6 December 2019
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Mad about Money

13 November 2019

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Diversified income opportunities

David Bassanese from BetaShares & Legg Mason speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

Introduction to Metrics Credit Partners

Andrew Lockhart from Metrics Credit Partners speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

Does the 'mad king' Donald Trump need to be slain?!

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the latest in the Trump trade saga, whether the Reserve Bank has gone cold on a February 2020 interest rate cut and the future of CSL.

Investing for income in a low growth world

Shawn Burns from Contango Asset Management speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

A new way to help meet your income needs

Adam Curtis from Perpetual speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

Surprise media stocks that have a strong buy signal!

Charlie Aitken, Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy and Anthony Doyle join the show this week.

What is the biggest killer in society?

Dr Ross Walker explains what atherosclerosis is and how it can affect you.

The hottest suburbs around the country

Century 21's Charles Tarbey shares the property hotspots around the country, plus Suburbgrowth.com.au's Ben Kingsley talks about the first home loan deposit scheme.

Frank Calabria from Origin Energy (ASX: ORG)

Origin Energy CEO Frank Calabria sits down with Peter Switzer.

nabtrade Charity Trading Day 2019

Peter and Paul discuss whether Westpac's leaders needed to go, progress on Trump's trade deal, 7 hot stocks and nabtrade's charity trading day.

Stock tips from the country's top fund managers!

On this week's show, Peter speaks to Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Frank Calabria and John Hewson.

What is coronary calcium scoring?

Dr Ross Walker explains what a coronary calcium score is and when you should get one.

Housing sector is rebounding! Believe it!

Coolabah Capital's Chris Joye, Domain's Jason Pellegrino and PEXA's Marcus Price join the show.

Risk and reward ā€“ late cycle thematics

Peter Switzer is joined by AMP Capital's Dermot Ryan to discuss the current state and future outlook of Australian equities.

Buy Domino's, Coke and A2 Milk!

Peter Switzer is joined by Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Don Meij, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard.

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