30 October 2020
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The Check Up

The link between diabetes and cancer

In this week's episode, Dr Ross Walker looks at the links between diabetes and another disease: cancer.

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The COVID-19 game-changer

With over 100 vaccines for COVID-19 currently being trialled, Dr Ross Walker explains what vaccination is and how the latest research into Coronavirus vaccines is progressing.

Why are there more COVID-19 cases in the northern hemisphere?

Dr Ross Walker explains what kind of people and places are more susceptible to the Coronavirus.

The 5 key solutions to COVID-19

Dr Ross Walker explains how general measures, personal immunity, anti-virals, management and vaccination are key to the COVID-19 response, in this video contribution to the Fit India Conclave Doctors Day initiative.

The impact of Coronavirus in Australia

Dr Ross Walker looks at why Australia has avoided significant problems related to COVID-19 compared to other countries.

What are coronaviruses?

Dr Ross Walker explains the main types of coronavirus that affect humans, including COVID-19.

Do mobile phones cause brain cancer?

Dr Ross Walker takes a look at research into the links between mobile phone use and brain cancer.

5 ways to live like the Blue Zones

What we can learn from the 'Blue Zones' around the world where people live into their 90s and 100s.

5 keys to staying healthy and young

Dr Ross Walker shares his anti-aging tips.

The importance of taking Vitamin B3

Dr Ross Walker explains why he believes Vitamin B3 is one of the best nutrients you can take.

Why I would ban energy drinks

Dr Ross Walker explains why he believes energy drinks should be banned and why you should limit your intake of soft drinks.

What can you do about osteoporosis?

Dr Ross Walker suggests five things you can do about osteoporosis before you start needing medical therapy.

Why too much exercise can be unhealthy

Dr Ross Walker shares the details of a study which found that exercise - in combination with restricted calories - can lead to weaker bones.

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