4 August 2020
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Afterpay a sell? Top stocks big gains ahead?

Fortescue CEO Elizabeth Gaines joins this week's show, along with Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Shawn and Partners' Adam Dawes and Switzer's Paul Rickard.

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The impact of Coronavirus in Australia

Dr Ross Walker looks at why Australia has avoided significant problems related to COVID-19 compared to other countries.

Are Chinese buyers back? Are Airbnb hosts still flooding the rental market + tax tips for investors!

Peter Switzer catches up on the latest property market issues with Dr Andrew Wilson, Monika Tu and Geoff Pinney.

Australia is a AAA economy, but who cares?!

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss Australia retaining its AAA credit rating, mad millennials, canning compulsory superannuation and more tax tips for the EOFY.

Have millennials created the stock market boom and could they sink it?!

Montgomery Investment Management's Roger Montgomery and Pengana's Rhett Kessler feature in our first Bulls vs. Bears segment, plus Julia Lee, Michael Gable, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard.

What are coronaviruses?

Dr Ross Walker explains the main types of coronavirus that affect humans, including COVID-19.

Grizzly bear on property prices is getting less grizzly!

Shane Oliver, Jason Huljich and Mark Armstrong join Peter Switzer for our latest Property show.

Paul Rickard's terrific tax tips

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the re-construction of the economy, whether dividends could be better than expected and tax tips for the end of financial year.

4 speculative stocks, 5 income stocks and 2 virus-resistant funds!

On this week's Investing show, Peter Switzer talks to Julia Lee, Paul Rickard, Russel Pillemer, John Kelly and Charlie Aitken.

Do mobile phones cause brain cancer?

Dr Ross Walker takes a look at research into the links between mobile phone use and brain cancer.

Will the recession smash house prices?

Peter Switzer talks to REA Group Chief Economist Nerida Conisbee, plus Martin Kennedy and Philip Ryan .

Should you be stock market wary?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard take a look at the stock market, the economy and super tips for the EOFY.

Why Zip’s share price rose 68% in 3 days last week + a great fund manager tells all!

Peter Switzer interviews Paul Black, Larry Diamond, Mark Mazzarella and Matthew Cleary.

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