3 July 2022
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Angus Hughson

5 March 2010
Italian stallions

As autumn approaches in the town of Alba in north-western Italy, the frenzy and excitement of a new harvest grips the local population. While the local white truffles sit under the soil waiting to be gathered, there is another reason that bon-vivants across the globe worship these beautiful and ancient hills, that being the rows […]

14 January 2010
The valley of dreams

For over 150 years, the Hunter Valley has been a wine region of great renown. With famous names such as Maurice O’Shea, Len Evans and James Halliday having made some tremendous wines there it remains an iconic Australian wine region. In fact, today more than ever before it is a fabulous place to travel through […]

4 December 2009
The Smoky Isle

Rocking gently in a boat off the west coast of Scotland, the Island of Islay sits off in the distance. On approach it is a relatively bare and desolate landscape; just rolling hills with only the odd group of hunched over trees in sight. Small groups of houses huddle around some of the bays, almost […]

26 October 2009
Glorious sparkling shiraz

They worked day and night; prospectors scratching at the dry, dusty ground in search of precious gold. It was the 1860s and Victoria was consumed by a gold rush, the likes of which it had never seen before, nor since. When the ore was finally exhausted, the miners departed as quickly as they had first […]

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