20 January 2021
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BUY or SELL these hot stocks: Tyro, Z1P, A2M, ELO, EML, TWE, NXT and MP1

On this week's show, Peter Switzer is joined by Fairmont Equities' Michael Gable, Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Switzer's Paul Rickard and Avecho's Dr Paul Gavin.

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Experts Debate: Do you need to buy an investment property where you can drive past?

Margaret Lomas and Tom Panos weigh in on investment properties, plus landscaping advice from Dean Herald.

Mad about Money Live

Join Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard for their take on the latest money news and how it affects you.

Bevan Slattery explains Megaport & Is Treasury Wine Estates in the buying zone?

In this week's show, Peter Switzer speaks to Adam Dawes, Bevan Slattery, Julia Lee, Paul Rickard, Ying Yi Ann Cheng and Michael Gable.

Do multivitamins work?

Dr Ross Walker points out some issues with recent studies that have suggested multivitamins do nothing.

Top developer Gurner moves into build-to-rent & how to win at auctions!

Peter Switzer is joined by Tim Gurner, Your Empire's Chris Gray, Apollo Auctions' Justin Nickerson and Msquared's Paul Miron & Paul Myliotis.

Could the bad bully boys of Beijing hurt our stock market + Paul’s got 2 stocks to sell & 2 to buy!

Join Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard for the latest episode of Mad about Money.

Have the Beijing bad boys turned Treasury Wine Estates and a2 milk into screaming buys?!

On this week's investing show, Peter Switzer is joined by Julia Lee from Burman Invest, Rudi Filapek-VanDyck from FNArena, Jun Bei Liu from Tribeca Investment Partners and Paul Rickard.

New COVID-19 evidence

Dr Ross Walker talks about new evidence of the coronavirus, its fatality rates and possible mutations.

Why Joe Biden will be good for Australian house prices

On this week's show, Peter Switzer is joined by Wealthi's Peter Esho and Real Estate Institute of NSW's Tim McKibben.

Is ScoMo starting to suck up to the Beijing bad boys & what 2 stocks could benefit?

Join Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard for the latest episode of Mad about Money.

Why is Mesoblast blasting higher again & 3 new stocks that are hot!

On this week's show, Peter Switzer speaks to Shaw and Partners' Adam Dawes, Burman Invest's Julia Lee, AMP Capital's Shane Oliver, Switzer's Paul Rickard and nabtrade's Gemma Dale.

The Oxford COVID-19 vaccine trial

Dr Ross Walker looks at the differences between the Oxford and Pfizer vaccine trials and shares the promising results from both.

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