29 February 2024
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Maureen Jordan

Maureen Jordan holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and a Law Degree (Honours) and has carved a niche in the media to balance her world of work and family.

Her company, the Switzer Group, owns divisions in media and publishing and financial services.

During her 25 year involvement in media and publishing, Maureen has held Editor in Chief roles for esteemed publications such as Charter Magazine for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and has authored several books including Women Entrepreneurs, which she wrote for the Federal Office of Women, Small Business Start Up Guide published by Allen & Unwin and Finding And Managing Your Mortgage, Wiley Publishing.

As group publisher of Switzer Media & Publishing, Maureen has initiated and managed the publication of specialty books, magazines and content for some of the country's leading organisations. Clients include Optus, the Mortgage & Finance Industry Association, IBM, Hewlett Packard, the Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, AMP, IP Australia, Yahoo 7, the University of NSW and law firm Griffith Hack.

Switzer Media & Publishing holds the Australian & New Zealand licence for Harper’s Bazaar and Maureen is the Publisher of both the monthly magazine and the Harper’s Bazaar website.

Such is Maureen's commitment to business that in 1996 she was inducted into the Australian Business Women's Hall of Fame in Melbourne, as well as being a finalist in the Sydney Business Review's Business Women of the Year 2003.

Early in her career, Maureen taught in both the secondary school system - public and private - as well as teaching at the University of New South Wales.

Maureen's knowledge of small business and the economy, combined with her legal skills as a solicitor, has enabled her to not only put a firm footing under her own long-established business, but has also given her the credibility to assist others.

31 August 2020
Will Zip mirror the meteoric rise of Afterpay?

Buy now, pay later tech company, Zip Co, stole the show last Wednesday, rising 27%. What’s the story behind these buy now, pay later companies and this relatively new kid on the block?

18 August 2020
Your 10 questions put to our experts

Here are 10 questions from our latest Switzer Report webinar with answers from Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard.

2 November 2019
If you bake it, they will come. Fake it and they’ll leave

What lessons can two small bakeries teach the big end of town about business done right?

12 August 2019
What's the link between grey hair, lukewarm coffee and mashed pumpkin?

Grey hair not blonde, lukewarm not hot coffee, mashed pumpkin not creamy soup: can't a customer get what they want?

6 May 2019
My halcyon days

Sometimes just three days in paradise is all you need to project yourself into an outrageously successful orbit.

8 March 2019
Barbie, with breasts, led to controversy

Barbie is 60 this Saturday. She has been fighting dissenters for six decades and whether you like or loathe her, she's been the highest rating doll of all time! And certainly her creator is a woman of entrepreneurial substance.

20 December 2018
Firm spending in the lead-up to Christmas

Last week I was in the Baytree, an upmarket homewares shop in Sydney’s east, described on Facebook as “an institution in kitchenware and dining, a mecca to delight every cook.”.

12 December 2018
The accidental investor

Let me tell you a story about someone who never thought they’d end up investing in anything apart from a house for their family to live in.

16 November 2018
The greatest gift of all

In a small park in a mountain town outside Sydney last Sunday, Corporal Tom Newkirk, who fought for his country in Afghanistan, spoke moving words to a crowd who by their faces showed they'll never forget the futility and carnage of war.

12 November 2018
Lest we forget

In a small park in a mountain town outside Sydney yesterday, Corporal Tom Newkirk, who fought for his country in Afghanistan, spoke moving words to a crowd who by their faces showed they’ll never forget the futility and carnage of war.

5 November 2018
Pre-Cup Pony Tales

If you see me loitering in hotel lobbies, mind where you stand and what you say because I might overhear you!

2 November 2018
Crazy rich Asians + the Aussie property market

Rich Asians have been heading to Australia lured by prime properties and other lifestyle offerings. Will there be a gold rush to take advantage of our falling property prices?

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