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Lesley Ann Grimoldby

24 February 2012
How can I make my small operation a medium-sized enterprise?

My company has been operating for around four years and I am making steady progress. However, I think that I could ramp up from a small business to a mid-sized one by buying a competitor or two, with staff. What are the pros and cons? Big question, and an entrepreneurial one at that. Instead of giving […]

17 February 2012
What do I need to do to be a better manager?

No matter how I ask or tell my staff to do everything they need to do, they invariably take their own time in doing it and don’t seem to care about the standards. What do I need to do to be a better manager? There are many different kinds of management and the two extremes showing […]

3 February 2012
When should I hire?

At what point do I put on my next staff member? Do I wait until I have the work or put on someone new and then get the work? Each one seems to me to involve a level of stress. We have a motto: before you throw people at a problem, throw systems at it […]

16 January 2012
How can I limit clients' reliance on me?

Everyone who calls seems to want to speak to me. They are coming to my business because of me or because they are a personal contact. I feel trapped. How do I change this without offending them?  This one also falls into the time-thief bag of questions. First of all, make someone else the first […]

16 December 2011
How can I make time for the important things?

Time seems to be in short supply. “I never have enough time to do everything I have to do.” “I seem to spend my time at everyone else’s beck and call.” “I could do with an eight-day week and then I might keep up.” And the most common theme is “There’s so much to do […]

8 December 2011
Value your time

The problem with most small business owners is not simply that they are doing too much work, but that they are doing the wrong kind of work. They should be looking at where their input adds the most value to the business. Put a value on your time. What is it worth to the business? […]

2 December 2011
When it comes to systems, where do I begin?

I hear all this talk about systems and processes and know I should put them in place, but really don’t know the first place to start. What should a system look like? This is one of those questions that falls into the ‘too afraid to ask because I should know the answer’ category, and it’s […]

25 November 2011
What should I look for in a coach?

I am that stage of my business where I know I need help. I have thought about a business coach but don’t really know where to start. What should I be looking for in a coach? You’re asking this question of a coach – and by definition you may get a biased answer. I will […]

16 November 2011
How do I overcome the systems challenge?

I know I have to put systems in my business but I don’t seem to have the time. It just seems like another thing I have to do. How do I overcome this challenge? We have addressed the question before, but it is such a predicament in small business, it bears repeating. The challenge is […]

11 November 2011
How can I find the magic in numbers?

I’m in the ‘money’ business, but I’m ashamed to admit that I really neglect this side of my business because I don’t really know what I should be watching, or what questions I should be asking. Can you advise? Not knowing what is going on with money in your business is an abdication of your […]

28 October 2011
How can I get employees to toe the line?

I have quite a few systems in place. On the whole, things are working quite well. However, there are still some staff who either don’t ‘buy-in’ or decide to alter the process to suit themselves. Also, there is still a constant need for me to solve problems. How do I handle all of this? I’m […]

21 October 2011
How can I stop doing all the work?

I have a reasonably successful business and capable staff, but I find I am forever having to get in and do the work myself to be sure it’s done properly. I want the business to grow, but growth seems painfully slow. First of all, you need to get out of your own way. It sounds […]

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