17 May 2021
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Newer variants in Covid, should we be worried?

1 May 2021

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How to invest ethically in one company + the companies to invest in due to the budget

Australian Ethical Investing's John McMurdo, Switzer's Paul Rickard and Msquared Capital's Paul Miron join Switzer Investing.

2021 Budget – winners everywhere! But what about investors?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard analyse the 2021-22 Budget.

Mad about Money Live

Catch up on the latest money news in our latest livestream with Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard.

ASX tech stocks: buy or Sell - ALU, APX, MP1? Plus, is Wesfarmers a buy?

Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Shaw and Partners' Adam Dawes, Aitken Investment Management's Charlie Aitken and Switzer's Paul Rickard join the show.

What is long COVID?

Dr Ross Walker explains what the symptoms of long COVID are and how many people it affects.

Value ASX stocks with plenty of upside + 3 hottest regions to invest in!

On this episode: Perpetual's James Holt, Switzer's Paul Rickard, Propertyology's Simon Pressley and The Switzer Higher Yield Fund's Ying Yi Ann Cheng.

Mad about Money Live

Join Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard for the latest money news delivered live!

Are these stocks in the buy zone: MP1 AD8, QAN, APX, NXT?

Julia Lee from Burman Invest, Michael Gable from Fairmont Equities, Jun Bei Liu from Tribeca and Kurt Winrich from WCM Investment Management join Peter Switzer on the show.

Newer variants in Covid, should we be worried?

Dr Ross Walker discusses the three new variants of COVID-19 and whether they are more severe than the standard coronavirus.

Hot ASX stock: AD8 & is JB Hi-Fi a buy?

Michael Wayne from Medallion, Hamish Douglass from Magellan, Paul Rickard from Switzer and Eliza Owen from CoreLogic join the show.

We pressure-test: ALU, NXL, UWL, AR9, SUN & Z1P

Peter Switzer is joined by Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Zip Co's Peter Gray, Shaw and Partners' Adam Dawes and Switzer's Paul Rickard.

The consequences of having a fatty liver

1 in 4 adults in the world have a fatty liver. Dr Ross Walker explains some of the alarming consequences of having a fatty liver and the best way to avoid these related issues.

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