for a potential vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

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