17 April 2024
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Energy companies and their shocking bill behaviour!

Aussie households have been charged $1,000 a year more than big businesses using the same amount of power! With the cost of living the number one issue for Australian voters, the Government can’t afford to sit back and ignore this huge story.

Will Albo enshrine working from home into law?

The PM wants to find working from home a win-win but how can it be so clearcut for all businesses that it becomes a mandated right of workers?

Should we cheer wages outpacing inflation?

There’s good news and bad news on the economy. The good news is that wages have increased faster than inflation. The bad news is wages have increased faster than inflation! Please read on…

Virgin boss is flying the coop before it goes public

Virgin Australia must say bon voyage to its CEO American Jayne Hrdlicka, who surprised stock players with her announcement about her exit.

Son of James Packer shows enormous promise

A Current Affair has introduced 14-year old Jackson Packer to his fellow country men and women after journalist Tess McCracken told us that “Jackson is following in his mother’s footsteps, joining her on a trip to Moldova to witness the work of UNICEF Australia.”

Switzer Investing TV | 19th February 2024

Mike Gable looks at the charts for Tyro, Zip, FMG, Pilbara Minerals & more. Dawes backs Tyro and meet the best property price predictor in the country!

13 rate rises starting to bite BIG time

The Reserve Bank’s interest rate policy looks to be slowing the economy, with unemployment spiking from 3.9% to 4.1% in January.
Is this the signal to get out the scissors and cut rates?

Mad as hell CBA customer strikes back

One 2GB listener (who owns a small business) is so mad at our biggest and most successful bank that he wrote this note to Ben Fordham, who hosts the breakfast show.

Valentine’s Day spending is a test of love and the economy

The Australia Retailers Association says consumers between 18 and 34 are tipped to spend the biggest chunk of the $465 million outlaid on flowers to show one’s love for one’s partner!

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