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Lance Lai

2 April 2012
The charts are conflicted - stay away for now

US S&P 500 daily – January, February and March Xmas rally overdone Now: 1402 Up seven per cent in 1 February, my last appearance to now in seven weeks! Needs pullback. Since November 2011, it’s now up 21 per cent! D is when I came on the show in December, at 1247. At that time, […]

22 September 2011
Get defensive!

Get defensive! The technical last line of defence – Australian ASX 200 Index daily hammer formation – smashed! The following notes were prepared at the time of my appearance on SWITZER Wednesday 14 September 2011. The title of the article actually refers to the last chart on the show, the ASX 200. This chart clearly […]

22 August 2011
Beware: 'almost weekly hammer' has its head smashed!

Good Morning, It is 5:40am on a Sunday morning and I’m updating this note for my friend Peter Switzer and by default the loyal readers and viewers of Switzer. I’m up out of habit as this time is normally the last 20 minutes of trade in the US but it’s a Sunday morning, so there’s […]

18 August 2011
Hammer formation smashes bad news cycle!

Written at: 5.30pm (AEST) The following notes accompany my appearance on SWITZER Monday 15 August 2011. I was keen to appear on the show because following my last article written last Thursday morning, Buy in gloom and fear, we were rewarded with almost a ‘hammer’ on the weekly charts also. Combined with the daily hammer […]

12 August 2011
Buy in gloom and fear

Written at: 12.03 (AEST) This is madness and psychology in the markets – and charts are there to help identify inflection points. Charts actually map out important psychological levels that are tipping points either way. These are supports and resistance levels. That's why, for no good reason, you get falls – it’s because an important […]

26 July 2011
The gold rush is on - buy, buy, buy!

The following charts and notes were in preparation for my appearance on SWITZER on 21 July 2011. Gold is now $1601. In my recent appearance on SWITZER, my conclusion on gold was that price action was just above support and there was downside risk: “In the show tonight, this chart reveals an upward sloping trend […]

28 June 2011
My $1 million hypothetical portfolio

Commencing immediately, I am starting a hypothetical portfolio of A$1 million. The first purchase will be tester position of 3800 shares at $2.89 for $10,982 or one per cent of the portfolio. The two other positions I will initiate are MML, Madusa Mining Limited at 1800 shares at today’s close of $6.46, for $11,628 or […]

28 June 2011
Is Telstra a buy yet, Dad?

This article is an update on two of my previous comments on Telstra – here and here. Telstra is currently at $2.89 a share. “Is it a buy yet, Dad?” says my son. “Son, it’s been over 10 years, let’s start accumulating.” My first comment on Telstra was on my appearance on Switzer on 21 […]

23 June 2011
Back in June and not buying yet - actually shorting

The notes that go with Lance Lai's appearance on Switzer TV on the 20th of June appears below. Well, I sold in May, and went to Shanghai. Now that I’m back in June, I’m still not buying yet. In fact, I’m actually shorting. Gold now $1537 On 27 April, gold was $1507. It’s now $1537. […]

18 May 2011
Sell in May and go to Shanghai

ASX200 – now at 4780 – three-month chart, updated from my appearance on the show on 27 April 2011.   In my last two appearances on SWITZER, I had been warning of a pullback in the markets. The above chart is the ASX 200 – “A” above was my appearance on 13 April where I […]

9 May 2011
Does the Australian market need to bounce now?

I was on the show on 27 April. For the footage, see below. A = 13 April Show 4911, S = Switzer Support 4718 That was four per cent lower – guess where we are now? This four per cent fall was discussed on the Switzer show less than a month ago! This is the […]

15 April 2011
Charting the local and global economies
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