23 January 2022
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David Bates

25 January 2019
Do you have to pay for employees called up for jury duty?

Jury duty is an important civic obligation, but the timing can be awful. Ever had an employee called-up for jury duty and not known what to do next? Read on!

13 December 2018
3 employment law tips for 2019

As this year draws to a close, now is the time to take stock and make sure you’re ready for a successful New Year.

4 December 2018
A good deed well done

In its simplest form, a Deed records in solemn form the fundamental aspects of a deal reached between parties to settle a dispute, and a well drafted and properly executed deed helps protect both the employee and employer.

27 November 2018
Jury duty: what employers need to know

Ever had an employee called-up for jury duty and not known what to do next? Read on!

21 November 2018
And the 120th Modern Award goes to -

Try telling a Yank running a business here about our 120 Modern Awards, or long service leave, introduced in 1860 so Aussies could sail back to the Motherland.

14 November 2018
The perils of dismissing employees

Do you know exactly where you stand if you dismiss an employee? Are you sure they won’t come back at you with an unfair dismissal claim?

7 November 2018
Danger: you could be an accessory under the Fair Work Act

Accountants, bookkeepers and even employees need to be careful of section 550 of the Fair Work Act or they too could be prosecuted!

31 October 2018
The ACTU campaign wants to change the rules

The ACTU now desperately wants to change the workplace relations laws that they helped write and which were enacted by a strongly pro-union government.

17 October 2018
Tips & traps of Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise agreements set out conditions of employment for a group of employees at one or more workplaces, and apply instead of a modern award. But they can be complex!

10 October 2018
Two bites of the cherry

Be warned: Employees (and even potential employees) have rights you may not know about! A person doesn’t necessarily need to be fired to bring an adverse action claim.

2 October 2018
4 employment myth busters

Do you think an employee can’t bring a claim against you if they’re on probation? This is just one employment myth that could bring you undone.

19 September 2018
Unfair dismissal: 7 things you need to know.

An employee has the right lodge an unfair dismissal claim but an employer has 7 opportunities to challenge the legal validity of the application

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