1 December 2020
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Andrew Willink

6 May 2012
Peter Nochar

Switzer TV Peter Nochar The boss of Hayley Davidson in Australia, Peter Nochar, joins SWITZER TV to discuss the reinvigoration of the business in recent years and its success on the US stock market.

27 October 2010
Tap and go' to the rescue!

Many people dread going to the shops for fear of having to line up for what feels like forever only to purchase a few items. But new credit card technology known as ‘tap and go’ is expected to reduce these queues and purchasing time, by allowing consumers to pay for transactions of $100 or less […]

16 September 2010
Grow your investment with interest in advance

If you’re a budding property investor or if you’re keen to tap into the property investment market and buy a property soon, there’s a way to take advantage of tax incentives and help you budget the year ahead. It’s called ‘interest in advance’ and it’s a home loan feature that allows you to pay for […]

16 June 2010
Don't give up on the dream of owning your own home

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released a report last week (9 June 2010) showing a slump in the number of owner-occupied home loans for new and established properties written in April, which is the lowest it has been since February 2001. It also showed that the number of housing loans for investment purposes has […]

20 May 2010
Avoid the sting of declined transaction fees

Next time you go to use an ATM or EFTPOS without knowing if you have enough money in your account, you might want to think twice before going ahead with the transaction. RateCity recently conducted research which found that some financial institutions may still charge you fees for declined transactions at ATMs or EFTPOS machines. […]

9 April 2010
On the hunt for the better credit card

Treasurer Swan told the media, “Unfortunately this bank seems like it's becoming a serial offender when it comes to taking its customers for a ride. “There are other credit cards that don't charge interest on fees and no doubt many Westpac customers will be considering those today." Charging interest on credit card interest and fees […]

12 March 2010
Mortgages fall as economy recovers

Home loan interest rates have changed like the seasons over the last couple of years, and Australians have long expected a wave of rate jumps in 2010. Following the successive Reserve Bank hikes in 2009, the market for home loans is looking colder for borrowers across the country. According to the latest Australian Bureau of […]

20 January 2010
Sitting on spare cash?

While Australians are being told to brace themselves for rising interest rates this year, you should keep in mind that not all interest rates are expected to climb. Interest rates on mortgages are tipped to increase one per cent by 2011 and it is likely that personal loans, car loans and credit cards will follow […]

2 December 2009
Give fees the flick

The big banks made headlines in 2009, announcing plans to slash or scrap a range of fees on everyday banking. But there are plenty of accounts offering easy fee-free banking – if you know where to look. A transaction account is essential for most of us. But they often come laden with fees and charges, […]

5 November 2009
New mortgage season, new rules

In the new interest rate season following the first hikes to the official cash rate since March 2008, Australians will need to adjust to fresh surroundings if they are going to enjoy its fruits. The first sign of change is the decline of first homebuyers, who have taken a few steps back to make more […]

22 October 2009
Savings boost - how to ride the interest rate wave

Rising interest rates will not only weigh down debts, but it will also help your savings grow. As financial institutions prepare for the interest rate recovery, you will need to tend carefully to your finances, or risk scarring your bank balance. The big four banks (Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, National Australia Bank (NAB) and ANZ) responded […]

18 September 2009
Take advantage of first homebuyer accounts

As the countdown for the $7,000 First Home Owner’s Boost for established homes and the $14,000 boost for new home are coming to an end on 30 September, there will be many people out there who would not have saved enough money for a deposit in time to reap these generous government benefits. This group […]

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