29 May 2020
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Jacob Mitchell

Stocks are surging. Is it safe to buy?

Bank stocks have surged this week, when experts said they’d be down for ages. Is this a sign that stocks are a good buy or should you say goodbye to the market?

Shock survey: Aussie investors prefer stocks to property

The Coronavirus hasn’t spooked Australian stock investors. In fact, they’re piling into stocks and shunning property.

The Coronavirus stole our economy…NOT!

One of the great afflictions of COVID-19 was tolerating the plethora of virus experts on infections, deaths and their economic implications. And who do I blame? The media, who seem to be determining the agenda.

The accidental JobKeeper cock up

How bad is this cock up and who is the ‘cock-upper’?

An ode to millennials: why there have been three “once in a lifetime collapses” in 20 years

A young staff member of mine wrote a piece titled, “I’m 23 and I’ve lived through three ‘once in a lifetime’ economic collapses – why?” As a gift, I had a crack at answering this question.

Casual workers to get sick leave and holiday pay. Next stop: the dole queue

What were the judges in the Federal Court smoking? Their decision to give permanent employee entitlements to casual workers could ruin small businesses suffering under COVID-19 or kill casual jobs.

The economic story is shocking but will the next episode have a scary or happy ending?

Current scary data has been expected. It’s the data ahead that will determine your job, your super and your house price.

The Mask: now that’s a sensible COVID-19 strategy

Will wearing a mask transform rule breaking Aussies into helpful contributors to our economic comeback?

It’s huntin’ season for bears. Might be time for doomsdayers to confess to their boo-boos!

Overnight on Wall Street, we saw the stock market give the big finger to depression tipsters and “there will be blood” doomsters! But can this rip roaring rally be trusted?

Is it time to buy bank shares?

In a surprising revelation, it looks like our banks aren’t as badly exposed to the Coronavirus as first thought. This raises the question: is it buy time for the banks?

Kiyosaki and Dent say doom is coming. Does it pay to believe them?

I’ve spoken to a few pessimists in the property market this week, and it made me realise that yes, you can make money out of being negative. More importantly, it confirmed to me that you can make even more money from being positive!

You can’t trust these job numbers, thank God!

If it wasn’t for JobKeeper, the unemployment number would have been a lot worse. The Government will need to be judicious about when they call it off.

With bad and scary news everywhere, I'm spotlighting the positive!

Anyone who follows me won’t be surprised that I’m shining the light on the positive news that’s out there. Going to the dark side has absolutely no value.

All we have to fear are politicians themselves!

Just as the world economy and stock markets have a chance of beating the Coronavirus, dumb politicians are doing what politicians do - screwing everything up!

Breakin’ all the rules will smash the economy

Most Aussies understand that in sport we play by the rules. Why are the rules of engagement connected to social distancing so hard to keep?

The Coronavirus rescue plan to cost one shot of coffee a week!

While the magnitude of the budget deficit blowout looks unmanageable, in reality it will cost nothing more than a cup of coffee a week.

Did you know Warren Buffett and Anne Hathaway were in bed together?

When people tell me the stock market is “too hard” to understand, I like to share stories on just how simple the stock market can be. This is one of those stories.

Any day now, any way now, we shall be released

We’ve all needed protection but I see the light come shining and I’m sure the PM will be telling us soon how and when we will be released.

If Trump gets his way, there will be blood!

How and when do we get even with China over the Coronavirus? That’s the economic question that needs to be rationalised.

Police needed for every move we make

Forgive my jump to the right but it’s only temporary. As we open up the economy, we need to keep the rules to get us out of this coronavirus horror show.

My 15 stocks that could even get Warren Buffett’s big tick

When stock markets crash, it’s the buying opportunity of a lifetime for a long-term investor. After spending Sunday morning with Warren Buffett, here are the 15 stocks that are on my shopping list.

Property crashers are misguided fools

People of the left have failed to learn the Bill Shorten lesson on May 18 last year: Australians are good-hearted capitalists. Are these doomsday mugs aware of the economic implications of their dreamy nightmare?

CANCELLED: my weekend with Warren Buffett

I was supposed to be hanging out with Warren Buffett this weekend, so as you can imagine, this coronavirus has particularly peeved me off! Instead of soaking in Buffett’s wisdoms in the flesh, I’ve decided to revisit his greatest lessons behind the comfort of my keyboard.

Joye to the world: property prices will rise!

Arguably Australia’s best predictor of economic and COVID-19 data is tipping house prices to rise! And here’s why…

Good, good, good Coronavirus s-t-i-m-u-l-a-t-i-o-n

Despite NAB cutting its dividend, I’m picking up good vibrations and its giving me economic excitations.

Forget the Yogi Bear corona curse: we’re coming out of hibernation!

The prediction of a six-month lockdown looks like a real Boo-Boo and if we escape hibernation earlier, it could be a pic-a-nic for shareholders.

Government JobKeeper backdown shows leadership at an all-time high

Overnight the Federal Government acknowledged a weakness in its JobKeeper programme and had the character to fix it asap. This is leadership!

COVID-19 has put us in a Woody Allen dilemma

Australia is at a cross roads: one path leads to continued restrictions and economic demise; the other to freedom and an economic boom, but at a potential cost. Let’s hope our leaders choose wisely.

Who needs inspiration? ALL of us!

If there’s anything ScoMo’s rollercoaster ride as PM has taught us, it’s that we crave inspiration from our leaders. A leader that inspires is one that achieves success. But where do leaders get their inspiration from?

Will some super ‘sneaks’ use the Coronavirus to buy a house?

Nearly half a million Australians have lined up to dip into their super to cope with loss of income from the Coronavirus. But some might use super for other reasons.

Coronavirus: don’t listen to La La Land economists

With the Coronavirus and the threat to the economy, the silliest step we could take would be to worry about what economists want. We need real world people.

Who’ll pay this $300 billion Coronavirus debt? Bill Shorten knows you don’t mess with older Aussies!

The Coronavirus could soon spark a taxing ageist national debate over who should pay for the Government’s rescue plan.

Are these negative oil prices a signal to an Armageddon-style crash?

Overnight, the oil contract price fell 306% to negative $US37 a barrel. Is this the coronavirus “canary in the coal mine”?

Facebook & Google will be forced to pay. Will you be next?

The sometimes corrupt and immature world of the Internet will get a wake-up call where exploiters, users and intellectual property thieves will be exposed and made to pay.

Should you trust Coronavirus experts or the stock market?

If Coronavirus news is scaring you like the movie ‘The Exorcist’, maybe you should change the source of your news.

JobKeeper: do you REALLY understand what you’ll get?

Yesterday I went up close & personal with Josh Frydenberg on really important JobKeeper, tax and superannuation hip pocket issues.

The Tom Petty factor: the waiting is the hardest part

Don't it feel like something from a dream? Yeah, I've never known nothing quite like this. No one coulda ever told me 'bout this. Every day you get one more yard but the waiting is the hardest part.

Is the stock market sucking us in? Will it crash again?

History says bear markets have two big legs down? Could this be an exception to the rule?

How close are we to getting back to normal?

At times like this, I look for smart people to give me a better understanding of what might happen rather than newsmakers who often focus on the news now rather than the potential news ahead.

They shoot dinosaurs, don’t they?

Warren Buffett was accused of being past it and Gerry Harvey has often been accused of being a relic from a prehistoric past. But experience is a great teacher.

Is the PM pivoting to parole us early from this Coronavirus prison?

Could we be heading back to work sooner than we think?

Home alone: when will it stop?

There’s global ‘talk’ about release dates happening. When normal life returns, will stocks roar back?

Stocks surge on the Dusty Springfield factor

Wall St is in a wishing and hoping mood as stocks surged over 7% overnight. But can an investor rely on “wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'”?

If Coronavirus news is making you negative, well stop exposing yourself to it!

Worrying and being negative about the virus is relevant if you or a loved one is medically vulnerable. But if your challenge is the lifestyle imposition of all this, maybe you need to work on your attitude.

Doomsday merchants are 24-carat gold dummies

Every dog has their day. And it’s dangerous to believe that the doomsday merchants look smart as coronavirus has taken down the stock market.

Australia, we have a COVID-19 super problem

This Coronavirus has created a big problem for super funds. And it’s been made worse because we’re now more educated super savers.

How long will this coronavirus twilight zone last?

There’s a reasonable case to suggest that this crazy locked down life will be over quicker than you think.

The hardest question of all: is the worst over yet?

The question I keep getting (and I’m getting a lot of those questions from the media) is: Are we past the worst of this market crash?

JobKeeper Stimulus: What business owners need to know!

The Federal Government announced a new JobKeeper stimulus to keep Australian employers paying their workers. Here's everything you need to know as an employer.

Morrison’s stimulus is of Crocodile Dundee proportions!

As good Coronavirus news unfolds, the Morrison Government has done a Crocodile Dundee by looking at the size of its former stimulus packages and effectively saying: “That's not a knife… THAT's a knife.”

The good coronavirus news stories you have to read

While the tragedies of more virus victims dominate headlines, beneath the radar there are some good news stories that shouldn’t be ignored for health and wealth reasons.

Will our current economic position turn into a depression?

Can the Depression dramatists ignore this 18% rebound on Wall Street?

US stocks go up again. What the f...?

The Treasurer warned us these are extraordinary times that require extraordinary policies. And these have led to an extraordinary stock market rebound!

Stock market up, relationship with wife down

Like a lot of investors, my wife has been wondering when it’s the right time to buy badly beaten up quality stocks. She wanted in late last week. I advised her to hold her horses. And here’s why.

US market up over 11%. Can you trust this rally?

There are 4 legs of the stool upon which the recovery will sit. Three are in place but the stool will keep rocking until the virus stats turn favourable.

Stay calm, don’t panic, a recovery will eventually come

We’re hanging out with the countries doing OK with Coronavirus and while we all hate these imposed restrictions, they could be a plus that keeps us in the not-so-threatened group of countries.

ScoMo and Josh take on COVID-19

Will the scariness of our uncertain futures be offset by the $189 billion that the PM and the Treasurer are throwing at the problem?

Is this a buying opportunity or the end of days?

Two of the world’s greatest investors believe this is the buying opportunity of a lifetime.

A message to the ABC and all media: STOP scaring us and start spreading the right messages

HELP IS ON THE WAY to support our economy. Responsible broadcasters need to spread this message and stop inducing panic.

Don’t panic – you’re not on the Titanic!

This is a temporary and excessive sell off of stocks and other assets. Keep all this in perspective. Markets are crazy but normality will return. Here’s why I firmly hold this view.

Is it time to buy stocks?

Long lost friends are coming out of the woodwork to ask me is it time to buy stocks and so I will share with you what I’m telling them.

History says: 'don't panic, wait this crash out'

Let's be clear on this: the market sell-offs have been extraordinary, but the best way to deal with crazy crashes is to wait for good sense to prevail. And it will!

Stocks expected to rise today, but for how long?

We should sneak out of bear market territory today but the question has to be: can we stay there?

I’m so freakin’ cheesed off

The media has continually bombarded us with everything scary and ruinous about the coronavirus, which has helped the stock market go excessively negative.

Don’t panic about the stock market. Take Tom Hanks’ advice.

Does panic do anyone any good? It’s not the end of the world. These things shall pass.

Pandemic panic rocks stocks again

Stocks slide on WHO’s global pandemic call, so it will be another tricky day on markets.

Is the worst over? Is it time to buy quality stocks at bargain basement prices?

The most important questions for all of us are: is the worst over? Is there a buying opportunity now or should we wait?

Why did the stock market have a hissy fit?

Apart from knowing why markets are in free fall, we must understand just how serious this collapse in share prices is and how long it will last.

Money making lessons from the Coronavirus correction

Shock events like this current virus rattle stock markets but investors shouldn’t be rattled. They should learn from the past and invest wisely.

Toilet paper fear is giving me the shits. Excuse the French.

It’s time someone like me got to grips with the value and problem of a ‘little’ pesky thing called FEAR!

All I want is the truth, just give me some truth

I'm sick and tired of hearing things from scare mongering media types who focus on toilet paper and other shitty stories. I've had enough of reading things by neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians who need to concentrate on leading us through this epidemic, infodemic and panic-demic. John Lennon, where are you? Give sanity a chance.

World governments are muscling up but can they nuke this virus?

The US share market is up 1,000 points, but have we got the right market medicine to KO the economic effects of the Coronavirus?

Can Frydenberg spend Arnie-style?

Can Josh terminate these corona virus market woes so we don’t end up with an economic raw deal? He needs to be armed with a bazooka not a pop gun!

Rate cuts and a budget bazooka to rescue stocks

Josh Frydenberg will hopefully channel Arnold Schwarzenegger and carry a big budget bazooka aimed at pumping bullets of stimulus into an economy that will be weakened by this Coronavirus.

How a wise investor plays the Coronavirus

I’m getting ready for negative headlines and an overreacting media this week, which will fan the fires of global stock markets. But here’s another strategy.

Can’t wait for May 2 and my day with Warren Buffett

How does Warren Buffett look at stock markets? I’ll try to ask him personally in two months time!

Whoa! Stock market correction here we come!

At long last the Americans on Wall St are taking the Coronavirus seriously so let me give you a history lesson on stock market corrections.

Paul Keating’s super idea to get money to small businesses and help retirees

The Morrison Government has found $2 billion for a fund that will provide funding to small banks and other lenders to specifically lend to small and middle sized businesses. What else can be done? Paul Keating has a super idea!

Should you get in and buy stocks right now?

Stock players look for “buy the dip” opportunities. Is it too early to buy stocks on the Coronavirus ‘crash’?

Coronavirus reality bites, with Dow down over 1,000 points!

As stock prices fall, just how much should you worry?

Should embattled Scott Morrison try “It’s the economy, stupid”?

Newspoll shows the Coalition and the PM trail in the popularity stakes but could an improving economy be the ultimate make up play?

Will no one rid me of these turbulent twits?

One day my critics will be right in being negative but they’ve potentially lost a lot of money being so wrong for a long time.

Are we heading towards a technical recession?

The recent job numbers have put another rate cut firmly in focus. Are recession fears legitimate?

Here’s a spoonful of optimism, Peter

Over the weekend I received a ‘perk me up’ text from someone who thought I might be getting a tad too negative — the Treasurer!

Well, der, America, the Coronavirus IS a big deal

One finance group in the US thinks the Chinese response to the Coronavirus is Chernobyl-like!

Will these hot stocks be more important than the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus could hurt stock prices short-term but there is a new age playbook that you can’t ignore if you want to get richer over time, and it’s green and techie.

Might as well face it we’re addicted to… property

Our hearts beat in double time, another bid and you'll be mine! Aussies have returned to their addiction, with record auction clearance rates. Is our obsession with bricks and mortar good for us?

If George Calombaris is a thief, so is our beloved ABC

If you want to call George a wage thief, then Woolies and Aunty are mega-thieves! And I might be showing my bias but I can’t come at calling our ABC a crook!

Could the Coronavirus cause a mega-market meltdown?

Can you trust any number that comes out of China? Could we see a market meltdown sometime soon?

Can CBA say “Yes we can” to business borrowers?

I could probably cite more than 10 reasons for a business failing but a lack of money is a huge one. Will banks start lending more easily to businesses?

Let’s put George Calombaris on trial as a 'thief'!

Was George Calombaris cooking the books?

The Coronavirus could seriously hit JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and more

Top retail businesses could have tourist customer problems and a supply chain issue because a hell of a lot of products come from China.

What do you want: a wage rise or more super?

The battle over super might rob you of a pay rise and make it harder for you to buy or pay off a home.

How does ScoMo play “kiss and make up”?

Here’s the chart that could rescue ScoMo’s reputation.

Are rate cuts done and dusted?

Retail numbers are weird but are rates cuts over?

Mr Nice Guy RBA boss must stick it to Government!

The RBA Governor wants the ScoMo Government to spend so we can prosper but Government Ministers are saying they’re tired of being lectured to!

RBA didn't cut rates - what are they smoking?

Why did the RBA stop cutting interest rates? Is it seeing good data about the economy?

Will the Reserve Bank use the Coronavirus to justify a rate cut today?

Australia’s central bank has to deal with an economic drama of Shakespearean proportions: to cut or not to cut?

Will we dodge a coronavirus and bushfire recession bullet?

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will be waiting with bated breath for the swag of economic data to be revealed this week. If it’s bad, he will have to spend, big time.

What I learnt from hanging out with the founder of Netflix

Here's a lesson anyone interested in being a success should expose themselves to.

Could the coronavirus be a killer black swan?

Have the destructive NINJA loans of the GFC mutated into this killer coronavirus that could seriously blacken world markets?

Big business bullying has to stop

Telstra telling its small business suppliers that it will pay later than usual unless they’re given a discount is nothing more than bullying!

How do the Yanks gamble against the Coronavirus?

In a surprise, Wall Street has gone up with US confidence irrepressible. However, local business confidence isn’t so lucky.

Loser journalist no match for Ash Barty

Ash Barty has taught a media loser a grand slam Aussie lesson.

Crazy rich stoics

Here’s an ancient secret to swap a crazy life for a successful one.

It’s raining jobs for women

This is a confusing economy. It’s growing slowly but creating jobs!

How you and I can make YOU rich

What I’m going to share with you could and should make you rich but you’ll have to save, wait and invest.

C’mon, why are stocks rising all the time?

With enormous trepidation I say, when it comes to stocks: “this time it is different!”. And here are the reasons why I think this is so.

Could this corona virus KO stocks?

Is this corona virus a black swan that could rock stock markets and hurt the global economic recovery?

This lesson about economies can make you rich

Whingers about how the Government affects the economy might be better off getting real about the real world of economics.

Travelling on the road to riches

There are many roads to riches, so let me list a few that a normal person should consider.

Yes, I’m a spruiker but I do it for good reasons

On a daily basis I get accused of propping up capitalism by groups who seem to despise growth, jobs and people getting wealthier. But what’s the alternative?

What I learned from Ralph Lauren

I try to let go of business and finance over my Christmas break but I know I’m an addict and I just can’t stop wanting to learn from the greats.

The stock market cracked 7000. So what?

7000 an important milestone for anyone worrying about or working with stocks. But to the normal person, is it really a big deal?

I miss Bill Shorten

My fund did well last year partly because of a little guy called Bill Shorten.

Here’s why investing for wealth is better than being a doomsday merchant

I’d rather be in the market (long term) making money than on the sidelines scared and whinging.

Is it right to call an investment in property or stocks a Ponzi scheme?

Doomsday merchants often describe the property price surge as one big property scheme. Are they right?

Can our economy recover from the bush fires?

Most Australians have been gutted by the personal tragedies created by these holiday bush fires but can the economy deliver some much-needed good news over 2020?

What was the big message from 2019?

Answering this question is easy and it came to me instantly when I started to reflect on the year that was.

I didn’t change the economy but I still try to predict it

Millennials, baby boomers, gym junkies, fake news. Online wins, bitcoin, Uber Eats, low spending sins. Cheap flights, Netflix, home loan rates 3 per cent. Crazy days, crazy ways, Phil Collins rules the waves. Even Billy Joel could see that this is one strange economy.

When Peter quizzed Paul

2019 has been a good year for markets. Let’s kick off on the very important subject of stocks for 2020 by putting Rickard under Switzer’s gruelling test.

Here are the big reasons why we fail!

Before the clock turns over into 2020 and you start making resolutions, read this…

Picking the market next year: it ain’t easy

To channel David Bowie: all people have got their problems, that ain't nothing new but we can all pull on through. We will get there in the end but sometimes the economy will take you right up and sometimes down again.

Will we be singing Hallelujah after Josh’s show-and-tell today?

The trade deal and the UK election are good for the stock market and probably the economy but we need the local economy to pick up its bed and walk.

Making healthy habits habitual

How to beat bad habits.

Our financial destiny is hanging in the balance

I’m pencilling in a good outcome but two looming dramatic events need to follow the optimist’s script.

Is a housing recovery our only hope?

Can you believe the house price comeback? If it’s not real, then the feeling of being wealthy won’t seep through in 2020 and our economy won’t improve.

My tip: find your super statement and read it!

I gave this advice to a couple of hundred workers I spoke to recently and I’m saying it to you too — look after your super!

Four huge events that could rock our personal finances!

There are four big events this week that could make or break our financial futures — keep your fingers crossed that the good guys win!

Income seeking tightwad investors put themselves at risk

A newspaper story over the weekend missed the crucial point that ASIC needs to protect investors before something goes wrong.

Black Friday sales work white magic

Even an optimist like me can be sucked into pessimism but not for long!

Is our day of reckoning near?

The recent overall disappointing numbers have led dooms day merchants to gloat that an approaching financial tsunami will drown all in its path. Are they right?

Is weak leadership creating dumber kids?

Do the maths. Our kids are falling behind. What’s wrong and how can we fix it? Someone needs to take a stand.

The mad king is poking the China bear, again

Yep, he’s up to his old tricks again and now he’s sticking it to the French. Where will this lead?

Should you be worried about your hip pocket future?

Will Santa start loading up his sleigh or are we in for bleak times this Christmas?

What's more interesting than Kardashian, Crowe and Bill Shorten?

I know Kardashian, Crowe and Shorten turn heads but I’ll try and convince you that this week is important for you.

Can’t help myself, bad habits

It’s just ain’t right but it’s something I can’t fight – or can I?

Close encounters of the risky kind

Be careful if you look to do better than term deposits. If you go up that pesky risk curve, do it in a diversified way.

5 reasons for not being a nervous, negative Nellie

I sit here each morning looking for reasons to be optimistic and here they are!

Super funds sack Westpac boss. Who’s next? CEOs beware!

Big business has a new watch dog with fangs sharper than ASIC, APRA or the ACCC.

Will interest rates fall to zero?

Tonight we could find out if we’ll face zero interest rates or be deluged by flood of money.

Should I own Westpac shares?

Given their horrendous money laundering errors, should Westpac can its CEO and Chairman? And should you hold Westpac shares?

The Westpac story teaches us an unforgettable brand story

Too many businesses pursue profit and ignore their greatest asset: their brand.

Have interest rates lost their magic?

Let me explain to you what I know about interest rates and our hip pockets.

Aussie recession: made in Hong Kong

Is Hong Kong the black swan that kills stocks and gives tax cuts?

Do Aussie losers outnumber winners?

Negativity about our economic future is holding back the economy. Does negativity need to be rethought?

What market insiders know that you don’t

ScoMo and his Treasurer have placed a huge bet on a trade deal and the slow work of interest rate cuts. Will they pull off this daily double?

The good stuff doomsday merchants ignore

I won’t be a part of the cheer squad that supports Pol Pot politics and economics, where economic Armageddon delivers an economy at ground zero.

My short guide on how to win

Here are the five qualities of winners.

No more tax cuts for you, yet!

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is gambling on his guessing power and holding back on tax cuts.

Boom baby boom

Boom and bust report says house prices will surge again in 2020.

Is this a raging bull market or a cock n’ bull story?

Are the bulls back in both the property and share markets?

No sex or drugs – just 3 days of data

Woodstock was seen as 3 days that defined a generation. Will Josh’s stocks soar if data over the next 3 days is mind-blowingly good?

Why Labor lost and why Graham Richardson voted Liberal

The May 18 election result rammed home to Labor that it was out of touch with its customer base.

Has the world gone mad?

Has the world of money gone mad or are we not up to coping with change?

Cut taxes, Josh

While the PM is considering a Royal Commission into veteran suicides, which seems too important to waste time with a showpiece for lawyers, why don’t we have a Royal Commission into the economic emergency that the Treasurer is ignoring.

Careful Josh, you’re a Treasurer on P-plates

The Government’s current strategy on cutting rates is hardly working. Frydenberg needs to cut taxes.

Oh Dude, are we in trouble?

My current diagnosis rules out economic psychosis and things are still OK, as far as I can tell. Goodness gracious me, I so hate this negativity.

Down, down, household debt down!

What if the biggest worry for the house price doomsday merchants i.e. household or private debt was actually shrinking before our very eyes?

Expert tips 30% house price surge

Even the media is getting positive about a house price rebound so is this true?

Make sure you hang out with the right crowd!

Why hanging out with good quality people is critical to your success.

The retail empire strikes back!

Retailers are uniting to be a powerful lobby group to ensure politicians work with them in this challenging and changing online world.

How low can interest rates go?

Rates have gone down again in the US – what’s the bet ours will also drop on Melbourne Cup day?

Me on your money & Dr Ross on your health

Join us at the Switzer Income Conference & Masterclass next month.

If I offered you $1,000 for an hour’s work, would you say yes?

The task would be simple and if you did it for yourself you could learn how to turn $1,000 into $256,000.

Does ScoMo have a Domino’s problem?

The PM’s mistake on how to get the economy going relates to the problems Domino’s Pizza were having but have got over.

Is the government leading young people into a property ponzi scheme?

The Federal Government’s scheme to make it easier for first home buyers to get on the property ladder is well intentioned but is it adding to the property price problem?

Please take the road less travelled and lead us

I remain in the “we will dodge the bullet” camp but we need an end to the debacle these so called leaders have us in.

Who’s right on house prices? Are they really rebounding?

There’s a house price controversy between the number crunchers. Who’s right? Are prices really rising?

Why would a banker use the R-word?

Talking the economy down doesn’t represent great leadership. In all my time in the media, we never used the R-word unless it was upon us.

The PM and the Treasurer need to act

We’re not in the precarious position we were in with the GFC in 2008 but there is another history lesson Josh and Scott should heed.

The mouth-watering success story of Guzman y Gomez

Successful people leave clues for others to learn from and the tearaway success of the Mexican food business Guzman y Gomez (GyG) is a case in point.

Can we believe an upbeat Josh Frydenberg?

Frydenberg’s positivity on Aussie growth and his rejection of the IMF view, are all good to hear. Now we have to hope he’s right! Here’s my take…

Should you let recession fears stop you from getting wealthier?

Will there be a recession? All we have to fear is scary headlines!

Josh & Scott need to be the loudest voice

The economy ain’t so bad but it’s not me who should be saying this.

If you’re chasing income and higher returns, always consider the risk you’re taking

Falling interest rates means anyone wanting income will look at alternatives. Going up the risk curve is OK but you must always be aware that every movement up that curve can be more risky. Be careful.

What's the matter with millennials today? Not much!

Millennial business leader John Winning castigated the millennials he works with. Let’s look at how valuable millennials are to our economy.

Is this trade deal fake news?

A news story out of Beijing’s state news sources virtually warned the markets not to pop champagne on the deal, despite Trump branding the alleged agreement as being “very substantial”.

Are banks all that bad or is someone else to blame?

The Treasury has announced an inquiry into banks overcharging their customers and not passing on the RBA rate cuts in full. Is there more to the story?

Why young people should stop whinging about property

I investigated how wealthy young people will be in the fullness of time because of that boring little thing called superannuation.

Excuse the French but is our economy crap?

We’re at an economic crossroad, which reminds me of an amusing observation by Woody Allen on the threat of a nuclear bomb during the Cold War era.

Keen -v- Joye: who won the Property Punch Up of the Century Mk II?

On my TV show last week, Professor Steve Keen and the AFR’s Chris Joye exchanged blows on the prospect of a 40% fall in house prices. More than 15,000 viewers watched the stoush. Here’s my judgement on who won.

10 stocks that could do well if a trade deal happens

As a positive player I’m hoping a trade deal comes out of Thursday’s talks in Washington between the US and China. Here are 10 stocks I like if a deal is struck.

Why Frydenberg should learn from Shorten and Napoleon

Slow learners called politicians really should have a good read of this story of mine and resolve to give up their self-assured, hubris-laden ways and help all Aussies.

How to change you and your bank balance!

How winners, who used to be losers, can change.

What would Dirty Harry do with the Mad King in the US?

Some people think Donald is a real life version of the ‘Mad King’ from Game of Thrones, while others see him as a negotiating genius. Well it’s time he proved his supporters right.

Are we heading for a recession we didn’t have to have?

This question will be argued in our Switzer TV property show tonight by two of this country’s feistiest economists.

Do you and your kids want to be financially independent?

This week on the Today programme on Channel 9, I was asked about my book and how to get rich. Here are my answers.

Are tightwad Aussies preventing an economic recovery?

Too many tightwad Aussies, who don't understand the false economy of being a DIY-type, might be an obstacle to our economy recovering.

Will super stop being compulsory?

A super war is going on between forces of the right and the left and outcomes include the family home being included in the asset test and some people not paying super at all.

Greta's 'I'm mad' speech got me thinking

Anyone who was not impressed by the communication skill and passion of climate-activist Greta Thunberg has a one-eye problem.

Why would any idiot want economic Armageddon?

I don't like low interest rates or household debt-to-GDP ratios at record highs but I know debt servicing levels are unbelievably low and troubled loans and defaulters aren't worrying anyone, apart from those who have a vested interest in talking down the economy.

Every move he makes, every breath he takes, I'll be watching him

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump has had a big impact on our super and he could make or break our economy. That's why I watch every move he makes.

Join the Rich Club today

Pick up a copy of Peter Switzer's new book Join the Rich Club today.

Can Josh Frydenberg stop the you-know-what from hitting the fan?

Standby for another rate cut next week. Our economy is poised to go one way or the other.

Don't invest without reading this!

Alan Jones interviewed me today on my new book Join the Rich Club and he picked out one of my favourite quotes: "If nothing changes, nothing changes." Are you prepared to change?

How to get income, safely

Investors would love term deposits to be 5% or higher. It's not going to happen for a long time! But here's how to get more income while minimising risk.

While Scott dines with Donald, I toast some other great Switzer students!

Hopefully our Prime Minister might come home from his dinner date with Donald Trump with the kind of good news that would lift confidence, investment, retail spending, jobs and economic growth.

We gave you a mandate, Prime Minister. What will you do to get us out of this malaise?

It was ironic that I was about to talk to a group of highly successful entrepreneurs and business builders in Adelaide when the job numbers were released.

How do you become Richie Rich?

Few people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Successful people work hard at building their wealth. Are you prepared to walk the road to riches?

A super scam is rifling super accounts so you better check yours

The younger average Aussie will retire as millionaires because of super but I'm staggered how many people don't know what their fund returned, what fees they're charged or their balance.

Should we tell the Chinese to WAAAX off?

What the Foreign Investment Review Board decides on Bellamy's could result in a green or red light on a Chinese takeover frenzy for some of our most promising companies.

Will our stock market go up for the 5th week in row?

Every week is critical as we loom in on the early October meeting of key US and China trade negotiators. It's another big week for economies and stocks. Let's hope we get the kind of good news that will KO the negativity associated with madmen with drones bombing oil facilities!

I miss Bill Shorten for the right reasons

Bill gave it his best shot and taught us all, except Wayne Swan, that Labor's policies were not what the country wanted.

What a wild, weird and wacky week for optimistic economy watchers!

I always add up the positives for the economy and markets we invest in then deduct the negatives. This week has been a tale of two halves!

Stock market smarties aren't recession believers!

Donald Trump is calling on the boneheads at the Fed to cut interest rates to zero or less! But does he really want that?

ASIC wants us to stop enjoying steak, red wine and owning a home. That's un-Australian!

Tedious restrictions on bank lending was a prime cause for our economy seeing economic growth fall from 3% to 1.4% in the year to June 30. Is ASIC set to screw this economy yet again?

A negative economist jumps on board the positive train!

Doomsday merchants hate my positivity and they're sure to hate this revelation from an expert not prone to the positive side that the September economic growth number could be, wait for it, 0.8%!

Is our economic rescue plan made in China?

Crucial economic data comes out this week, which could determine if and when interest rates will be cut. If the numbers are bad, all hope rests with China.

Taxis drivers strike back!

Uber has not only brought a threat, but has encouraged an old and tired business to embrace change.

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Donald?

Can we trust the latest signs that maybe a deal is in the air? I've been waiting for this moment, oh Donald!

Only President Trump can save us!

Donald better end this trade war madness soon or else we'll see negative interest rates as a forerunner to a serious recession.

The curious case of the disappearing deficits

Our chronic problem with trade and budget deficits is vanishing so don't get bogged down in negativity when you hear today's growth number. Things are looking up!

C'mon Aussies, think outside the square

Ignore tomorrow's economic growth and Labor's new Treasury spokesman! It's time to engage in a different way of thinking.

House prices boom again. We now need stimulation, not rate cuts.

Rate cuts now are dangerous so maybe we need some Churchillian inspiration and stimulation: "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never... Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Our economy is escaping the Twilight Zone

You unlock this door with the key of economic education. Beyond it is another dimension—a dimension of tax cuts, a dimension of growth, a dimension of jobs. You're moving away from a land of both fear and uncertainty, of falling interest rates and Trumpification. There are good economic signposts up ahead. You've just crossed over and out of the Twilight Zone.

Will we have a recession that stops the nation?

As the race to predict a recession gets as feverish as Melbourne Cup Day, let's do the form on the odds of a market crash and recession.

Not all financial advisers rip people off

An article in the Fin Review revealed that investors think advisers can't be trusted and want to get rich at your expense. But there are advisers who can be trusted to give independent quality advice but lots of Aussies just won't pay for it.

Will Donald duck a recession?

Is this the start of something bad? Or will Donald pull us back from the brink, helping us to avoid a recession and a stock market crash?

What can Josh say to trump Trump?

With the stock market set to nose dive, following an escalation of the Trump trade war, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will appeal to businesses today to start investing. What will he say to overcome their fears?

Start spreading the news, we're doing OK

These recession talk blues are melting away, “in 2019 and 2020, Australia will grow twice as fast as the Euro Area, twice as fast as Japan and faster than the USA”. Let's make a brand new start of being positive.

All we are saying, is give stimulus a chance

Everybody's talking about Trumpism, Populism, Communism, Fascism, Tradeism, Iranism, Recessionism. This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m. All we are saying, is give stimulus a chance!

What? Has Penny Wong become the coalminer's daughter?

In a surprise move, Labor stalwart Senator Penny Wong is now talking up Australia's support for the coal mining industry. Put on your climate change seat belt and read this!

Chris Joye sees a 30-40% fall in house prices but -

Just how scared should we be about this stock market sell off, the threat of an inverted yield curve in the bond market, a related recession and house price collapse?

Scott & Josh, it's time to learn a thing or two from Mr Trump

A key lesson from great sporting coaches is that you have to talk your team into a winning mentality. This is something the US President does so well. Our leaders need to look and learn.

Stock markets scaring you? Read this and sleep easier

The media went into madness and mayhem mode yesterday as the bond curve inverted. But let me help you understand why this isn't the start of Armageddon.

Are we heading for a global recession?

There's something strange in the global economy but who's to blame? The Trump buster? There's something weird and it doesn't look good but who's to blame? The Trump buster?

Donald's rockin' Twitter and its share price is going up!

He tweets in the Whitehouse all the day long, hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singing his song. Every little bird, every little bee, loves to hear Donald go tweet-tweet-tweet.

Big black swan trouble in little China

Hong Kong's battle with Beijing has rocked global stock markets overnight. This is a red alert for stock players, as a possible black swan is sailing into the already choppy waters of the global economy.

When will the ding dongs stop playing ping pong?

Normal people think this trade spat is being conducted by a pair of ding-a-lings risking a world recession. Most people simply don't understand why this game doesn't come to an end.

Stocks up! Who said the market couldn't get it up again?

What just happened? We started the week worried about a crash and now most of those losses, have been wiped back on!

Trade war threatens your job! Can economists rescue us?

China has been cheating on trade for decades and the Trump trade war is justifiable but the world is going to suffer. Can economists rescue global economies from the fallout of Donald's trade war?

How to build wealth when markets crash

At a time when stocks have been diving, it's time to not be a dope and learn this money-making lesson!

China's playing the De Niro card

China has gone for the De Niro option, telling the untouchable Trump that if “Somebody messes with me, I'm gonna mess with him.” And stocks have been garrotted.

Twitter is for haters not debaters

I won't be dumping Twitter but I'm tired of it because it's not a forum for debate but more for those twits who love to hate. And that's sad.

Stocks nosedive as Donald loses patience with China!

Beware the black swan! Donald's close to doing something that could bring us down.

Fed cuts rates but will it kill a potential US recession?

The Fed isn't as worried about the US economy as others, which is why it doesn't have a programme for a number of cuts. I damn well hope they're right.

The super gospel according to Paul Keating

Former PM Keating has scorned those who would delay an increase in compulsory super. Should we ignore his divine intervention?

No pay rise but less financial stress

A survey 18 years in the making reveals that while our incomes aren't going anywhere, we're getting smarter about improving our financial lives.

Switzer spotlights Spitzer's shocking property scenario. Will we be saved?

As interest rates come down and auction clearance rates go up, is a property day of reckoning looming or disappearing?

Now add a pinch of sex-it to Brexit

It might be time we Aussies started to show some real interest in Brexit.

"The Reserve Bank is braindead," says Professor Steve Keen

If the Reserve Bank is braindead, then its Governor, Dr Phil Lowe is a 24-carat gold nincompoop. Is this true?

What's my biggest fear? And am I investing?

Could Donald's ducks and drakes negotiations with China stall? Could he slam more tariffs on their goods? Could the Chinese stop talking, hoping he gets clobbered at the November poll? And am I investing?

Lost your spending mojo, mate?

What's going to make spending sexy again? Will rates and tax cuts seduce Aussie consumers to unzip their wallets?

US recession looming but Dr Doom says 'it won't happen'

A US investment bank and a Trump hater are predicting a looming recession, but ironically Professor Steve Keen doesn't agree.

McDonald's and house prices: lovin' beats hatin'

What has two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun got to do with property prices? Read on…

10 essential truths for success plus something more important

The 10 essential truths you need to consider if you really want to go to the next level, or even higher.

It's groundhog day!

Watching the Oz economy for me is like groundhog day, where you find yourself encountering similar occurrences over and over again.

Keep your hands off our super!

It's on again for young and old. There's more talk about fixing up our super!

Your future turns on three Trump things

Three events with the fingerprints of US President Donald Trump all over them could move markets up or down in coming weeks, thereby affecting all of us.

Don't get too hopeful about a big pay rise!

A survey of CEOs tells us that two in five workers shouldn't have high expectations about getting a pay increases any time soon.

Could an architect know something we don't know about the economy?

When an economy's turning around, I look for unusual indicators like the “portaloo” index. Now I've got the “architects” index, which could be spot on.

Don't be scared of the stock market. Beat it at its own game!

Why being scared and conservative can come at a big price.

Looking for good news

It was a bad week for the economy but there was some good news. Let me share that with you.

Is our economy in a death spiral that ScoMo has to rescue?

Is the pulse seriously weakening on the Oz economy or is it simply too early to expect consumers to react to rate cuts and tax rebates that haven't actually had time to impact their bank balances yet?

Don't shoot me. I'm just the economic messenger

Economic stories can turn on a dime but right now, as the economic crystal ball messenger, I'm betting against the Armageddon scenario.

Property prices pick up

Great news on property but hold back the champagne popping for the moment.

Bitcoin and its imitators should be banned

I advocate that we ban bitcoin and its imitators or simply regulate them, so light is shone on this dark, dark world.

Everything isn't f*cked. Just go long positivity

Here are 14 reasons to believe that our economy could rebound in the second half.

The Rastafarian approach to economics: don't worry, be happy!

In our economy we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double.

Every generation, blames the one before

As Mike and the Mechanics declare: “Every generation, blames the one before And all of their frustrations, Come beating on your door…” Well, I'm saying it loud and clear: Baby boomers aren't to blame!

Are you a money tosser?

Many Aussies don't understand the money they toss away without a thought. This rate cut should be a wake-up call for money “dopes”.

Stocks are surging. Can this optimism last?

With the US stock market at all-time highs, on my TV show I looked at 24 big losing stocks of last financial year, which experts tip will have a big rebound. Is this optimism on the money?

What do we need? Tax and rate cuts. When do we need them? Now.

This week the economy could pick up interest rate cuts and tax cuts, which are more urgent, following the failure of Donald Trump to end the trade war over the weekend at the G20 meeting.

Channelling Kamahl, I ask my Twitter critics: why are you so unkind?

How to cope with criticism.

All I want is a little 'S-U-P-E-R' respect, just a little bit

If you want to be rich one day, R-E-S-P-E-C-T your super. I'm not kidding.

How do you find Australia's greatest financial advisor?

The Australian newspaper today has provided a list of allegedly the top 50 financial advisers in Australia. So I thought I'd give you my best insights into finding a standout adviser.

Labor's at it again. A bogan with a PhD is trying to take away our tax cuts!

If our rejection of Labor's tax policies on May 18 wasn't enough, the Shadow Treasurer has surfaced with a proposition to axe our cuts. When will they learn?

Donald and Xi Jinping, I'll be watching you

Channelling Sting: Every move they make. Every bond they break. Every game they play. Every word they say. I'll be watching them. Ignore the two most powerful leaders in the world this weekend in Osaka, Japan at your peril.

Peek through the rear window: landlord haters are wrong

Some media commentators still sick over Shorten's shellacking continue to portray property investors as over pampered high-income rorters. The facts tell a different story.

Does Josh Frydenberg have the rocks to rock APRA?

Josh Frydenberg's first test as Treasurer has been laid out before him.

Rate cuts are coming but will we need them?

Talk of three rate cuts come with a negative view on the Aussie economy. There's lots of positives that say that three cuts could be overkill.

If your money mojo has gone, here's why -

CEOs are spooked by the new age which they think won't be helped by interest rate cuts. The reason is we've lost our money mojo!

How Homer Simpson helps us understand the US president

Overnight the US President tweeted positive trade talk and US stocks surged. And Homer Simpson helps us understand the very unusual Donald Trump.

Facebook looks set to make bitcoin more valuable

News out this morning that Facebook looks set to go crypto could change the fate of these strange, unregulated digital currencies.

Did ScoMo wilfully exaggerate how good our economy was going?

If there's something I hate it's when economic bulldust masquerades as objective commentary.

What do Jeff Bezos, Ash Barty and Tony Robbins have in common?

Thinking about winners and losers.

The mysterious case of the confusing Aussie economy

You might have to be an economist of Inspector Poirot proportions to work out what's really going on with our economy!

Have Aussies gone loco or are they the canary in the coal mine?

Yesterday, business troubles seemed so far away. But Aussie consumers seem so spooked today.

Does this post-election ScoMo rebound have legs?

The slide of confidence over 2018 intensified as we got closer to election day on May 18. But look at the bounce in business confidence! Will consumers be so happy?

Will Australia again escape a recession?

Are we heading to hell in a handbasket or will we mastermind another miracle escape?

What would property doomsday merchants have Dr Phil do?

Interest rates are down but the 40% house price forecasters persist!

Beatles legend Paul McCartney ignored his critics and I'm going to do that too

During the week I was told that my stories that involve Donald Trump don't rate that well.

Interest rate cut whingers mustn't care about unemployment, bankruptcies, bigger budget deficits and debt!

The 'complain-a-lot' mob are whinging about Tuesday's rate cut but they need to read the economic tea leaves and get positive.

Guess who's driving the world economy?

Aussie interest rates are down and there was big buying on Wall Street overnight. What's the common link?

Blame today's rate cut on Trump, Shorten, Abbott, Turnbull, Brexit, Hayne and APRA

The Reserve Bank's Governor is poised to cut the cash rate for the first time since August 2016.

Donald: stop terrorizing China or the world will grind into recession

The US President could easily create the global recession we didn't have to have and this time we will join the R-word club for the first time in 28 years!

Aussies are optimistic and have reason to be so

I've never seen such post-election economic optimism.

Billy the kid has gone but Donald remains

When I was a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became an adult, I put the ways of childhood behind me'. Our politicians need to grow up, admit they're wrong and work on our behalf as leaders.

C'mon Donald ' crack a trade deal!

My doomsday buddies won't give up on their 40% house price calls, though I'd love them to have to wait til kingdom come. If Donald Trump cracks a trade deal, it will be bad news for doomsday merchants.

Doomsdayers and pessimists stop people from getting rich

How long should a doomsday merchant have to get away with telling us to be very scared and a crash is coming?

Listen up Albo - lessons from the election economic rebound!

With Anthony Albanese leading Labor, he has to show he can listen and learn from the election and the economy. Both tell you what Aussies are thinking!

Will ScoMo, APRA and the RBA prove property price pariahs wrong?

Weekend newspapers hailed housing's comeback, with auction clearance rates rising, developers recommitting to projects and estate agents shocked at buyer interest.

Labor's lessons from Saturday's butt-kicking. Albo please note!

The one piece of advice for Anthony Albanese.

Was Labor lucky that Aussies killed Bill?

Doomsday economist Professor Steve Keen thinks the election result was a loss Labor was possibly lucky to have and they shouldn't be 'pissed off'!

Do you have money problems? Blame yourself!

Do you suffer from DCA? Many Aussies have a cavalier approach to money and a 'don't care attitude'.

Rate cuts are coming. Read all about it!

Interest rate cuts are coming in June. This is as certain as an unreliable poll!

Bill messed with too many great Aussie dreams and lost!

The election was a headwind that had been holding back our ability to feel economically secure. On Saturday, Australian voters opted for staying secure.

Aussies understand: it's the economy, stupid!

If you're a dyed-in-the-wool Labor voter and crestfallen about Saturday's result, be positive. The election result was the best for the Aussie economy, your job, your house price and your super.

I owed Bob Hawke but he owed me too!

I owed Bob Hawke and he owed me, but in reality I owed him a lot more!

With the economy slowing, let's hope Shorten channels Hawke, not Whitlam

Australia has lost a national treasure with the passing of Bob Hawke.

Can we trust the 'new look' business Bill?

In the dying moments of the election campaign, a new business 'champion' has emerged. This candidate with a makeover is none other than the man who-would-be-PM, Bill Shorten.

Property investors are not parasites

With Saturday's election targeting property investors and self-funded retirees, who are seen as tax bludgers, research shows this is an unfair slagging.

Trump gambles our super and our jobs

Can Donald do a Houdini and escape a big, recession-creating trade war or is he out of his depth playing bluff poker with Xi Jinping?

Will our next PM stop the house price slide?

I wonder how many voters will determine their vote based on what's really important: their jobs, the ability to buy a house and whether they can pay it off?

The stock market can be stressful so channel a zebra

Here's what you can do to de-stress your stock market life.

House prices to fall 40%. Prof Keen says RBA is 'brain dead'

The Freddy Krueger of economics, Steve Keen, says house prices will fall 40% and he blames the RBA!

Will Trump cause a recession this week?

Donald Trump is expected to sign a deal this week that would avert a trade war with China. If he fails, the world could end up in recession. He couldn't be so dumb, could he?

No rate cut for you - here's why -

Here's a condensed version of why Dr Phil gave the thumbs down to a rate cut yesterday. I didn't want one but I am conflicted!

Do we really need an interest rate cut today?

The problem I have with an interest rate cut today will be the message it leaves about our economy.

Accountants are saying: "Not happy, Bill, not happy."

Bill Shorten has made a pitch to small business, helping them to employ younger and older workers but he has also cheesed off their trusted accountants. What is he smoking?

10 steps to turbo charge your wealth

I'm staggered about how disappointed a lot of Australians are about their wealth.

"Shorten will win on May 18": Graham Richardson

Graham Richardson says because Morrison 'doesn't have a long record of achievement yet, he has to run a scare campaign on Labor and it's pretty easy to get people scared of Bill.'

Is Bill Shorten telling pork pies on wages?

Bill Shorten's wages pitch is a great piece of politics for an election and most workers will like the sound of a leader promising pay rises. But it's not exactly honest or accurate economics.

Donald and Nancy are doing it for the country! God bless America!

One of the biggest, positive election stories affecting Aussies happened in Washington DC, thanks to Donald Trump.

Scott & Bill, do something about property prices!

Banks are being forced to play tightwad on loans and it's time our leaders (Scott or Bill) did something about this or house prices will slump.

Could a 1% fall in interest rates trump property price doomsday merchants?

With help from Bill Shorten, doomsday merchants have predicted that house prices could fall by 40%. But could the Reserve Bank ride to the rescue?

Warren Buffett invests in America and what he believes in

I've learnt from the likes of Buffett so I invest in what I believe in- Australia- and I try to do it when others are fearful.

You've got to hope Bill Shorten isn't a liar

Shorten has promised to work with business and says he won't be pushed around by trade unions. Will his past performance be a reliable guide to his future actions?

What politician will have the guts to rescue the banks, borrowers and the economy?

The Royal Commission has hurt the banks and the effects of their restrictive lending is hurting the economy. Will Frydenberg or Bowen have the guts to ease this pain?

Why don't we give a f**k about helping small businesses?

Morrison pledges a billion dollars to help small businesses grow but does any employee care?

A young (or poor) person's guide to being a millionaire

This is for young people, but any wealth-challenged Aussie can benefit from my how-to-be-a-millionaire recommendations, no matter what your age.

What Donald Trump should teach us ahead of voting

Like him or loathe him, Donald Trump and what he has achieved should be considered before you cast your vote on May 18.

Shorten embarrassed by tampering with our super

Odds on favourite election winner Bill Shorten has had a super stumble in front of the media by not understanding his own super tax slugs.

Could the Coalition win and is it time to invest?

Everybody is asking who I think will win the election and how will property and stocks prices react. What I conclude could surprise you!

Here's how I try to be right on stocks and property

Our company runs Investor Strategy Days in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne where I bring together some of Australia's smartest minds. History has taught me that hanging out with insightful people is great for success.

The election could make you richer!

Sometimes the best time to buy is when uncertainty prevails and/or prices are falling.

Can I talk negative gearing and keep you awake? I'll try. Will you?

I'm worried about Labor's changes to negative gearing and the capital tax gains discount.

We vote on May 18. Pity we haven't had a recession!

It's a pity we haven't had an eye opening recession for 28 years because you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

Warren Buffett, Armageddon and making money!

Here's a masterclass lesson on how to invest wisely and ignore headlines that prevent you from getting richer.

A Yank socks it to Aussie doomsday merchants

A journalist from the land of optimism says Aussies should appreciate their economic prowess and doomsday merchants should stop praying and rooting for an economic Armageddon!

It's Bill & Scott versus the doomsday merchants

Economic forecasts out of the Budget were positive and Bill & Scott's tax cuts will go a long way to deprive the pessimists of what they love -œ failure.

Why we exceptional Aussies love the Budget!

The Budget is a very Aussie tradition that we should be damn well proud of.



Shorten sees Scott's tax cuts and raises him by $1 billion!

Responding last night, Bill simply offered bigger tax cuts to low-paid workers ensuring he has a real good chance of winning around 3.6 million votes.

Shorten to do a Winx to win the tax cut race!

Stand by for Bill to pull out the whip to ride home to the electoral winning post, by promising bigger and better tax cuts tonight.

It's a 'riding on a pig's back' Budget!

Sportsbet has Labor as a $1.17 favourite and the Coalition is at $4.85. Will this Budget with its tax cuts change these odds today?

Put some more pork on my fork, please Scotty

Tonight's budget is set to deliver tax cuts and this is the first year ever that the RBA is supporting pork barrelling for the sake of the economy.

Interest rate and tax cuts are heading your way

Let's cut to the chase - the Federal Government is pursuing growth, jobs and your vote and the Reserve Bank will be an accessory, cheering for tax giveaways to come first on Tuesday night.

Money, money, money!

Building up your money/wealth is about success or failure.

Think your job is hard? Try being an economist -

What's behind economists' poor forecasting performance? Is it a hard job working out the collective behaviour of a weird mob called Australians?

Bank CEOs & top executives face big pay cuts

Our bank regulator wants to change how much and why top finance executives get paid, which will put a monkey on the back of boards.

Is our efficient Tax Office killing this country?

The Reserve Bank is wanting tax cuts. When do they want them? Now!

Who won the property price punch up?

House prices are falling but how low can they go? I tested this claim that prices could fall 40% or more in a debate on my TV show. Who delivered the KO blow?

Tonight, live on TV, the property punch up of the century!

Doomsday merchant economists and others tip a knock out for property prices, with claims a 40% crash is on its way. It's a rumble in the jungle tonight on my show Money Talks at 7.30pm.

Hello, is there anyone in charge here?

Is it just me or does the Internet age worry you because no one really seems to be in charge?

Our economy is like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller!

After nearly 35 years of publicly analysing what goes on in our economy, this is an economic 'psycho' plot that has me on the edge of my seat!

Will there be an interest rate cut soon?

Today's jobs report for Feb should prove to be a maker or breaker for the Oz economy and determine whether there'll be an interest rate cut soon.

Shorten super kicks trade union butts

Shorten has stepped up to slap down trade union bosses who think they can use our super money to pressure big companies to pay higher wages and offer better working conditions!

There are none so blind as those who will not see!

I trust those who know a lot more about economics and property cycles than most doomsdayers do.

Will Shorten allow the ACTU to misuse our super funds?

A director of Australian Super has been pressuring trade union leaders to use their influence to force companies to pay higher wages. Is this OK?

If your results stink, take a look at your culture!

On Friday I had the good fortune to listen to Pat Lencioni, the author of the book The Advantage, who argues that "organisational health trumps everything else in business."

Is Billy gilding the lily on wages?

Bill Shorten tweeted that everything is going up except wages. Is it too much to expect a politician to tell us the truth?

You're dumb if you're not thinking about buying property now

Aussies are confused about a safe use of their money compared to a wise use of it. This explains why they can have wealth issues in retirement.

Dr Phil, don't pussyfoot around. Cut interest rates now!

The latest NAB business survey has made me switch from being a rates 'on hold' guy to a 'let's cut' cheerleader.

How to make money from stocks

There are unforgettable rules of thumb, which, if followed, can make you money, lots of money, from stocks.

Can we weather wage rises in Bill's world?

All employees love a pay increase but how is Bill going to achieve this? Could he be on the path to ruin our unbelievably strong jobs market?

What can you learn from billionaires?

With Bill Shorten promising to raise wages for all, I thought it timely to see what we can learn from those who are wage-less- billionaires

Beware of fake economics fabricated for political purposes!

With a disappointing economic growth number this week, the PM complained about Labor using dodgy economic statistics to suit themselves. Is he right or wrong?

Are rate cuts on the cards?

We have improving auction clearances and a bounce back in business confidence and conditions but yesterday's economic growth number was a disappointment. Are cuts on the cards?

Wages and interest rates: will they go up or down?

Today's economic growth number could press the RBA's button on interest rates and reveal whether employers can afford Shorten's dream of higher wages.

There won't be blood

Australia's experience may rewrite the rulebook' says a special report written by Gabriel Sterne from the UK.

Don't believe the doomsday merchants

Bad news gets enough media coverage so here's my latest list of largely ignored good news. Read all about it'¦

Australia's greatest retailer expects interest rates to fall!

The unstoppable Gerry Harvey won't bag the Aussie economy but he believes interest rates will fall.

Will ASIC, the ASX and other regulators stop us being ripped off?

ASIC and the ASX never show that they have a 'police' enforcement body that investigates potential skulduggery.

If business culture stinks, blame gutless or dumb politicians

There are calls for business to lift its leadership and culture but someone in government has to have the guts to encourage the change.

7 scary things that could burn house + stock prices!

With the stock market heading in the right direction and signs that auction clearance rates are better than expected, what are the fireballs that could create economic hell?

Could Labor tax the sale of the family home?

Could Shorten and Bowen venture so far as to tax the sale of the family home? And could the Coalition raise the GST?

Positive positioning produces pecuniary paradise!

A few reasons for being positive.

C'mon Bill, Scott, Josh & Chris, it's time for some straight talk!

Bill Shorten has come up with a more compassionate deal for mortgage brokers and jobs are pouring down from heaven for the Government.

If you want a pay rise, pray for good economic numbers today!

If you're sweating on a pay rise any time soon, today's economic revelations could prove crucial to how fatter your pay packet becomes!

Unemployment, recession, collapsing house prices? Not again?

Those who look for the negative are warning that a lot of pain is ahead for Aussie homeowners, consumers and retail outlets that sell them stuff.

Good one, Bill, keep it up

Bill Shorten is under pressure not to cut the throats of mortgage brokers, but he has forced the Morrison government to help small businesses take big business to court, cost 'free'.

Mr Shorten: underrate Aussies love of property at your peril!

Bill, if you're keen to kill off the First Home Super Saver, you better come up with a better plan to help young Aussies buy a home, other than driving down property prices.

Legends can improve your life but you have to try too!

I'm always amazed how people can sit in an audience and not take notes!

At long last it's good news week

Doomsday merchants didn't have a week that reinforced their negative view of the world. Read these positive developments.

Good news, read all about it, if you dare!

As I've often asked: Is there a conspiracy not to reveal good economic news? Well, I'm not afraid to tell you some. Read this!

It's time ScoMo and Josh learnt from Donald Trump!

Donald does it all the time but when has a leading politician here ever had much impact on the market?

If you whinge about your economic life, blame democracy!

Progress and changes - both good and bad - often driven by democracy, comes with a price.

Can Shorten and Bowen have a "come to Jesus" moment?

Labor's delayed response to the Hayne Royal Commission is hopefully a good sign that divine inspiration is in stall for them.

Royal Commission Lesson 1

Don't buy from or invest in companies with toxic culture.

Would Madame Defarge give Hayne the royal tick?

Critics say the Royal Commission has been gutless and ineffectual. Was justice done? Was enough blood spilt? Did enough heads roll?

Is Dr Phil's diagnosis on Aussie house prices right?

America has its Dr Phil and we have one too. Ours is a doctor for something really important called the Aussie economy and I spent lunch time with him yesterday.

Do you realise Mr Hayne, you're giving more power to the banks?

The RC is a win for the big business banks and a complete slap in the face to mortgage brokers.

On mortgage brokers: the Royal Commission has this wrong

The Royal Commission has been a ripper but its plans for mortgage brokers is simply crazy and I hope Bill Shorten can see this.

Royal Commission stock storm or rainbow?

Will havoc be imposed on the market from the Hayne Royal Commission or will we make money from a stock surge?

Just tweet it

This week I reached the milestone of 10,000 Twitter followers.

Is Chris Bowen showing arrogance already?

Is this Labor's real view: They're self funded retirees, they need no sympathy? If Aussies are caught in a landslide to Labor, many older Australians will lose income.

If you're scared about a looming stock market crash, read this, fast!

One of the more reliable indicators of whether a bear market is coming to a stock market near you, comes from the research team at Citi.

Why I'm getting 'economically' nervous

Is Switzer nervous? What's testing his usual optimism? Or is this a passing phase?

Will Trump and Shorten kill or save the economy and stock market?

Both our economy and the stock market are precariously poised to slump or go higher.

Do you wear a cape of fear?

Fear can paralyse you, limit your life and make you ill. Here are 8 ways to remove any fear that may shroud you from being healthy and happy.

Will the job numbers be enough to stop a house price Armageddon?

To quote John Lennon, “I'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight short-sighted narrow-minded hypocritical commentators.

Can we trust economists' views on our economy?

Today the latest reading on unemployment comes out at a time when economists are downgrading their optimism about the Oz economy. But can we trust these prophets of doom or gloom?

I like Malcolm Turnbull but it didn't save him!

Critics argue that I'm anti Labor and pro Coalition but my search engine tells a different story. I take my political commentary very seriously.

Bill Shorten, Kim Kardashian and what's wrong with this country!

My recent brush with my beloved country has convinced me that Bill Shorten and Kim Kardashian prove that there's something that needs changing.

What's the biggest money mistake too many people make?

Because people have a part-time interest in money, they make the mistake of reacting short term, when they should be thinking and investing long term.

What's age got to do with it?

Why age should not be seen as a barrier.

Kill Bill's tribal Trump tirades

We might prefer Labor over the Coalition in The Australian's Newspoll but we're still not Bill Shorten fans! Shorten needs to be more inclusive of all Australians or we might have a Bill 'Short-term' as our next PM.

Shocking retail foot traffic and misleading economic indicators!

One day a really worrying economic slowdown will happen but that day isn't here yet.

Donald and things to fear!

There are a lot of curve balls out there for the economy and stock market but I like those holding the bats!

Don't get caught out by a super sucker punch

There's a super fight going on right now and you should get in the ring and get involved!

Money madness is killing this country

A new study suggests we might be gilding the lily when we make a self-assessment on how well off we are! Could we be dollar delusional?

Make sure you hang out with legends

The competitive advantage from learning from legends

Are falling house prices and car sales a BIG worry?

A closer look at the data shows that we shouldn't be spooked by these lower house prices and car sales.

Don't worry about stock market crashes. Take my advice!

This current upward trend in stocks makes me feel comfortable I didn't buy a seat on the doomsday train.

Why I now 'hate' Apple!

I know why Apple's share price is sliding. It's because I now hate Apple!

You can't educate a mug

A reader took me to task for ruining his kids' Christmas. But there is a powerful lesson this mug Dad has failed to learn himself.

Are we heading down the gurgler?

Does our economy deserve the bagging it’s getting? And does it also deserve this hopeless stock market?

Is Santa Claus coming to stock town?

The Fed boss screwed up his interest rate play and stocks fell!

How worried should we be about this stock market sell off?

Two men and the decisions they make could turn this stock market correction into a crash or a big rebound.

Our Budget is looking good - blame the vibe!

The Government was hyperventilating over its soon to arrive budget surplus. Economists were not as impressed, but they’re underestimating how hard it is nowadays to be fiscally responsible.

Bank haters are too one-eyed

Banks have made mistakes but they are so important to to our economic future.

Ego is a dirty word, sometimes -

When it comes to dealing with people in business, life and politics, be wise, keeping your eye on the end-result rather than winning any ego victories.

Scott, what do we want? Loans. When do we want them? Now!

Banks are becoming a new breed of protectors in the ‘nanny state’ and the PM needs to get on the front foot and tell banks to do their job and lend us money!

Trades talk progress and you will get richer

At long last Donald and China are helping the stock market, the economy, your job, your super and my fund.

Failure to haggle explains why Aussies end up poor!

If you’re less rich than you’d like, resent the car you drive, or prefer to holiday in Tuscany rather than Terrigal, Tugan or Tuncurry, maybe look at your refusal to haggle.

A soft landing for house prices

Even the AFR and its normally scary headlines recognised what the OECD (the Paris-based think tank) really thought about our future.

Will Donald KO Santa?

Historically we expect that a stock market will rally towards the end of the year but will Donald Trump be the Grinch that steals Christmas?

Having a laugh

The death of George Bush Snr made me think about how important laughter is. Did you know that some doctors and researchers think it can even relieve certain pain and disease?

Is our economy going down the gurgler or set to bubble higher?

I was disappointed in the September quarter economic growth number.

World's smartest money man not into crash talk

Stocks plummeted yesterday on recession fears in the US, raising concerns about a crash. But one of the world’s smartest money men isn’t crash talking yet.

Dow down 800 points. Has Donald kicked the hornet's nest?

2018 has been the year when Donald Trump has become the biggest single threat and opportunity for the stock market.

Can we be relaxed about the trade war and house price falls?

There are questions we must answer to avoid being spooked by share and house price falls.

If stocks don't surge today, blame bank bashing

When Donald met Xi, they talked turkey and a trade war truce resulted, so stocks should surge here today.

Leaders have guts

So you want to be a leader? Well read this and make the changes!

Deal or no deal? I'm watching Donald's hand this weekend

Will Donald and Xi do a deal so we can all get on with our lives?

Stocks surge on a non-mad man! Will other mad men ruin things?

There are a lot of somewhat mad men running the world right now. Let’s hope sanity prevails.

Why the economy and stock market have turned me into a political commentator!

When Bill Clinton said “It’s the economy, stupid,” he understood the inextricable connection between politics and the economy. A lot of tribal political fans just don’t get this.

How to make money out of PM Bill Shorten

Entrepreneurs have taught us that threats can be an opportunity so here’s how you might make money out of Bill Shorten’s proposed property policies.

Wanted: Hero to get banks to lend

The well-meaning Royal Commission has a sting in the tail for the economy because banks just aren’t lending, which could bring us down.

Are you glass half full or half empty?

When people call me glass half full, I say I'm not! My glass is full to the top, and it makes a difference to my life and to those around me!

What will stop this stock market scaring the pants off us?

What has to happen to see our stock market shake off these correction blues?

3 economists reject 40% house price collapse prediction

This week Steve Keen predicted Hurricane Housing will hit house prices. While acknowledging the tail end risk, three prominent economists don’t agree with the good Professor’s dismal view.

Bill, you need to rethink your retiree refund tax policy

Why is Labor punishing self-funded retirees? Do they want more people on the pension? Is it time to show enlightened leadership on this?

Wealth Warning: Clear and Present Danger

A current coagulation of negatives could be creating a stock market blockage. Fingers crossed we bypass these.

Incognito Labor Party stooges are ridiculing anyone with an opinion

I won't be bagged, besmirched or ridiculed by unidentified Labor Party stooges or fans.

Kill second-rateness

There will always be obstacles in life: Royal Commissions, banks changing the way they do business, government changes, the list goes on. The only obstacles you can change are the ones that stop you from being first rate.

Let's get real: Is Hurricane Housing on its way?

Horror talk persists, with reckless ridicule hurled at anyone who tries to be objective about house prices. Is there a fraction too much friction and will a tsunami toss us into the economic abyss?

Is the stock market ignoring a damn good economy?

The Oz economy is looking good so why is the stock market ignoring these positive signs?

Two tales from our nanny state: one good, one bad

The Government is going to throw $2b at small businesses, which is good. But the Treasurer needs to stop banks making it hard for borrowers before the economy suffers.

Is this sell off a correction or the start of something big?

Was Wall’s Street’s big drop overnight a correction and buying opportunity or the start of a market crash?

Why are some Australians rooting for a house price Armageddon?

I’ve been targeted again by ‘self’ proclaimed, irate house price experts, who are reducing the debate to a pub brawl.

Hey, what's wrong with you?

Have you ever thought of writing down what's wrong with you and then next to it write down a strategy to change?

Negative gearing: Shorten won't budge

The man who would be PM has said he’s not for turning when it comes to his controversial negative gearing policy.

Doomsday merchants must think the RBA's Dr Phil Lowe is a dope!

Our economy is looking good and it’s not just optimistic Pete who’s holding this view.

Hey Dude, don't make us afraid of stocks

Surely the Reserve Bank knows more about markets than the Dude and the bad guys?

How the Cup gives me insights on our future

I’ve done the form on the big race we all really care about but I’ll also give you my tips for the Melbourne Cup.

10 reasons why I don't worry about a house price crash

The house price Armageddon Army has ripped into Peter on Twitter. Their belief in a huge crash forced him to produce this extensive list to dispel the ‘out of control’ view that a collapse is on its way.

Think different!

Success gets down to you being different, and clichés might help.

If you're praying for a house price collapse, find a new god!

If you’re daydreaming about house prices collapsing, the nightmare is unlikely to happen. We keep hearing about record price falls but are they that big?

PM pisses off billionaire climate warrior

It's the climate change clash of the century but who wins: the PM or our richest new age entrepreneur?

Bill, rethink your negative gearing policy

With the Federal budget close to a surplus, does Shorten have to further flatten our property market with polices like tossing out negative gearing & slashing the capital gains discount?

Will this slump turn into a Christmas rally?

Here’s why I make stock market predictions and why my doubters should give me a break!

11 money lessons for the young and cashless

Many people worry about the money misfortunes of the young but no one does anything to change it. Here are 11 money lessons – please pass them round.

I'm just wild about Harry - & Meghan

Don’t think I’m going soft because I’ve fallen under the spell of Harry and Meghan. I have very good reasons to talk about them!

When Labor flicks negative gearing, will house prices fall?

If negative gearing doesn’t affect house prices and rents, why did Paul Keating ditch it, then bring it back two years later?

It's official! We're globally the richest, so why do we whinge?

Australians are the richest people in the world! I didn’t know that, though through my overseas travel and TV watching I suspected we’d be up there.

Are media headlines killing this economy?

Are negative and out of context headlines and quotes, whipped up by inexperienced journos, screwing the economy, killing jobs and house prices? Are consumers scared to the bone?

Why I'm ripping into Shorten

Before the next election, every home owner needs to fully understand what Labor’s property policy might do to their house price. This debate must happen.

Will Shorten's policies kill the property market?

The Wentworth whitewash means Shorten’s house price and retiree policies will now need to go under the microscope.

When Harry met Meghan

Even a serious economist like me gets a tingle when I see the good work that this young couple is doing.

Stocks slump again - blame screwballs throwing curve balls!

Is Wall Street dropping a sign of scary stories to come or can we relax and enjoy the ride?

Stop reading crap and learn these 5 get rich lessons

Only read this if you want to get rich. Average people will ignore this story and wonder why they have money problems.

Could feedback stop these negative SOBs talk down house prices?

You've got to accentuate the positive.

US stocks surges but our bank bashing has to stop!

Trump trade tensions and rising rates trumped by US good news! But our banks must be allowed to lend.

Will the world economy crash and burn in 18 months?

Are we heading towards a recession that we haven’t seen in 27 years and will that show up in 2020?

A tax on every dollar you earn and a 15% GST?

A controversial tax plan has been announced but what politician would have the guts to run with these proposed changes?

I'm a celebrity investor. Get me out of this market!

Should you get out of this stock market or have faith that this is nothing more than a correction (where there are buying opportunities) not a crash?

Has Trump trumped Trump land and the stock market?

The price of Donald Trump’s success is higher interest rates and a stock market under pressure. Is this a scary sign of what’s to come?

The Clash of the Titans: Switzer & the smarties -v- The Dude

Are we in for a king hit market crash? What do the pros say? Will the punches keep coming? Will negativity take the crown or be knocked out? The economic future of the world is at stake!

Hey Dude, are the Trump cons outweighing the pros?

With our stock market clobbered yesterday, is this a prelude to a bigger collapse, thanks to President Trump’s trade war?

6 sexy steps to boost your super!

Males might have more in super than females but whatever the sex, most Aussies don’t have enough. Want more? Read Peter’s article!

You'll love Warren Buffett's most powerful life-defining word!

Four little letters.

Be warned: Shorten, Bowen & Hayne could bring on a recession

Standby for a newsflash: Peter Switzer is worried about some aspects of the economy

Josh, give the banks a break

Banks need their butts kicked for treating customers badly but making the assessments of who can borrow so hard that quality borrowers are being knocked back or asked to jump through ridiculous hoops, is regulation gone mad.

Baying for blood from banks

Bill Shorten was a former Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation and must have been asleep like his predecessors from both sides of Parliament during the years when banks were behaving badly.

Gimme some truth

Peter Switzer is sick and tired of hearing things from short-sighted narrow-minded commentators and businesses with vested interests. All he wants is the economic truth.

Stop watching the wrong and start celebrating the right!

You've got to accentuate the positive.

Love-v-hate: Two Emmas at the ABC

The ABC is in crisis, with its chairman and CEO gone. Are wimpy executives to blame?

Hey Josh, "get some guts"

Since the days of Keating and Costello, Treasurers have lacked intestinal fortitude calling out economic dopes. New Treasurer Frydenberg needs to show some guts.

Morrison's gift to Shorten

Bill Shorten could inherit a damn good economy on the mend, making his election win a great one.

Donald does China

It’s the trade championship of the world and Donald wants a knockout!

Since when were Aussies entitled to an inheritance?

Over the weekend I was swooped up in a Twitter storm about whether any Aussie is entitled to an inheritance.

Be objective you twits!

When two tribes go to war.

Are our super funds a train wreck waiting to happen?

Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, let’s road test our super funds. Are they are train wreck waiting to happen? Can our super funds survive a stock market crash?

Sorry kids, Bill wants to wipe out your inheritance

Should you call your kids and warn them that Labor’s plans to deny tax rebates to self-funded retirees could shrink or even wipe out their inheritance?

Is Morrison a Bradbury PM?

Why ScoMo isn't just the last man standing.

Slam dunk, cop this China!

The dealmaker has done it again but China comes out looking like the champ!

Fasten your seatbelts. Trump is driving the Big Dipper!

We’re on the stock market roller coaster again this week, with the “unfathomable uncertainty” Donald Trump taking us for a ride.

Will Bill Shorten tax our family homes?

Aussie voters should be aware that there are calls for a wealth tax on our principal properties.

Is Morrison a Bradbury PM?

Sure is and he should be proud!

Cock-a-doodle-do. Excuse me for crowing

Against the naysayers, Switzer made an optimistic call of more jobs, more growth. What are the positive economic implications going forward?

Your questions answered

Are listed investment companies and exchange traded funds a good choice for new investors?

Will Trump's trade war give us a happy ending?

With stock markets looking vulnerable, could a compromising China send stocks sky high?

Is our economy facing good growth or recession?

Are we on the cusp of impressive economic expansion, despite housing going off the boil?

If Tony Robbins annoys you then maybe you need to be annoyed!

How much impact has Tony Robbins had on business builders and careerists?

Are we drowning in household debt?

Here’s why I agree with the Reserve Bank’s view about our debt levels.

When will leaders learn: no guts, no glory?

With a recent Newspoll revealing we like Scott more than Bill, our new PM has a task at hand: to make his Party attractive to voters. Can he do this?

Get some guts: answer these 7 money questions!

If you want to be financially independent, go the hard yards and put money sanity into your life.

"Eat my shorts!" you negative nannies. Go the Aussie economy!

The Aussie growth number is out and it’s a goodie but there’ll still be the whingers who just can’t control their negativity. Read on!

Devour these lessons from the gutsy Millman win over Federer

Today I’m shelving politics, economics and business to focus on what’s really important to those who desire success. If that’s you, read on! Politicians take note.

Will Trump's trade testosterone tactics topple markets?

Are we dealing with a President who excels at bluff poker or will his hand nuke Wall Street?

What would you tell your kids if they asked how they could get rich?

It’s not a question enough young people ask.

When Gerry met Katie

When Gerry Harvey linked up with Katie Page, a retail love story was born. But are you prepared to put your money on this sales dynamic duo?

Why, oh why, did you do it, Westpac?

Some economists think the next cash rate move will be down, not up! So why did Westpac raise rates? Here’s 7 things to do to protect yourself against rate rises.

Our fatal property attraction

Run for your lives! Are we about to experience a property price chainsaw massacre?

Stop whinging about the cost of living!

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is a ‘killer’ but we have aided and abetted him.

Donald Trump: gift or curse?

With the Mexico trade deal pushing stocks up, business critics might have to re-evaluate the Trump methods.

Alan Jones tagged ScoMo an economic no hoper. Let's test that out.

I taught Economics to the new PM at the University of NSW. I think that gives me the credentials to test him again. Here’s how he scored.

Is it time for a no guts no glory leader?

Where did he go wrong?

If the Libs select the wrong leader, Bill will be popping champers!

Will the Libs pick a leader who is good for the economy?

How are Canberra moves this week affecting the markets?

Who said our stock market plays follow the leader with Wall Street?

Who will be our Prime Minister?

This week’s reporting season news has been swamped by a wave of rebellion inside the Government. Here is how I’ve chronicled the week’s political machinations.

What's the money making lesson from Telstra's spike?

Telstra’s share price surge teaches you a lesson you should never ignore, if you want to be rich.

What, me biased?

There are people who are one-eyed Liberal or Labor supporters and then there are those who look at the facts. What are you?

Malcolm's a goner. Get ready for PM Shorten

Climate change politics is roasting alive another PM. Get your condolence cards ready for Malcolm.

Malcolm, you have a problem. And it's not Tony Abbott

The PM has a great story to tell but his team can’t market it to save themselves.

The Key to success

Learn from the Kiwi ex-PM, John Key

Donald does it again but can he keep it up?

Donald could lose his trousers over this China trade war and only has until November to avoid being exposed.

Are there more pigs' snouts in the trough?

Is the Royal Commission getting into the game of envy or is taking employers to tennis a crime?

Who's right on the economy ' the optimists or pessimists?

Here’s the really important but often ignored economic good news you really need to know.

Here's the truth about a house price collapse!

Newspapers are scaring the pants off home owners but a property expert reveals all about a price crash.

Don't just talk about happiness!

Show us how we can get it.

Break up the banks? Send in the cops? Are they kidding?

Does every bank need a cop on the inside?

Dont just talk about happiness!

Show us how we can get it.

Hey Bill, here's 32 reasons for giving big business tax cuts!

Tax cuts to business can end up as wage increases and schools and hospitals won’t miss out either.

Should you be worried about the Australian economy ' your job, your mortgage, your future?

Is your job, mortgage and future keeping you awake at night?

Why can't we enjoy low interest rates while they last? Forget fear!

Time for a chill pill.

We're so Royal Commission mad, let's have more of them!

Caring about money isn’t an IQ thing — it’s an attitude thing.

Why I like Bill Shorten but hate his policies!

Hear me out on this one!

How to find happiness

Ask the right questions.

Should we go to war with Donald Trump's America?

There's plenty at stake for a trade-oriented country like us.

Should you stress out about the biggest house price drop in 6.5 years?

We need to talk about what this drop really means.

Labor could rattle an improving economy and Bill could do a Rudd torching the banks

Someone in Government will have to put an adult in charge.

Confidence is surging. Come on Mr T - brag about it!

Time to take up the bragging rights.

Shorten to win unless Mr T does a Chris Evert

Can he deliver at Grand Slam?

Failure to cop objective criticism is at the heart of failed people

So cop this blast!

Why did Facebook's overdue stock market slap in the face happen?

Investors are none too happy.

Trump gets another win. Will he surprise us and become a revered President?

The art of the deal guy has done it again.

I love LinkedIn but have a LinkedIn problem. Please help me solve it!

This calls for outside the square business thinking.

Why I disagree with Adele Ferguson's cap on SMSFs

This would be a classic case of regulation gone mad.

Are we heading for a property price crash?

An expert has tipped a 'slow motion crash.'

How did Mother Teresa get away with sticking it to the politically correct?

It's not about looks.

Is your job and super more important than Ronaldo, George Clooney and Meghan?

You won't believe this news!

It's OK to smack but is it right to bash our banks?

Time to blow the whistle?

Who do you believe on house prices? Headline grabbing journos or the Reserve Bank?

Time for a reality check.

Could this witch hunt Royal Commission haunt our economy!?

Be careful what you wish for.

Who's right on the Oz economy? Doomsday merchants or optimists?

Time to compare notes.

I want to solve my greatest problem - needing to be liked!

Time to tell it like it is.

Trump trade war threat ignored! What just happened?

This is playing out like a Hollywood film.

Love Donald if you want but please hate his tariff tantrums!

Relationships can be complicated.

Here's why billions of Bitcoins can't get me excited about cryptocrap!

Take it from the experts!

How can you make money the easy way from stocks this year?

The dummies guide you've always wanted!

No real trade war yet. Let's hope for our super's sake it remains that way

Pray for a more rational Donald.

If you really care about not being poor - read this and act!

If it's to be...

Experts think this trade war will be a fizzer. I hope this courageous guess is right

The countdown begins.

Will Trump's trade war start on Friday? Will we be collateral damage?

Will it be a 'fry-day’ for stocks?

Handle with care: Dumb debt advice from wealthy sharks!

Beware the murky waters.

Will a Shorten Government tax companies that overpay their executives?

Where's the unity ticket?

Are 'overpaid' CEOs also tax dodgers?

Ex-Treasurer Wayne Swan is brewing a storm.

Listen up and let me argue that this is the way to win arguments!

Stay calm!

Is Bill Shorten's taxing behaviour a death-wish?

Business isn't all bad.

The trade war cost on US cars could trump Trump!

Has the maverick President bitten off more than he can chew?

The best loans, credit cards and super funds in one easy to read story

Do you care? This is your big test.

Trade war worries whack Wall Street and European markets. We're next!

This is starting to look like a high stakes ping pong match from hell.

Why we need freaking fantastic heroes!

A psycho-economic view.

No Trump trade war blood on our stock market. Why have we been spared?

Is this the calm before the storm?

Top economist says raise interest rates now! Is he mad?

Or does he have a point?

Read all about it: Pauline H rescues Mr T!

She's turned out to be less taxing than her dissenters would have it.

Trump's trade war hots up today. There will be blood!

Let's pray this is another bluff play by the master of entertainment.

It's war! And Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde could be to blame!

Welcome to this new Trump reality.

Telstra's CEO has to save his job this week, but Optus could do that for him!

This Optus foul couldn’t come at a better time for Andy Penn.

Robbins-ize your moneyself and let the giant within grow some real beans!

It's all about the money, honey.

Why is our stock market a dud? Do we have a Disneyland problem?

Two revelations out today might explain this Mickey Mouse ride we're on.

Your next overseas holiday just got dearer. Blame Donald Trump!

The Big Apple just got more expensive.

One nuclear threat reduced but is a market 'nuclear' threat looming?

A warning has been sent from a legend of the market.

Is your seatbelt fastened? Big events this week could shock the world!

It's a roller coaster ride of global events!

Teach your children well ... and feed them on your dreams

What's important in life?

Is Cheryl Kernot right? Are Aussies unhappy?

The numbers are great but not everyone's smiling.

State of Origin was great but GDP growth was greater!

Every Aussie should be shouting “hooray” today.

Game of Growth: can great GDP news beat the State of Origin?

Today's economic growth number has given me goosebumps.

Who had it tougher to buy a house? A baby boomer then or a young person today?

Let's settle this argument once and for all.

Here's a blockbuster money scoop that beats Barnaby's baby balls-up ditty!

And it's not clickbait either!

A lesson in cultural values for the banks

Happy workers equal better results.

George Soros: 'Another GFC is coming?' Famous Aussie says, 'Ridiculous.' Who's right?

Do we trust an Aussie investment banker or George Soros?

Has our hate session on politicians gone too far?

Shame! Shame! Shame!

If anyone can make super sexy, Switzer can. Read this and watch your wealth grow

Warning: This article is steaming hot.

This is a super idea to save dumb, lazy Aussies from a retirement from hell!

Can Kelly save us from ourselves?

Recession ahead. Do you believe negative journalists or positive Pete?

Warning from the press: life sucks and then you die.

Dealing with Trump-troubled people who talk too much!

Good leaders listen.

Are Donald, the Italians and this Royal Commission blowing away your future wealth?

They're not making it easy to get to 7000!

When an economist meets a journalist...

They can create a Freddy Krueger nightmare about China!

The 7 habits of highly effective investors

Sleep, eat, invest, repeat.

The Turnbull Government is failing marketing 101

Has anyone heard of the AFCA?

If we were all smarter about money maybe we wouldn't need a Royal Commission

Time for a little self-reflection.

What do we have to do to create old-fashioned extraordinary Aussies?

Let them fail.

Whinging about wages is unfair, unwise, uneconomic, untimely and un-historical!

Time to get the facts straight.

Forget Princess Meghan... Is your economic life going to be a fairy tale?

Will these new job numbers give us a 'happily ever after'?

The questions you must answer to be richer, smarter and more successful!

Here are the seven key things you need to ask yourself.

Peter Switzer - 20180516

They received the return of a tripod but no paperwork or explanation as to why.   Thank you, Elle     Ellen Presbury Market & Beauty Editor 4/10 Spring Street, Sydney NSW 2000     +61 2 9293 0999 RUSSH.COM

Is your super in danger? Should you get out of the stock market now?

Sell in May and go away?

Is our economic recovery like that movie The English Patient ' long and boring?

Should we worry about it?

Kill' the genius who told us "curiosity killed the cat"

For the kids' sake!

Bill's Budget reply is a Crocodile Dundee tax cut! But can the economy cop it?

That's not a knife...

10 surprises from the Budget!

Here's the stuff you may have missed from last Tuesday night's papers.

This is a Voodoo Economics Budget and it will deliver magic!

Was this the mother of all political budgets or is it the right budget for a really unusual economic time?

The Budget's winners and losers: I name names!

Which side of the budget will you be on?

Has our economy gone screwy? Does anyone know what's going on?

These economic oddities are stumping the experts.

Life in the fantasy lane won't take you far

Stop dreaming and start learning.

Is worrying about budget debt only for losers?

Someone needs to get an Economics 101 lesson on debt.

Can Labor's dream of giving money to poor people create a great economy?

It's all about tax incentives for business versus tax cuts for the poor.

The Commonwealth Bank has been up itself and some tough love is needed

What can we take away from APRA's latest truth session?

Is financial planning full of cowboys like the wild, wild west?

Can the Banking Royal Commission find us a sheriff?

Are rich Aussies getting away with blue murder when it comes to tax?

Or do these richer taxpayers need a break?

I've been taught a success lesson by Airbnb!

Tough love.

How can we solve the problems that the Royal Commission is exposing?

Could a tribunal without lawyers be the solution?

Rates won't rise for 18 months, are the expert economists wrong?

These guys are sending some mixed signals.

Peter Switzer thursday
What? Will the Royal Commission discriminate against those over 45 borrowing money?

Now they're starting to get ageist.

Malcolm, who's advising you about this Royal Commission?

Here's what I think we need to do.

Want to win? Hang out with the right people!

Success breeds success.

The Royal Commission is a super killing bloodsport and political pygmies are the accessories!

How far will the Royal Commission go before the banks are beheaded?

Can these positives trump the Trump negatives for stocks?

If you want to be bearish on stocks, don't look at these figures!

Our top 20 stocks are being TRUMPED but will it last?

If Donald can avoid more bad trade talk, our top 20 should be set for a nice rebound.

Are financial planners and mortgage brokers that bad?

What's being revealed is not new knowledge - it's just being made more public.

Will Trump's Syrian raid see the stock market bomb today?

Will we be hit with a Trump explosion?

Think like a millionaire

Ignore self-help books at your peril.

We need to talk about Afterpay and other gig economy businesses

Is it time for our political leaders to step up and get some guts?

Donald tweets and stocks fall again as impeachment talk bares fruit!

I really wish Donald would stop being a tweety bird!

Could China make Trump look like a genius?

Was this the outcome Trump predicted from the start?

Can a TV star economist help the TV star President and stocks?

Or will it be another Trump mistake?

Will Donald bump, thump and trump our stock market and super again today?

Trump-lovers are going to have to stomach today's market losses.

Shorten's MAD MAD world

Mildly Absurd Decisions!

Ex pollies rescue Turnbull and the economy from BS!

Could Costello save the Coalition in 2019?

Surprise Surprise! Even the media agrees the Oz economy is looking good

Now if Donald could just stop Tweeting!

Read all about the good and the bad of interest rates that go nowhere

Is our economy strong enough to take its first rate rise?

Donald and God are money killers but I can fix that!

Now is the time to review your money plays.

Cricket's 'sandpapergate' has produced one big positive!

"Without trust, there can be no influence."

Why is our stock market and our super crunched by the Facebook fiasco?

This US tech-crunch is crushing our stocks.

A warning to young people: loan sharks are worse than banks!

Are too many inexperienced borrowers swimming with the sharks?

Is our economy looking red hot?

Check out these good looking figures and see for yourself.

Tax cuts, tax refunds and dividends for all!

All this talk from the government is getting taxing.

Schwarzenegger: total recall of my 'self-made' success

Get a lot of help.

Trump's trade war will thump the stock market today!

Expect a rough day at the office for our stocks.

What if digital disruption delivers low interest rates for a really long time?

Has the spread of the Internet changed the inflation story?

Peter Costello warns that rates will rise and your property's value will fall!

Isn't he just stating the bleeding obvious?

Donald tweets and stocks down... be careful what you wish for!

Will Trump's trail of mayhem send our stock market gain down the plughole?

Would bank honesty kill their share prices?

Is honesty the best policy when it comes to your wallet?

Can Malcolm, or any of us, change our spots and win?

It is possible.

Bill backs down on punishing pensioners and public servants but who does he still hit?

Not everyone is safe yet.

A Green's Batman rides to the rescue of refund robbed retirees!

Can the Greens ‘Batman’ take on Bill’s policy and save us all?

Will our economy be run by Mr T or will we have to put up with BS?

Mr T needs to get his act together or he could be out of a job by next year.

Labor is going after 'cursed' SMSF retirees!

It's another class-war tax grab on the wealthy, but will it be middle-class Aussies that get hit?

Just how bad are banks? Do they deserve the hate?

Friends or foes... you decide.

Tell your children about Gary Cohn if you believe in them

No guts, no glory!

How will Trump's tariffs hurt our economic growth and your income?

This threat of the unknown is worrying. So how bad is it going to be?

Cohn Gone! Trump king slayer needed and fast!

When one king slayer leaves another must take their place.

Paul Keating kept you from the poor house and here's how l'll keep you out of it!

Around 42% of all Americans will retire broke - can we do better?

Can the stock market rein Trump in?

Is this a case of good politics equals bad economics?

Has Donald's tariffs trumped his only point of credibility?

Just when you thought he couldn’t do anything more to make you think “only in America!”

The stuff that explains successful people

Write it down!

Does Trump's 'war' threat hurt stocks?

As if the US stock market hasn’t got enough to cope with.

When Wall Street sneezes we catch a cold!

We all know our market likes to play follow the leader. But the question is — why is this so?

When should companies be pilloried in public?

Why that ABC tax dodger story about Qantas got it wrong.

Get celebrating! The stock market has almost recovered

Enough about a crash coming, bring out the bubbles!

The IMF tells us to stop worrying about our trillion dollar debt!

With a looming bill of $1.37 billion a month, should we listen?

How to win from being told to f**k off

Go get ‘em tiger!

The pessimists on stocks are ganging up on me. Help!

The barbarians are hollering at the gate, but have they got the timing right?

Surprise! Surprise! I'm the only media type cheering wage rises!

It's the news that others in the media have failed to tell you.

Let's get real about this year, there will be scary hip pocket moments!

This sure is a weird time in economics.

US doom 'expert' says major crash is coming. Has he put a dent in my optimism?

He's touring Australia with a big, scary message.

Politics and the economy need adults to take charge!

When will our leaders start making some grown-up decisions?

SWOT yourself - but don't forget the D-factor

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Stocks are up again but do normal people really care?

A five day winning streak that has broken the ice. Will it freeze over again?

US inflation spikes, so why didn't Wall Street panic?

Last week proved the maxim that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

After wild Wall Street windstorms, is it safe to go back into the water?

Or are sharks still lurking?

Another good day for Wall Street but can it last?

What we've seen is the correction the Yanks had to have.

The Wall Street meltdown reminded me how valuable a kick in the pants is!

Attitude determines your altitude!

Is the stock market fear and loathing over?

Are we out of the woods...

Why does Wall Street seem to be panicking again?

Will this bull market end in tragedy?

What are the intelligent lessons from this stock market craziness?

Here are the four big takeaways from the week.

The Aussie share market has taken a dive, what now?

A few things to think about.

What you need to know about the Wall Street wobble

Why did it happen?

This stock market sell-off will become a buying opportunity

The fat lady isn’t out of the dressing room yet. Let me explain why

Don't buy 'the bad bear market' baloney, yet!

What happened on Wall Street at the end of last week to cause a 665 point loss?

The new CBA boss must learn from the Beverly Hillbillies and fast!

Milburn Drysdale is one of the greatest bankers of all time.

Companies report next week and I hope profits match our improving economy!

Will the big banks match the positive direction our economy is heading in?

Trump proves if you've got it you don't need to flaunt it!

Donald Trump seems to be doing something right.

The Dow slumped over 600 points overnight! Should you worry?

This proved what I expect to be the norm for 2018: Welcome back volatility.

When will the next recession and market crash happen?

Forecasters have a date, and it's not far off.

Don't do it Malcolm - you have to be better than that!

The “battlers’ budget” may look politically attractive, but it could be a huge mistake.

Do Malcolm T and Donald T prove businessmen can't do politics?

The political landscape in the 21st century is weirdly unconventional.

Another hidden fact pointing to a strong Oz economy in 2018

It's the economy, stupid. Don't ignore it!

Some Tightwad CEOs need to go to Disneyland

If employers want to be tight with wages then they need to visit the happiest place on earth!

Meet the Schwarzenegger of stocks optimists and it's not me!

This guy puts my optimism to shame... and you'll never guess what he's predicting!

Killing the capital gains tax looks good on paper but...

If Shorten's plans go through, how will investors respond?

A bad bad inspiration for the best things I've ever heard!

Meeting a hero.

Why does the media ignore 15 months of great jobs growth?

In case you missed the very good news, here's what you need to know.

Our screwy stock market is a money making opportunity!

We may be trailing the US but now could be the perfect chance to take a little risk...

Investors bash banks at their peril in 2018

Bank bashing is as old as time but don't let yourself get sucked into it!

Good news! Good news! Read all about our economy!

Ignore the newspapers. Here's why you can stop worrying about mortgages, for 2018 at least.

Stocks are set for a big week and here's why this is an important one!

Will January end on a high and be the stepping stone for the year?

Want to be rich? Learn principles from a hedge fund manager!

Develop your own and then stick to them.

Strong retail figures make it Gerry Harvey 1, Amazon and the media 0

That means more great news for the Aussie economy!

Fake news! Thank God for Germans and the Internet!

What's the deal with all these scary warnings by the World Bank?

Ignore doomsday merchants and make your economy great!

This is how to boost your financial well-being in 2018.

US companies won't waste these tax cuts, which could delay the next recession!

And what about the seasonal Santa Claus rally?

Trump tax cuts mission complete! Where's the stocks surge?

Tax cuts have been given the green light. Does that make Trump a winner?

Would-be bitcoin buyers must read this before punting

The question everyone's asking: Is bitcoin a good buy? Here's my view on it.

Could a boom and budget surplus save Malcolm Turnbull as PM?

The timing couldn't be better.

Should you believe the 'prophets' of doom for 2018 or are good times coming?

The headlines paint a gloomy picture on housing.

Don't do a dumb New Year's Eve resolution!

Plan for something great!

More exciting economic news but why are our billionaires selling out?

What do they know that we don't?

Here's why optimists on the economy can start getting 'Big Kev' excited!

These consumer confidence numbers should have everyone dancing.

The housing boom is over but don't lose any sleep!

At least the alarmists can worry about something else.

Here's one woman a company doesn't want to p*ss off!

With shares plunging more than 25% in a day, it's a hard lesson to learn.

Why wouldn't this economic data make you positive for 2018?

Even the usually conservative Reserve Bank is being bullish, and you can see why!

What do great performers have over most of us?

That extra something.

Can Australia cut the FANG companies down to size?

The world is watching to see if our consumer cops can reign in digital giants Google and Facebook.

Negative news makers frustrated by good economic data

Which headline do you prefer today?

Stop hating property-owning baby boomers! Homes for all are coming!

It looks like it’s capitalism to the rescue.

US land of the brave; Oz land of wimps!

The Trump tax cuts have passed, so where's the celebration?

Trump's tax cuts passed! Could stocks fall?

Will it be buy the rumour, sell the fact?

An inspirational politician! Could the opposite be true?

They're not all duds.

We get richer on Trump tax cuts

Senator John McCain says he will support the cuts.

I could punt on bitcoin but I couldn't invest in it!

The bubble of a lifetime?

You want to meet this Trump man replacing the world's most powerful woman!

A safe pair of hands.

Will Trump tax cuts and a stocks surge come this week?

Can the US President get his Santa Claus beard on?

Paul McCartney, me and my accurate optimism!

Love isn't silly, love isn't silly at all.

Why do Aussies 'hate' the idea of self-improvement?

“If it's to be, it's up to me."

How dumb is Australian media giving a US retailer free publicity?

I'm not naming names!

Forget our failed politicians, here's a successful Aussie who dared to dream!

That "eureka" moment.

RBA boss blames low wages on tightwad bosses. I blame him!

There's more to this story.

Will tax cuts help you forget the troubled Turnbull era?

And how are they to be funded?

Trump, tax, Thanksgiving and our wealth - they're related!

Let's hope the Republicans don’t act like turkeys.

Get happy! Get successful!

Pursue happiness to boost your productivity.

Longest run of job gains in 23 years! Try to be optimistic

The glass is definitely half full!

Same sex and soccer wins good for the economy!

And our souls.

Is it time to panic about China and our own economy?

Genius says yes. Economist says no!

Two surprising threats to the Oz economy's positive outlook

The next two days will reveal more about these curveballs.

Don't be scared of a housing collapse. Fear stories about it!

Move on, no story here.

We all should wish our kids were All Blacks!

Am I really going to write this? Yep, go the All Blacks!

Trump and the Republicans - dumb and even dumber!

They could take the steam out of our market too.

The Amazon threat to our retailers is bigger than I expected!

Note this scary offering.

If our dollar falls we'll be off to the races 'rekindling' a great Aussie economy

The Oz economy is getting hot, hot, hot.

On Cup Day let's do the form on a real winner called stocks!

And they're off!

Saudi purge, a smart kid and the Oz economy says expect the unexpected!

Look for the good news.

Harvard says good long relationships create success and happiness

Start with a life plan.

Will this wog, pom, Yank witch hunt satire make us a worldwide joke?

When is an adult going to take over?

Another property doom story. Believe it if you like to be poor!

Everything moves in cycles.

Do we have the dopiest politicians in the world?

Are they an economic threat?

Stocks should track higher

But I really wish we didn't have to rely on Donald Trump for it to happen!

Property is on the slide but don't expect a 50% crunch as predicted by one expert!

A recession isn't likely.

Why are successful people so successful?

To know where you're going, you must first understand where you are.

The Kiwis are banning foreigners buying properties. Will we be next?

We need a tax overhaul.

I don't trust the latest inflation data but I will enjoy the low interest rates they bring!

Lies, lies and damn statistics.

Inflation is out today. Pray that it's on the rise!

We need our economy to be growing!

Why Scott Morrison has to wow us today with his why!

Beam us up, Scotty!

Is home ownership all it's cracked up to be? Yep, generally yep!

Of course there are costs, but don't forget the benefits!

I could've died but my plan saved me!

None of us are indestructible so it pays to keep good people close.

Will there be a repeat of the 1987 crash soon?

Thirty years on, are conditions really that bad?

Are rich people tax bludgers? Here's one for the rich people haters!

You might be getting more back than what you pay.

The market crash of 1987 - the crash I had to have!

You need to be in a position to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

The property lesson young people have to have!

Getting wealthy is not an instant-gratification game.

More housing BS! But please read entire story before tweeting!

The sky is not falling.

The questions you have to ask

Quality questions create a quality life.

Just how bad is our household debt?

Maybe it's not all doom and gloom.

Why does super face a Dangerfield Syndrome? It gets no respect!

The more you care about your super, the more rewarding that super will be.

What you should tell your kids about getting richer

Give them some simple rules and repeat them over and over.

Economic shock! What I'm negative about

There are problems, but maybe things are getting a bit better.

US job numbers look disastrously bad! But are they?

One bad number does not a catastrophe make.

Success is about focus and believing the opposite is true

Persist, persist, persist!

As an economic optimist, does retail worry me? A little

As an optimist on the economy, how do we make sense of the bad retail number for the month of August?

Love Bob Hawke but his economics on the same sex survey is crap!

There are two ways I can prove Bob wrong by having a better memory, by more careful analysis and by not having one eye.

Could the economy save Malcolm Turnbull? Yep, definitely yep!

Our worryingly high deficit is coming down and is likely to keep trending that way.

When Myer's problem is that there's no reason to shop there

Myer is in a ‘spot’ of trouble — better call Sol.

Will our record-breaking economy save our stocks and super?

If the US ‘ducks’ line up, it could give our economy a boost.

How threats to your complacent life can make you get wise before it's too late!

There's no time like the present to be grateful.

China KO's Kim to rescue the world economy, again!

China steps up and and clamps down on North Korean businesses operating in China.

Trump plays his get out of jail card with tax cuts for all!

Christmas might come early for Wall Street.

Households face a debt Armageddon OR maybe the opposite is true!

It pays to think outside the box.

Uber, Facebook, Apple, Netflix beaten up by the Old World!

They are good businesses but they need to play fair.

War on banks continues but I have bigger fish to fry

Making money always requires a cool head.

Why does Twitter breed nastiness rather than wisdom?

In short, the more you talk online, the more likely you'll be nasty.

World's richest woman's death reminds me of a great sales lesson!

Because you’re worth it.

Economists on rate rise - early next year or in two years time!

Glass half full or glass half empty?

Older people deserve negative gearing for now, so stop complaining!

Don't worry, the younger ones get their perks too.

Will fintech solutions keep Aussies from the poor house?

AI might give OK advice but it may not be great advice.

Why are we complaining about electricity prices? Well it depends who you are?

Malcolm toys with Bill shock at his peril.

Mind your own business by minding others' businesses!

It's no use blaming others for failures in your life.

250,000 jobs in six months! Get excited Big Kev-style

The economy is about to lose its loser tag and I think I like it!

Australians have too much debt? So what!

It could be a great move! To build above normal wealth, sometimes you have to do things that seem abnormal.

The PM bullying a CEO - let's rethink the bullying for OK reasons!

Can it be a good thing?

It's time Trump stopped eating our lunch. Let our dollar drop Donald!

A lower Aussie would boost the economy.

Is there a 'Kill Bill' contract out on Shorten or is he self destructing?

No guts, no glory.

Will Amazon kill Gerry Harvey's dream?

Beware dream-takers! You've not met passion like this.

Gerry's Xmas present - Bah! Humbug!

Amazon is coming, but ignore the likes of Gerry at your peril.

Are we allergic to good economic news?

Get used to all this positive economic data. There is going to be more!

Today my optimism will be tested and it's not going to be down to Kim Jong-un!

Our growth numbers need to deliver today.

Our wealth is in Donny and Kimmy's hands!

It's not just millions of lives they're toying with, but also the savings of people worldwide.

Why can't gutless pollies fix up Uber and Airbnb?

Not everyone's happy about the new sharing economy.

Why thank you are the two hardest words!

It may seem like a small thing but showing appreciation can make a big difference.

Doomsday merchants won't like this - our economy shows signs of improving!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

I don't love an economy with a slow hand but it is speeding up!

Don't worry, a recession is still unlikely.

God bless America! Wall Street shrugged off North Korea's warmonger

The Yanks ride to our wealth rescue!

Could Amazon get dumped like SurfStitch, which is drowning in red ink?

Do Australians do their online shopping differently?

Could Peter Costello be the Ray Donovan of Aussie politics - a fixer?

Is the former treasurer the answer to our Senate troubles?

What kids should know about money and what parents should be telling them

If you want to give your kids some quality money leadership - read this.

Don't let this economic fear thing turn you into a whinger!

Minimise your fear and whinging - the economy is doing OK and will likely do so for some time yet.

Woolies wowed them but will Amazon kill Big W?

Woolworths proved it's not dead yet with a terrific turnaround story, but should Big W be exterminated in-house before Amazon does it?

Super sexy small business gets some stimulation!

Small businesses will be given the stimulation of not being as screwed as they have been in the past when they took out loans with banks.

Aussie businesses are on fire but Canberra won't put out the flames!

Canberra is bogged down with a host of issues but businesses, such as newspapers and TV stations, are being burnt alive. So why are't they dousing flames?

If you prefer to be rich, show some interest in your money this week

Over the next five days you should become wealthier, but the question is, by how much?

Without controversy and debate, even Pauline in a burka, there is no progress!

It can be useful to listen and think about other points of view.

A beautiful model showing economic happiness isn't too far away!

When Rachel Hunter did a Pantene ad, she used a tag line that describes a lot about economics!

Is this Telstra's Waterloo? Will its share price spike or tank today?

Get ready for a big news item, with the health and future of Telstra set to become a huge issue!

Is retail as we know it dying? Is Amazon to blame?

Is Amazon really to blame for the struggling, old-world retailers out there? Or is it just an accessory after the fact?

Why I want you to care about important stuff like MONEY!

The Barnaby Joyce issue was surprising, but there are other important things that could impact your life and wealth!

Donald, Kim, earnings and economics will make you richer or poorer this week

This week could be a big one for smarties who play the market.

Why are Malcolm and his mates so disliked?

A recent survey quoted a Sydney Western suburbs voter, who lamented that the PM lacked intestinal fortitude. So what's intensified this lack of faith in our poor pollies?

Oops! Has Donald trumped the stock market into a dive?

Let's pray that this Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un thing doesn’t get any crazier.

Take risks and be optimistic - it will reward you!

Last night on my own TV program I was accused of being, now wait for it, an optimist!

Whingers don't know how good the economy really is

Anyone who wants to whinge about what we’re economically enduring right now has no clue about the bullet we avoided in the past!

What's the bigger issue - same-sex marriage or jobs?

While the press covers the other big issues of the day, as an economist, it's my job to promote Australia's great jobs story.

How is our economy going? Stronger or weaker?

What are the facts and figures saying about the Aussie economy? Are there reasons to be optimistic? Here's an 'eco-check' of the latest run of data.

There's Mooch to learn from the White House sacking

There's a big lesson to be learned from Trump's sacking of "The Mooch" - a pearl of wisdom that's come from some great business builders.

What's wrong with our stock market? Why aren't we at record highs?

What needs to happen for our market to beat the 6000 level and march past the record 6828?

Can building more apartments solve our economic problems?

My solution for our housing, jobs, wages, investment and growth problems might help us avoid cooking the golden goose called the Aussie economy.

Are our top executives overpaid? Here's what I think

According to a new survey, the majority of us view executives earning $600,000 and above as unethical! But is 'unethical' the right tag?

Why every smart Aussie should love this reporting season!

Why is reporting season so compelling for stock market players? They understand why it's so important to their wealth!

Can we trust Bill Shorten with these tax changes?

Bill Shorten’s crackdown on trusts could really open a can of worms. So how far will Labor’s tax trawling go?

I want the greatest drug on the planet!

One drug you might like to wind up getting addicted to is happiness. It could just be the secret to success!

Here's something new to pray for: Donald and stronger US growth!

I've asked those praying types to ask God for a lower Oz dollar. Now, we need to ask for help for the Yanks and their economy too!

How bad is low inflation and slow pay rises? Are we simply ingrates?

Who’s getting pay rises? And why aren’t you? With inflation coming in at lower than forecasted, a lot of people are asking these two questions.

Screw your overseas holiday. We need a lower dollar!

We'd all like cheaper overseas holidays, but the Aussie economy needs a lower dollar. Here's why it's so desirable.

Forgive the media! They know not what they do!

Media outlets scaring people for clickbait reasons need to think about the ramifications of their actions.

Will Shorten's tax take be unfair to higher-income Aussies?

Bill Shorten will soon release his tax reform plan. So who will he crack down on?

A billion reasons to do a 180-degree turn in your life!

A hell of a lot of us could benefit from a 180-degree turn in our lives and in the way we approach things.

Look at the jobs growth! Things are looking up!

Negative and nervous nellies have been trumped by positivity after impressive jobs numbers were released yesterday.

Are Aussie consumers spoiled brats?

Why are Aussie consumers so glum when in almost every respect, life has never been better?

Banks could scare us today but a US holiday could help!

While those in the 'real world' are worrying about Foxtel failing to deliver on Game of Thrones, those of us in the money world are worrying about the banks and what they will say today.

Women have a super problem, so who's going to fix it?

There's a New Age warning - a man is not a financial plan. So who is going to make super as sexy and interesting as the stories that some women flock to in glossy magazines?

Marriage can prove to be a great money-making move!

New US research on millennials shows that those who have a child before getting married are likely to end up in the poor house.

My money charts that can change your life forever!

I always argue, if there's something worth doing, it's worth doing for money!

Pray for a lower Australian dollar, though you could be ignored!

It’s ironic that good news for our economy actually hurts our potential to grow quickly enough.

Big stock sell off averted! Can it last?

Janet Yellen made her official testimony to Congress and the message was simple — interest rates will be raised, gradually.

Give mortgage brokers a break. Their goods outweigh their bads!

A push from a pro-consumer coalition against mortgage brokers borders on the excessive and very selective.

Can the economy save Malcolm Turnbull?

In the absence of a surprise change in leadership style by the PM, the economy is his best help for a political rescue.

Why do we throw away money? This might stop you!

To avoid getting involved in the usual garbage newspapers preoccupy themselves with, occasionally I check out the best deals for anyone who prefers to be rich rather than poor.

What Bernie Tomic's behaviour teaches us about leadership

What's Bernard Tomic's problem, which he shares with lots of normal people who don't have to show their unimpressive attitudes on TV?

Soon you might be able to use your AMEX card everywhere!

Sales and business guru Jay Abraham taught me you should never underestimate the importance of the long-term relationship with a customer.

Here's a huge story, much better for you than horror or gossip!

Normal news services really do get over-preoccupied with stories that sometimes sound interesting, but are really of no real consequence to our lives.

8 interest rate rises in the next 2 years? What do I think?

Economics and being an economist gives you the right to speculate on anything outrageous and you can count on the media running with it.

Optimists will make money this year. I'm betting on it!

After a relaxing month in Italy, where I did a lot to finish a money book that’s way overdue, I returned to TV last night and blew up!

Winners don't threaten to quit. They win. So win Malcolm!

The old “I’m taking my footie home if I’m not captain” stunt never worked in the park when we were young, but I guess Malcolm Turnbull didn’t learn that.

Italians fed me feedback. It was delicious!

After receiving plenty of feedback about my un-Italian ways, I'm going to argue the case for feedback and why it can do us some good.

A 40% fall in stocks? Yes or no?

A big call merchant has called a big fall in stocks - so should we jump on his train to negative town?

Australia isn't broke so what is there to fix Tony?

Tony Abbott's pitch to get back his old job is basically to 'make Australia right again' - a 'fix up' promise. But just how broken is Australia?

Abbott can't save the Libs or the economy! So who can?

We need an inspirational leader to nullify the splinter/narrow interest groups who have crept into parliament.

Time and a place for bank bashing but maybe now isn't the time!

The economic benefit of taking a holiday abroad is to put into perspective just how important we are in the grand scheme of things.

Could small businesses be to blame for slow wage rises?

The poor state of wage rises since the GFC gets regular attention. So are bosses simply screwing over their workers, or are there other factors to blame?

In Good Company

A solid life strategy could be to evaluate who you currently hang out with. Don't underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with the right people.

No one knows what's going on with stocks, but I'm not worried!

No one really knows what's going on with the stock market, but let's look at the positives and negatives for stocks right now.

We need an Italian Stallion solution to our economic problems

Turnbull needs to point to the scoreboard and invoke Rocky-like morale boosters in all of us.

The most important story for your hip pocket this year!

U.S. Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, says he's confident that massive tax reform has a good chance of getting up this year. Here's why this call is important.

Turnbull's Government is like Australian Rugby - they look like losers!

The Turnbull Government seems to have the same problems that dog Aussie rugby.

How do we put Fitzy's anti-sugar crusade into perspective?

Commentator, Republic agitator and the country’s number one red bandana wearer, Peter FitzSimons, has picked up a new worthy cause of informing us about the evils of sugar.

Draw a much better future for yourself

A picture could kick-start the process of making your goals and dreams a reality.

Are we missing something with our wage whinge? Jobs!

We're forgetting a few things with all this slow-wage-rise whinging.

The Yanks raised interest rates overnight! Does it hurt or help us?

The Fed pulled the trigger on a rate hike, so is this a plus for Australia?

Are stocks telling us to be scared, or cautiously positive?

What gives with the screwy stock market? Just how scared should you be that we’re seeing the prelude to a big sell off?

Are Uber, Airbnb and Amazon wage rise killers?

The new world of hi-tech juggernauts not playing by the rules is making it hard for other businesses to hand out pay rises.

What are you going to do to stand out?

Two strange stories - one about a giant frying pan in Italy and another about a crap business card - can help you stand out from the crowd. Let me explain!

Who could believe a Thursday could be so important?

With the UK election, a testimony from ex-FBI boss James Comey, and the European Central Bank's meeting, Thursday was a huge day for markets.

Now we're worried about house price falls? Give me a break!

One month ago, we were supposed to be scared about a housing bubble. Now the air is coming out slowly, there are fears about prices falling!

Doomsday merchants can eat our shorts!

Even if we get a negative number for real GDP growth, we equal The Netherlands, which managed 103 quarters without a recession.

Europe is trumping the Eurotrash Critics! Thank God!

For now, I'm positive on stocks for 2017 and I thank Europe for it! Let me explain.

5 fortune-making films you must see!

These five fortune-making financial films could help you kick off the changes that you might need to change your life - and your bank balance - forever!

Let me make you rich. Act now!

I have been writing a book with one express purpose in mind- to make you rich!

Good and bad news. So how are the recession hopefuls faring?

I think the recession hopefuls and ‘sell everything’ fund managers will have a longer wait than they’d want.

Are we heading to economic happiness or disaster?

Next week, a disappointing economic growth number could lead to some negative headlines, which won't be helpful for confidence and all the things Aussies should be rooting for.

Should you sell everything? Are stocks and property doomed?

Phil Parker created a storm when he handed back his clients’ money and said he was selling everything.

Should we really fear this housing bubble talk?

Is there a real story behind all this housing bubble talk, or are there a lot of publicity seekers simply blowing a lot of hot air bubbles?

Will this bank levy make Dutton PM?

A good week of economic data will not only be great news for the economy, business, job-seekers and wealth builders - it could also take some pressure off the PM.

The robots are coming, outthink them!

We need to work on our uniqueness and our indispensability to ensure we beat off those pesky robots that want our jobs.

Is there really a housing crisis? And mortgage stress?

Are things really as bad as media headlines tell us, particularly when it comes to mortgage stress? Here's what I think.

I'm a tad negative on stocks, but it won't last!

I’m not very negative but I just can’t see where the impetus for growth is going to come from in the short term.

Don't worry about a Trump failure, Knoxy says!

While I had Morgans' Michael Knox in the hot seat on Monday night, I had to ask him about a Donald Trump impeachment. Here's what he had to say.

Smart young Aussies work out shares can beat property!

Young Aussies might be finding it difficult to buy a property, but maybe they have fallen into an alternative - and possibly better - investment option!

Use but beware of rate comparison websites!

Here's a huge money lesson for all of you - especially if you like using comparison websites to find the 'best deal' around town.

Malcolm must step up or step off!

We need and want a leader who can excite both business and consumers.

Could Trump KO your super returns?

What we saw yesterday was a Trump slump. And if he doesn’t lift his game, he will cancel out more of the gain we’ve seen in stocks since his surprise win in November.

Why I disagree with Bolt. It's the economy, Andrew

Politics isn’t always crucial to markets and the economy - but at times it can be pivotal.

Pay cuts of 40% coming! Are we boiling frogs?

A number of factors have put Aussie workers and their better-than-world average wages under pressure. But like the frog in the boiling frog principle, a lot of us haven't noticed that the heat is being turned up.

Malcolm Turnbull must go. Loser Campbell Newman says so!

Finding the right leader is easier said than done. Let me explain.

The bank levy creates an example that I worry about

Our banks will cope with this new tax, but I sometimes wonder why we punish our success stories.

Is Shorten sending young Aussies the right message?

Our national leaders need to not only praise the value of education, they also need to encourage entrepreneurship.

Shorten plays Crocodile Dundee: That's not a Labor Budget!

Here's my take on Bill's Budget reply or 'Crocodile Dundee' show.

NDIS will prove if Shorten has the guts to be PM!

Great leaders know when they have to take a step back to take two steps forward. They have to pick their fights wisely.

It's a beam us up, Scotty, Budget!

I’ve tagged this Budget as the “Beam us up, Scotty” Budget, with the Treasurer trying to pull off an economic escape plan that just might be sellable to the Senate.

Tonight's the night: is the Budget gonna be all right?

There are a lot of figures thrown at us at 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday in May, so here's an every person’s guide to assessing the big issues of the Budget.

We are Budget obsessed, but it's partly why we're so great

On Wednesday, the Budget will dominate our newspaper headlines and the most-read websites. And this obsession partly explains why we're so great.

Want success? Master communication!

If you want to be a success in the eyes and ears of other people, then you should think about yourself as a business!

Why the Reserve Bank is trying to scare the pants off us

The RBA boss spoke in Brisbane yesterday and the newspaper headlines were negative and scary, with Governor Lowe warning that household debt leaves us more exposed to an economic downturn!

Fairfax job losses: Blame management, Bill Gates and Keating!

Journalists who covered the structural change of the Aussie economy since former treasurer Keating embarked on a deregulation tour in the 1980s, may well have become victims of his work and the work of others.

Slow wages growth won't be here forever so buck up

Is there any value in worrying about a wage and interest rate future you can hardly change?

Money is what women want but knowledge is what they need

What can women - and young people generally - do to ensure that they don’t meet retirement with precious little in super?

If young Aussies save more, oldies will have to spend more!

The only problem with young people saving more is that it could trigger the Paradox of Thrift. Let me explain.

LinkedIn lovers need to learn the secret of networking

Here is a helpful piece of mentoring for the thousands of LinkedIn buddies I have accepted over the years.

Can Scott sell us a good Budget story that we'll buy?

The smartest move the Turnbull Government has made in recent times is this change of narrative around more understandable concepts, like “good debt” and “bad debt”.

Will Trump's tax tease pressure our Treasurer to cut too?

Donald Trump’s tax tease will put pressure on all governments to think about their relative tax torture - and that goes double for Treasurer Scott Morrison.

Can stocks ignore war threats?

News services say the North Korean war threat is escalating, but stock markets continue to ignore it. So can it last?

Like it or not, Malcolm Turnbull is winning over Australia

The Gold Logie winner - Samuel Johnson - and the Logies generally tell us so much about the average Australian that our politicians try to win over, and how you have to do it.

Tightwads ignore the power of great advice at their peril

The tightwad in all of us sometimes says that paying for advice or guidance is a waste of money. But often, it's one financial step back for a pile of steps forward.

Beware the Amazon dumper! You might be drowned!

It could be a long way off before Amazon has any real impact on rival retailers, but the market is seeing it as Armageddon for great businesses like JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

Why I hate whinging and whingers

It seems that there are too many of us who think it’s a national right to whinge. Let's look at some macro or big-world reasons for not voicing your disappointment with the world.

Do RBA revelations point to a rate cut?

After reading between the lines of the Reserve Bank board minutes, one economist is preparing us for a rate cut. But another economist is far more optimistic.

China! Negative gearing! Are things really so bad?

Yep, I get it. The media needs to scare the pants off you so you keep coming back for reassurance that things are really worrying.

It's time you drew up a 'You Plan'

The turning point in someone's life is when they start to lead themselves and that prepares them to lead others.

Charlie and the Chinese factory say don't be scared about China!

Yesterday was disturbed by media reports that if China pulled the wrong rein, we would be in the you-know-what! But others have been talking up China's potential.

Is the economy weak? Look at the scoreboard!

Until further notice, it's OK to be optimistic on the Aussie economy. Here's the latest economic show and tell.

Debt expert hoses down housing hysteria

At a time when most stories focus on the craziness of Sydney and Melbourne house price rises, debt ratings agency Moody's has given a measured view of the year or so ahead for the price of property. Here's what they had to say.

Can stocks resist the old 'sell in May' advice?

With May only 21 days away, and knowing that global stock markets have had their best quarter in about four years, you have to wonder if that old market maxim - sell in May and go away - will work this year.

China and the Aussie who can save us all!

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with the people who, potentially, can save Australia from the economic Armageddon that alarmist media commentators are stressing us about!

Why do weird people hate business and advertising?

I don’t feel comfortable with business lawbreakers, monolithic business killers, and latent business haters who often reveal themselves in their Tweets.

Housing hysteria is ridiculous but it just might work

On Tuesday, the RBA boss Philip Lowe tried to scare the pants off people overbidding on Sydney and Melbourne houses. But what if this jawboning scares the wrong people?

Housing bubble fears means the Treasurer must act

One and two years ago, I wasn’t worried about bubble talk but the facts are changing, so it’s time for the Treasurer to get involved.

Like it or loathe it but Trump will help or hurt your wealth!

Donald Trump can be the villain or the hero in this story. At the moment, he’s the latter.

The Australian economy is screwed. Not!

Australia looks on track for a stellar year. To our Treasurer with his fiscal game plan ahead, I say, “beam us up a great Budget, Scotty!”

Want to get rich? Change and learn to be different!

My recommendation for getting richer is to model yourself on the abnormal high achievers that you see around you.

Is this the worst bunch of Aussie politicians ever?

Why does an economist/finance commentator/business owner care about our political problem? Let me explain.

What gives with this stock market bullishness? Is it not all Trump?

Why have stocks continued to rise after Trump’s health care bill was pulled from a vote in Congress?

Your super fund will be your choice and the unions hate this!

Young people toss in their job regularly and this is causing a super problem, with too many Aussies having too many accounts. But that’s about to change.

The market is giving Trump one more chance, but it's worried

The market looks like it’s giving President Donald Trump one more chance on tax reform but be aware that the collective attitude towards him is getting a little worried.

Trump and Turnbull to share tax torture

The failure of Donald Trump’s healthcare reforms to gain Congress approval was not well received by financial markets, though the sell off was not dramatic.

An outside-the-square solution to our property price problem

I have an outside-the-square solution to our house price problem, but will the Government have the guts to try it?

Hold your breath. US vote could sink stocks!

If this health care vote gets up, Wall Street will spike and our super funds will have a great financial year. If it fails to get up, think big sell off.

Trump's not the Messiah. He's a market-helping politician!

If Congress plays ball with Donald, then stocks go higher. If they cause trouble, stocks go lower.

Don't mention the bubble word! I did but I think I got away with it

Despite the RBA and APRA getting a tad nervous on house prices in Sydney and Melbourne, they still haven’t said the bubble word. So why won’t they?

Be careful despising greedy money makers!

A sign that was lambasting greedy developers got me thinking about how important greed is in our economic system.

Why Paul Keating is wrong and right in the super stoush!

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has weighed into the debate on letting young people access their super for housing - and he's both right and wrong.

12 steps to a better, richer you

At the core of what troubles a lot of us, and what holds us back from success and happiness, is our preoccupation with the crappy things in our past and anxiety about our future.

Why is the Australian Economy treated like Kamahl?

February’s job statistics and the media response made me ponder why so many economists and their media buddies treat the Oz economy like that great singing legend Kamahl?

US interest rates rose and the stock market loved it! Why?

A year ago, if someone in US Federal Reserve officialdom hinted that an interest rate rise was imminent, you wouldn’t have been surprised if Wall Street dumped stocks.

Don't believe headlines about a house price collapse soon

Don't be afraid of those scary economic headlines in desperate media outlets! Be positive, confident and happy.

How do you get wealthier?

I know many people are afraid of stocks but they have done them badly, without good advice. Here's why I like the 'scary' world of stocks.

Here's a story that's good for you!

We waste time on the dumb stuff instead committing more time to the smart and valuable things in life.

The gentle art of persuasion

In business and in life, the art of persuasion is important. The science behind it might teach you a lesson or two.

Want to be successful and wealthy? Here's how...

If you want to grow as an investor, as a smarter or better person, you have to keep good company and be travelling up the learning curve.

Do we really want wage and job killers like Uber and Amazon?

For years I have been warning consumers that their passion for good Internet deals and supporting big, foreign retailers and disruptors, will hurt jobs and wages.

Will the Turnbull Government kill this super swindle?

There’s a super swindle going on and no one seems to care, so let's put it out there to see if we can generate interest in the issue.

Interest rate rises here we come!

Today the RBA won't change interest rates, but if we get inflation this year, the next move could be up.

How scared should we be about a housing bubble?

With all this talk about housing market risks, let's take a look at some expert views on the matter.

Could common sense solve our economic and social problems?

Aussies want leaders who use common sense to create solutions.

Shhh! Don't mention the damn good Aussie economy!

After our market picked up another boost from another well-received Trump speech, it should also be pointed out that our march higher has something to do with a good run of data.

Who needs detail when entrepreneur Trump is US President?

The President's State of the Union address may have been short on detail, but it turbo-charged the hope factor that he has brought to the table.

Is our economy set to go gangbusters?

The Aussie economy is set to rebound! No, these aren’t the usual positivity-driven utterances of an excessive Peter Switzer, but the headline of CommSec’s chief economist, Craig James.

Wall Street's a Trump believer now but will they love him tomorrow?

Wall Street will test Trump tomorrow when he gives his first official address to Congress and has to deliver more than just promises.

Stop whinging, believe in yourself and step up!

On Wednesday we get an important number that could make or break our goal to be the best growing economy of all time! Hopefully it's a day to ramp up the nation's positivity and self-belief.

We need champion teams more than champions

Ahead of the footie season, which is only weeks away, I had an unusual reminding of how important the power of a champion team is over a team of champions. 

Economy beware: here comes Tony Abbott!

It’s no surprise that Tony is priming to knock off the Prime Minister, given how badly Malcolm Turnbull is doing in the polls. However, this is a political disturbance the economy doesn’t really need.

Wages are rising too slowly but will it ever change?

Some economists are very negative on our prospects because wages in Australia simply aren't rising quickly enough. But are they just victims of their old-world thinking?

Hey, watch out! A super war is brewing!

A superannuation war emanating out of Canberra looks likely and it centres on who runs the most popular super funds — industry funds.

What in the hell's wrong with teaching business to Aussie kids?

Why don't our education systems teach business to everyone? Business can teach life skills missing in Canberra and in many families, like leadership.

Banks aren't as bad as Bill Shorten thinks

With footie season not far away, I’ve been thinking about the political football that Bill Shorten wants to kick around — his Royal Commission into the banks.

Trump teaches Turnbull the truth about leadership

Just like Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, Malcolm Turnbull has to find a way to connect with the majority.

Is our economy dismal? No way!

Let’s take a look at what you might be missing because the media invariably goes long bad news.

Stocks up again! Is this La La Land?

Stock markets were up again overnight and reporting season here isn't spoiling the party, so are we living in La La Land, and what happens when the music stops?

Why does the media avoid good economic news?

If the media won't tell the good news as regularly as it should, then I will! Here's a great news story you might have missed.

Loving Donald Trump is taxing

The US stock market is going gangbusters at the thought of Donald Trump and his promised policies. So how long can this stock market love go on for?

Aussie retailers are on death row. Does anyone care?

Both online and offline landscapes scream at retailers to do something huge to get customers to love them - but many just can’t cut it.

Here's how you can invest with me

Over the years, I've had lots of readers, viewers and listeners who have asked to invest with me. Now you can with the Switzer Dividend Growth Fund.

Galahs and RBA governors talk lower taxes

In the late 1980s, Paul Keating said even the galah at the local pet shop was talking microeconomic reform. Well, now the galahs (not referencing Trump) and even sensible people like Dr. Phil, are talking tax reform.

Economy given a break - it got a Prime Minister!

I really hope this new and improved Malcolm Turnbull is not a one-day wonder.

RBA is on the Trump train, so get on board!

As the old cliché goes, sometimes good politics is bad economics and bad politics is good economics.

Bernardi's exit hurts the economy as well as Malcolm

The expected Cory Bernardi split from the Liberal Party is just another problem for our economy - and the PM - to cope with.

27 economists surveyed say 2 rate cuts are coming!

Many economists expect a rate cut after the middle of the year, and a few think a couple are still to come - but growth is the key.

Thinking and investing outside the square with me

Edward de Bono told me years ago that the high achievers of the world think outside the square. In our Switzer Dividend Growth Fund, we do exactly that.

Will the surging $A give us a rate cut?

The surging Aussie dollar has really put the RBA in a pickle. Could they be thinking about cutting interest rates?

Whoever's advising the PM needs to be sacked!

Malcolm has to lift his game. As a starter, he needs a better advice team.

Stocks down again! Are the adults back in charge of Trumpland?

The recent pullback of stocks that continued overnight on Wall Street is probably a good thing. Let me explain.

Has Wall St taught Trump a lesson?

The course of stocks is in Donald Trump’s court. You have to hope he learns his lesson well and fast but I have my doubts and so do the smarties who trade stocks for their wealth.

Buffett and Gates can't be wrong on Trump as he boosts my confidence!

The first and third richest men in America couldn’t be wrong on what a Trump Presidency would mean, could they?

Focus on being a rooster

Develop the desire to pump up the muscle that powers your focus - you'll be more like a rooster than a feather duster!

Australia Day took our eye off the main game

As we rallied around the flag for Australia Day and watched Federer rally with Wawrinka yesterday, over on Wall Street, stocks rallied to beat the 20,000 level!

Interest rates up or down? Today's inflation number is crucial

Today's inflation number is important for a number of reasons, so let me put my old economist’s hat on to show you why this little number is so crucial.

Let's explain the Trump rally and how it affects you!

Donald Trump is an economic experiment and his week-by-week decisions over the next 97 days could help - or hurt - our stocks and super.

Trump haters will hate this - Donald might be a success!

I’d like to think the leader of the free world - with whom we have to deal for the next four (probably eight) years - can turn out to be a positive surprise package.

You need a money minder! I could be so good for you!

Nick Kyrgios blowing his two-set lead in the Australian Open can be linked to the failures many of us have with money.

What Baird has that Trump doesn't

On one hand, Trump is set to possibly usher in a radical departure from conventional politics. And then yesterday, we saw the departure of Mike Baird, a conventional pollie who showed what can be achieved by a professional leader.

Trump could make us richer or poorer - I tip richer

I think if Trump can get away with a number of his policies, then stock markets will rise for at least the next two years, and we will be richer!

Are politicians relevant to money markets?

In 2016, money news was dominated by political stories, but after last year, you have to wonder how much you should care about grandstanding pollies.

Could Trump trump the Trump trade?

Right now, the positive aspects of Trump (lower taxes, more infrastructure spending and less financial regulations) dominate the market’s view on him. Bad Donald - the anti-free trade guy - has been ignored.

Politician witch-hunting shows how weak our politicians are!

If this witch-hunting goes too far, we’ll only be able to see our monkey politicians in the 'zoo' in Canberra, or on TV!

Forget Trump - focus on how good we are!

Since a few followers are getting tired of my positivity around Donald Trump, today I’ll give it a rest and take stock of the latest readings on the Oz economy.

Here are my decent obsessions for 2017

Have trouble sticking to your New Year's resolutions each year? Here's how to make sure that - like many of the greats - you become a winner.

Trump passes his first test. Phew!

From the looks of the Dow Jones, Donald Trump didn't blow his first real test with the first press conference held since the election.

On Trump, is it time to lie back and think of the economy?

Is Trump the risk we had to have? Perhaps we need a Trump experience to break out of the post-GFC economic funk that saw central banks rule the world, with limited economic success.

Forget Meryl v Donald - great growth is the story!

While Streep and Trump were stealing headlines, a little-known chief economist from Deutsche Bank said the new US President might just keep his promise to double US economic growth!

Retail is dead, but here's what I can teach Gerry Harvey

There are times when the structure of an economy changes and some measure on the economy, which might have been reliable in the past, becomes somewhat dodgy.

We're having a super year, but have you noticed it?!

It's been a good year, but you may not have noticed if you've been reading the mainstream press!

Turnbull has to channel Trump or we're cactus!

With the credit rating agencies hovering over us like vultures waiting for a dehydrated explorer to keel over, the only ‘outside the square’ play Malcolm Turnbull can go for is to channel Donald Trump!

If MYEFO isn't good today, interest rates could rise!

If we do lose our 'precious' AAA rating, which keeps interest rates lower, I wouldn’t be pointing the finger of blame at the Turnbull Government. Find out who the real culprits are.

2016: a shock year and what I learnt

Here's my recap on the year that was, as well as the memorable success insights I picked up along the way that will hold you in good stead for 2017.

Bad jobs story? Three more rate cuts? Bah Humbug!

I’m giving the negative tales on jobs and interest rates the “bah humbug” rating ahead of Christmas, but I won’t dismiss these outcomes as totally out of hand. Watch this space.

This is a huge day for the world. Make sure you drink to it!

While you were sleeping, the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates for - wait for it - the second time in a decade! I'll drink to that!

Could there really be two rate cuts left? I hope not!

If we see two rate cuts over 2017, then we (or our economy) will need it and I’ll have to get a new economic crystal ball, which has been very accurate for a long time, even if I do say so myself.

Why does the government ignore the black economy?

I reckon a lot of Aussies would like politicians to do some 'outside the square thinking' on getting more tax in from people who aren’t paying their fair share.

Prestige property and off-market selling

An off-market sales trend has emerged in Australian prestige property due to an undersupplied market, better use of database marketing, the rise of the buyers’ agent and increased opportunity for wealthy clients to maintain privacy.

If the R-word spooked you, read this and trump pessimists!

If anyone tries to talk you or the economy down as Christmas looms, I have just one thing for you to say: “Bah, humbug!”

Why being positive generally (and on stocks) pays off

When it comes to stocks, I will turn negative one day, but now is not the time! Here are a few reasons for believing in the power of positivity.

Ignore Steve Jobs at your peril

The late Steve Jobs once shared three stories from his life with Stanford University graduates - and I think they're a must-read for anyone looking to change their life for the better.

We're not in a recession - Trump that dumb thought

Anyone who wants to hail this surprisingly bad economic growth number as a sign that our economy is going down the gurgler is someone who’s programmed for excessive negativity.

Economic growth could disappoint but ignore the fockers!

We could get a worse-than-wanted economic growth number today, so I'll be keeping my eye (De Niro style) on anyone in the media who goes too far trying to talk down the economy.

Like Homer's doughnut, is there anything Trump can't do?

Despite Italy’s potentially worrying ‘No’ vote in its constitutional reform referendum, Wall Street is up! Is there anything Donald can't do?

Austria, Australia and Italy are threats to our wealth

Good news came out of Austria yesterday, after the country rejected a far-right leader, but there are at least two other matters that could hurt our hip pockets this week!

How to make someone love you!

The first step involves changing you and the second is about changing your target so they see you in a light that makes you irresistible.

I feel sorry for tough job workers and pessimists!

Some of my journalist mates and those ‘expert’ investment experts, who always play the doom-and-gloom card, really need to get a life.

OPEC agrees! Stocks, our super and petrol prices to rise!

Doomsday merchants are going to wake up to disappointment this morning, with the usually unreliable members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) coming to an agreement!

Should younger Aussies pay more tax?

I thought I’d have a crack at seeing why we might be nicer to economically comfortable, retired Australians compared to 40-somethings. Here goes.

We don't have an economic problem. Malcolm, we need you to lead

We need an inspirational leader who makes us concentrate on the important things in life, not all things Kardashian.

Will two scary events trump Trump?

There are two important international events coming up and both could potentially trump the Trump rally! Here's what you need to look out for.

Why do we buy some leaders and reject others?

Why do some leaders achieve massive buy-in, while others just can't get the results that great performers can pull off?

Trump's vicious circle a virtuous circle? Who would have thought?

Donald’s vicious circle that he created for non-believers and the status quo who run America is, day by day, turning into a virtuous circle! Let me explain.

I'm not your expert! But I will educate you to get rich!

After one nasty Tweeter directed his nastiness at me, I think it's compulsory that I declare: “I’m not your expert! I’m an educator wanting to build your wealth.” The real guru is inside all of us.

Buffett profiting from Trump, or is it China?

Can the rising market be put down to the Trump-o-party effect? Or should we be thanking the Chinese too? Find out here.

Stock market exuberance here we come! Caution is needed!

2017 should be good for stocks if we can trust Trump and history, but how long does this bull market have to go?

Your hip-pocket future - treat it seriously!

If you'd prefer to be richer rather than poorer as you get older, it's time to treat your money (and your future) seriously.

Could Donald Trump prove good for us?

I know this might shock some regular readers but the very fact that Donald is the new President has actually given me the guts to ask this question.

Don't worry, be happy. The economy looks good

The run of economic news is actually more good than bad right now. And since other media outlets specialise in bad news, we like to be different and provide the good stuff, if it’s around.

Don't whinge about poor pay rises!

A big story yesterday explained why your boss is behaving like a scrooge nowadays when it comes to wage rises. But for a lot of us, we shouldn’t really be whinging about it because we’re to blame!

Don't worry, be happy. RBA boss optimistic on economy!

As no one else will write this in the media today, let me give you the best take-outs from RBA Governor Dr Philip Lowe's speech.

What's the main reason most people don't get richer?

A few week's ago I wrote about the seven essential habits of highly wealthy people. Today, let's discuss the most important habit of all that could make a huge difference to the way you live, and ultimately retire.

Will the Trump trickle-down create an Aussie win too?

As of January 20 next year, when Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th President of the USA, we will be witnessing what might be called the "Trump Trickle-Down test".

What drove America to Donald Trump?

What motivated enough Americans to give Donald the gig and how can we benefit from it? At the core of his success is his own drive to win and ability to sell a message.

Have markets really accepted a President Trump?

There could be some rethinking on Donald, but for a second day the market appears to be coping with the prospect of President Trump. Watch this space.

What just happened? Donald is taking us to La La Land! Yahoo!

Donald has mastered the TV world that has come out of Los Angeles or La La Land, so I hope he can turn this into an economic reality show that rates its socks off!

Trump could ruin a great 2017. And here's why

We simply don’t need a Trump experience, with 2017 shaping up as a good year. Let’s hope God can prove that there is a God in heaven via the election results over the course of today.

Trump trumped by FBI. Stocks soar but no bubbles yet!

I won’t be popping champagne corks until Wednesday night when we know the result but I won’t be buying the bubbly beforehand!

Trump passes the leadership test - just!

I have decided to rate Trump’s leadership qualities as objectively as possible using John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, based on the best-selling book - here's what he scores.

Screw pessimism! I'm going for optimism

One of my key goals as a business educator is to help others be the best they can be and that's why I say screw pessimism, I'm going long on optimism!

Let's hope history and the stock market are wrong on Trump!

Hillary supporters need a rising stock market to KO a Trump victory! Pray for a couple of good days for stocks before Tuesday’s poll.

5 reasons why Donald is trumping the world

Markets are spooked by the prospect of President Trump, so let's be fair and have a look at what his economic policies promise and why they might be scaring smarties in the finance world.

Only thing we have to fear is Trump! Fear index surging!

The fear index shot up over 10% overnight thanks to Donald, the FBI and those Americans who think Trump is the answer.

Don't bet on a rate cut today! Try these tips instead

I think the chances of a rate cut today are pretty clear. So what should you put your money on at the Cup?

The seven essential habits of highly wealthy people

Building your bank balance and assets won't come by fluke. Here are the seven essential practices of highly wealthy people.

Climb every mountain

From selling tiles to creating one of the world's most-loved tourism experiences, Paul Cave has demonstrated the intensity required to turn great ideas into real business success.

We have to talk about Malcolm

Malcolm Turnbull has a love problem-œ we just don't love the guy and I reckon it's because he has a connection difficulty. Let's look at how he can fix it.

Don't do the form on the Cup! Do it for your super!

The best tip I can give you in the 'Super Cup' is to do the form on your super fund. As I always argue, if anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing for money.

Property price problem? Blame the De Niro syndrome

I think deregulation and decisions by the likes of former Treasurer Paul Keating unleashed what I call the De Niro syndrome. Let me explain.

Eat, love and pray for inflation!

I hope today's inflation number is bigger-than-expected and that no one says they don’t believe the numbers! As you go about your day, I want you to eat, love and pray for inflation!

I tried to be negative but here's what I found...

I went searching for the arguments for a market crash. So what are the experts saying, and am I still running with the bulls? Find out here.

Back off Tony! You'll hurt the economy

For the sake of the economy and the people who live in it, it's time to back off Tony.

Is this jobs shocker an economic or stats drama?

Yesterday's jobs data looks at odds with so many other economic readings on the Oz economy. So was it really an economic problem, or a statistical one?

Why has it taken me so long to wake up?

It's been a crazy week but it might be just the best week of my life. How come? Well, an overdue penny has dropped.

Bob Dylan warned us about Trump and the Internet!

Will the third wave of the Internet be a slow forming gentle one, or another dumper like the second? One thing's for sure, The Times They Are a-Changin’!

Shares, property and bonds scary! So where to invest?

Don't let the experts and media headlines stop you from making money. There are always opportunities and I will give you a leg up when I see one coming along.

Is Janet Yellen the hottest, coolest woman in the world?

We won't know until December, but US Fed boss Janet Yellen could end up being the hottest woman on the planet! Find out why.

Could apartment oversupply KO banks and the economy?

Doomsday merchants are feeding the media about all manner of problems, with the latest linking an apartment oversupply to a bank balance sheet problem.

Is your attitude problem creating an altitude problem?

I am a great believer that it's your attitude that determines your altitude and how high you fly, so if you have an attitude problem, it's time to change that ASAP.

Disregard right wing nutters - we're not going broke!

Doomsday merchants were dealt a blow to their usual level of self-assured ignorance on economics, when Japanese steel makers decided to pay 117% more for Aussie coking coal.

Kyrgios? Trump? Turnbull? Leadership and guts are required!

From the tennis court to Canberra, it's clear we have a worldwide leadership problem. Here's how they can up their game.

Hillary trousering Donald, but Wall Street falls!

Despite a new poll showing Hillary is 'pants-ing' Donald, it's back to the wall of worry for Wall Street. Could this be the start of something bad?

What's wrong with Trump, Baird and payroll tax?

Common sense is not all that common when it comes to politicians - and that's why good sense has gone out the door!

Where were the bank haters when NAB went pro-consumer?

I have to say, Aussies should point the finger at themselves if they think banks behave badly and no one is doing anything about it.

50 Shades of Great and the 50 high achievers you can't ignore!

I want to share with you 50 Shades of Great as I look at 50 highly motivating one-liners, quotes and lessons from exceptional people.

The hurricane that could blow our super away!

Two potential hurricanes are bearing down on the US, and one is called 'Hurricane Jobs', which could strike overnight and blow some ill winds for stocks.

7 steps to make you money smart and rich

Here's a seven-step plan to get you money smart and protect your hip pocket from the scary world of banking.

What does Kim Kardashian have in common with our banks?

Our banks are like Kim Kardashian — everyone seems to hate her, but a great number of ‘fans’ do business with her!

Will you win the grand final of money?

I felt guilty about not writing yesterday, because it's my winning process to help you lift your money, business, or wealth-building game!

What we learn from grand finals

When these great sporting weekends come along, I like to reflect on what we learn from these high achievers and the standout lessons they offer.

Grand finals aren't as important as Deutsche Bank's future!

I love football, but this weekend, I’ll be more interested in how Germany plays Deutsche Bank.

It sounds mad, but be happy oil prices won't fall!

As an economist, I’d love lower oil prices — it should deliver income, jobs and lower costs — but in the real world, it scares the you-know-what out of financial markets!

Is a Hillary win looking more possible?

It's presidential debate season, and some credible economic and data revelations show that a Hillary win is possible!

Crazy things and crazies that could hurt stocks short term!

Here are the crazy events that are bound to be market movers between now and the end of the year - but have no fear!

Let me make you rich!

We tend to know so much about unimportant things like The Bachelorette, but so little about what affects our wallets. Listening to sensible stories could help you get rich!

The story of Zara

Whether he knew it or not, Zara founder Amancio Ortega built his success by following the great thinker Edward de Bono's advice to "think outside the square".

Trump will be President! I cant believe I wrote this!

The bookies are still saying “forget about it”, but the polls and Master Feng are saying Donald Trump could be the next shock to the world and financial markets.

Here's how to make money!

Property can be a great money maker, but can investing in stocks be as safe as houses? Let's compare the pair!

Central banks are exciting - here's why!

Believe it or not, but the Fed’s impact on stocks is huge, and that’s why I argue with the bank bashers who call central banks boring.

Aussie companies becoming pro-women!

Aussie companies are getting in touch with their feminine side, with the percentage of female directors on the ASX 200 on track to hit 30% by 2018.

Stock market crash this week? Doubt it!

The US Fed meets this week, and if they raise rates, there could be a big stock market sell-off because the market doesn’t expect it. So should you be nervous?

10 steps to be a better you

When it comes to making self-improvements in your life, this is what you should tell your son, your daughter and maybe yourself!

Here are the super changes!

Should the proposed super changes be called a backflip, or a sign that Malcolm and Scott are listening and taking advice from sources who understand Australians? Here's a rundown of the changes.

Something screwy is going on. Could it be good news for stocks?

There’s something strange going on in financial markets that could be good news, but there might be some short-term pain before we see it as good news!

Rough time for stocks ahead. Manage your fear!

It's time to manage your fear. This market movement is a buying opportunity for smart wealth accumulators, but this time, it's different.

Stocks surge! Who flew over the cuckoo's nest?

In two days, two Fed Governors have taken the Dow for a ride and, along with it, every stock market in the world!

Crazy, stupid stocks going down. No worries, yet!

Whatever happens, it will just be another strange day in the crazy, stupid love affair we have with stocks.

Cheers to Cecconi's

Cecconi's restaurant is a Melbourne institution. This week I caught up with Maria Bortolotto to learn more about the family behind the legendary Italian eatery and this very tasty business story.

Is my economic and market positivity misplaced?

This was a good news economic week and explains why I’ve been positive on the economy. Here's what happened.

If you don't think super is sexy, there's something wrong with you!

Superannuation has a pretty dull reputation, but it's a sexier topic than you think!

Improve Facebook and bolster the Australian economy!

Could you be better, smarter, more successful, wealthier and happier if your inputs to the likes of Facebook were taken to a higher level?

Ignore the media crap. Malcolm's economic vibes are good

The media-consuming public miss out on good news, such as what showed up yesterday. Read this to get in the loop.

Oh no! Another recession forecasting expert!

Now don't get me wrong, I like controversial calls, but I wish the media would test them out rather than let them go on without question.

A life about something

Unlike Jerry Seinfeld's show about nothing, after years of analysing legendary retailer Gerry Harvey, I have to say that this Gerry's life is a show about something!

Why can't Canberra and the media care about the big issues?

It’s time for the Prime Minister to get the daily political coverage by the media back to the main game — jobs and growth.

Want to be a billionaire? Well, read this!

What's the 'big ticket' to get on the super highway to a self-made fortune? Many of the world's most successful people have this common characteristic.

Stocks could fall on good news. Bring it on!

Good news could be on the way from the US and while it could lead to a stock market slide, it will only be Act One in this new play for Wall Street and global stock markets.

When will I worry about a recession? Try 2018!

I thought I’d test out these outlandish views about a 10-year recession and low interest rates. Here goes.

NT election can't be ignored by Malcolm. He needs a new adviser!

Disunity isn't the only issue for the Turnbull Government. We really need to talk about Malcolm’s leadership and ask: who in the hell is advising him?

There's something about Murray

Paul Murray is becoming one of the most influential political commentators in the country. This Q&A goes deep on his career, his family, his views and his hopes for Australia.

10 years of recession and low rates? I doubt it!

Right now, when I’m asked about a 10-year recession and 10 years of low interest rates, I say: “I doubt it.” It makes me a temporary bull not a perma-bull.

Treasurer Morrison is about to speak. I hope he's learnt how to sell!

These three headland speeches could be ‘make it or break it’ events for the Turnbull Government.

Do the Government super changes hate old and young Aussies?

Super isn't the same and straightforward for all Aussies but some could feel screwed by the changes.

How to grow your wealth

Now before you start shooting me with your Twitter gun or feedback email, even if you are not interested in being rich, it’s a fair bet that most people would love to end up rich. It could be by design or by accident, but the words of the great comedian, Sophie Tucker, still ring true: […]

The nature of winners, revealed!

Whether they be winners in business, politics, the professions, sport, or even the arts - how do they become the greatest?

Our unheralded gold medal winner is our economy!

We’re still a gold medal economy and it’s time we started to be proud of it, because negative attitudes beget negative results.

Up close and personal with Guy Grossi

This week, I put multi-talented chef, author and TV host Guy Grossi under the Switzer Q&A deconstruction grill to understand his secret success recipe.

Newsflash! Interest rates could rise rapidly!

This could be a shock to all you complacent individuals, but interest rates could soon rise and they might spike up rapidly!

Don't waste your time with politics. Get effective and make money!

There are many things you can't change, like the political games played in Canberra. But you can change your behaviour! Here are seven habits of highly effective people.

It's good news but hell, someone has to report it!

The RBA had a good news story on the Aussie economy yesterday, and it's my duty to tell you about it!

Why Aussies should stop whinging and be positive!

The radio wasn’t offering what I was looking for last night, so I listened to US motivator Tony Robbins talk about self-confidence.

How all Aussies can get the Phelps factor

What has made Phelps great? And what could help the Bronte sisters and every Australian until we end up with a much better economy?

How to get that winning edge

If you want to really lift your performance as an employee, business owner or as a wealth builder, you have to answer two vital questions.

We're in a confidence recession! So be positive!

We could kill the economic threats out there but the starting point is that our national leaders must beat the confidence recession first.

Bankers warn us, but as Rocky said, "It ain't so bad"

Two bankers put our economic outlook into perspective yesterday and it’s worthwhile to look at what they told us.

Two more rate cuts? Glenn, tell me it isn't true!

Today marks Glenn Stevens’ last official speech as the Reserve Bank Governor and the media will be all over this momentous occasion.

Want business success? Change you! Unleash the power!

For the aspirational person looking for the motivation to try and get to higher levels of success, Tony Robbins is a gift.

Gold to the Yanks! Not in Rio, but in their jobs pool!

These US jobs numbers were the gold medal win of the weekend, in case you missed it and your mind has gone to Rio!

Lead yourself to a wealthier future

Are you ready to find your path to wealth? Here are some money secrets that can make you richer.

Hold your breath. Market madness and mayhem could be a day away!

It all boils down to one piece of data - the US non-farm payrolls.

Taking Malcolm's and your performance from good to great

This is for anyone who wants to lift his or her game, and something that strikes a chord with a lot of the audiences I talk to.

Bolt hints economy and PM are crap. Is he right?

Since Malcolm Turnbull has been running the show, is there anything he can crow about? Let's take a look.

People just don't get how to build wealth!

Here's my reply to some critics who could learn about playing the long game to build wealth. It's not a sprint. It's a marathon.

Unfortunately we might need another interest rate cut!

Real world economists think cut rates, while unreal world economists — my old academic buddies — say don’t bet on it.

Hi I'm the Tax Commissioner and I'm here to help!

ATO boss Chris Jordan not only thinks outside the tax box, he exudes difference. Not only to the previous tax bosses over the past, but to most of humanity.

Not another banking crisis! I don't want to believe it!

The worrying story for markets this morning could be one person’s view that we’re on the possible verge of a banking crisis. That's a big call, so I went looking for evidence.

No inflation disaster news from the West's best economy!

So do rates fall next Tuesday? It's a very close call.

Will Trump do a Bradbury? Last man standing

Trump deserved to succeed in TV land with The Apprentice but I don’t think he deserves to be the last person standing on November 8.

Is the stock market living in La La Land? Will it be Trumped?

It’s becoming very possible that the improving outlook for stocks and our super could be trumped by Donald.

How can you make your success dreams come true?

If you want to win in business, be the best at customer service and dare to be great.

Turnbull vs. Hanson: who should lead?

We shouldn't be allowing Pauline Hanson to do all the running on nation-defining subjects-œ this is a job for a Muslim fear buster. Malcolm, you have to be the main man.

15 great investment options from five experts

For an interesting bunch of stocks from an expert portfolio of stock pickers, read this!

I'm not the money monster, you are!

When it comes to money, you need to be committed and focused. You need a goal and you might also need advice, but remember not to be passive!

Why do we focus on everything that's bad in our life? Blame the media

It’s time we all accentuated the positive. And the media should come along for the ride!

Are super fund managers overpaid duds?

Do super fund managers - who have been called 'index huggers' - really deserve to be copping such flak? Let's take a closer look.

Why did Jessica Irvine have a hate session on baby boomers?

Jessica’s commentary on older generations surprised me and suggested it's more than just an economist’s desire for a better world.

Mastering Feng Shui - a cynic's conversation!

With a healthy level of scepticism prior to meeting a Feng Shui Master, I was bowled over by what he revealed-œ and could just be a convert!

With all the worries out there, why are stocks soaring?

Right now, good news is trumping bad news and if it holds up, this current market optimism could send stocks even higher.

Why can't Aussies be more like Americans?

Does the tendency for Americans to be optimists, and Aussies to be pessimists, explain the appalling performance of the Aussie market relative to the US?

Is there an economic reason we're pissed off to vote Hanson?

There is a possible explanation for this odd behavior of possibly misguided, pissed off voters. Here's what I think.

Brexit! Italian Banks! Trump! And US stocks hit all-time highs - crazy!

There are good reasons for the positivity for stocks this week. But what could undo it?

I'm not a money monster. I'm just trying to help people build wealth!

To the expert sideline critics of my optimism - here's my response.

Why do Aussies prefer to wallow in bad economic news?

I might be optimistic but I do try to be realistic. It's just not time to be a bear!

Last weekend's Poll shows we need a Failure Buster! Who you gonna call - Tony Robbins!

Last weekend's poll has the F-word for failure written all over it, so what advice can this legendary motivator and business builder offer?

Brexit shocked. Mal-exit avoided. Not a US Jobsexit! No!

I’m sweating on a great US jobs number, which is out tonight (our time) and could be a huge story Saturday morning.

Lisa Wilkinson showed our pollies need to mimic Nick Kyrgios!

I reckon our political reps could learn a trick or two from this tennis (not yet) great.

Forgive them Mal and Tony, for they know not what they do!

I hope I’m wrong, but markets could get even with our unusual voting decisions that delivered us Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie and Derryn Hinch in spades.

Why didn't Malcolm point to the economic scoreboard?

Our economic story, especially on an international comparison basis, is great and should have been held up as something you don't want to lose.

Can our economy stand us voting for Ronald McDonald lookalikes?

Doubt we had a leadership problem? This election should have changed that.

A leader with guts. How good would that be!

Developing strong leaders is crucial to the success of a country, just as it is for a family or a business.

Tomorrow's election and the threat of recession

For the sake of job creation, faster economic growth and me winning a bet to a free Chinese meal, this is the election outcome I hope for.

Stock players got a 'well der' moment and markets soared!

As I always argue, when big curve balls come at you from left field, stock players sell first and ask questions later.

God bless America! They're exiting Brexit blues!

The Yanks got up on Tuesday and did what they’re famous for — they shopped! And it was stocks on their shopping list.

Brexit still spooking Wall St but it's no Chainsaw Massacre!

It was no Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the US stock market yesterday but I bet our market will succumb to gravity today.

Will Brexit be a money monster that devours our super?

The key question is: will Brexit end up being a money monster that could devour the economic and market recoveries?

Man and Superman - which one is Turnbull?

Does our PM have the qualities of a superman? His track record indicates he does, but have those qualities deserted him?

Brexit boring? I don't think so Gov. It's HUGE!

We should know the momentous decision by 4pm our time, but if early trends are significant, our stock market could surge or slump!

Will Malcolm win?

I hope we can trust the marginal seats data, but as a historian, I can’t get too cocky about what pollsters are telling me.

Newspapers do have good news but you have to go looking for it!

You had to flick to page 21 but buried inside was a great story about mining confidence! Who would have thought?

What happened to Brexit? It was killed by a tragedy!

Just when we thought this would be a wild and worrisome week for the market, there has been a massive turnaround in sentiment. So what gives?

Why do politicians care about our bottom lines when we don't?

As Steve Jobs said, being filthy rich is overrated. But it makes sense to be comfortable so you don’t have to rely on politicians!

It's not Malcolm, it's you!

Malcolm and his team have a selling problem, or maybe there's just a problem with us, his customer base!

Brexit has left a UK MP dead! Ignore this at your peril

Turnbull can’t see Brexit benefits outweighing the negatives and our stock market currently agrees.

Brexit less worrying. US economy more worrying. Not good!

When it comes to Brexit and the US election, these are the two times in my life when I hope the bookies are right.

Malcolm T's economic wish: grow you SOB!

Growth and jobs are the key. It’s just a pity these goals are being disparaged by those SOB political pundits in the media!

The economic threat of Orlando and Trump

The tragedy in Orlando could end up leading to other sad events, with one being the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the USA.

Bridge over troubled waters

John O'Leary is a man who, with a little help from his friends, turned a personal tragedy into a business that has helped people across the globe.

What Muhammad Ali and other business legends taught me

Here's what business and sporting greats can teach you about being champions not only in your career, but life.

Bill's bank bashing aside, banks are a smart investment

Banks are an attractive investment if you're like me and believe in them over the long-term.

Why do we have lies, damn statistics and damn pessimists?

I think it’s safe to ignore the lying stats and believe our economy is in pretty good shape.

Has America grown up? Stocks up despite two rate rises ahead

Janet Yellen hinted at two interest rate rises this year and the Dow finished up! What the?

Why is good news so hard to see?

Our economy is looking good and we should avoid the doomsday merchants if we want growth to continue.

Rickard - The Great Disruptor

Founder, former CEO and chairman of CommSec, Paul Rickard, has one of the greatest Aussie disruption business stories ‘never' told.

Is there something scarier than Donald Trump out there?

There are a couple of hairy curve balls around the corner but I can't admit to total negativity.

Our economy is lookin' good. Ignore the doomsday economists

A load of economic number crunchers keep talking down our economy but it keeps making a monkey out of them!

Julie Bishop proved lots of Aussies don't understand super!

Super competes with property as our key nest-egg provider, but is largely misunderstood - so read this.

Free money but no takers. Weird!

The Government has a policy selling problem and I’d start with the name 'National Innovation and Science Agenda', which should have been innovative enough to get CFOs interested!

Leaders debate? Pity one didn't show up...

The one thing we all can agree hasn’t turned up to the leaders’ debate in spades is a great leader and the smell of quality, charismatic leadership.

Bedtime story

The A.H. Beard business story is an old fashioned one, with a new age twist when it comes to beating the scariest thing of all in a family operation- the third generation death knell.

Will Labor's negative gearing changes crush house prices?

If you decide to play ball with Labor, you’re betting on what happens to your home prices.

Why it might be wise to be nicer to banks

As Warwick McKibbin argued — this might not be a great time to get even with our banks. Let’s give ASIC one more chance to play the tough cop on the beat.

Labor looks after their supporters. Why is the Coalition devouring theirs?

The super changes are too draconian and hurts typical Coalition voters.

Come on Malcolm, it's time to get real on super

These super changes have underlined that most politicians are just like the people they represent — they don’t understand superannuation.

Vote Labor. Build up your super. Then kick them out!

Given what the Government has done on super, it would be in the interest of anyone hoping to build up their super to vote for Bill.

Will Queensland bring Turnbull down?

This battleground state could be Malcolm’s Waterloo, if the economic data doesn’t keep improving and super changes keep retirees hopping mad.

When Luke met Sir Richard Branson

Like many entrepreneurs, Luke Mangan was a failure at school but through a passion for cooking, hard work and lucky breaks, his business life is a veritable feast.

Give up the political trivia. This election rests on the economy!

The media tends to concentrate on the gripping, but trivial, issues at the expense of the really important.

Ignore the doom, look at this great news!

It's a strange world where good economic news has many market players going negative.

Which Aussie PM will dine with the next US President? Here's my guess

Will Malcolm be dining with Hillary next year as leaders of their respective countries?

Should negative gearing be abolished? Here's my view

Let's take a look at the economic consequences of negative gearing being abolished.

Our three sons

David and Cathy Harris grew their business Harris Farm Markets through hard work. Now it's time for their three sons to take over the reins.

Don't vote for an independent! Ignore my advice and interest rates will rise

It's not easy to think about or to write but it's the best economic advice I can give you.

Will market shudders hurt Aussie consumers and Malcolm?

Are we set for a sell off and do consumers and the Turnbull team need more negativity from stock markets?

Here's the best advice I can give you to be a winner

If you want to lift your performance as an employee, business owner, or wealth builder, you have to answer two vital questions.

Is this really a disgusting Budget?

All Budgets can annoy Australians but I think the people who have the most reason to be disgusted right now are Coalition voters.

Will strange May market days help Malcolm's election dream?

Potential market madness over May and June could be a curve ball for the Government's re-election.

This is his QUEST

Paul Constantinou learned to dream and make real what the less brave might see as impossible.

Morrison's budget is wrong on growth. It will be higher!

ScoMo has been copping it for his super policy proposals and anyone who knows something about super can see why.

What's wrong with the ABC's Leigh Sales?

Why is the 7:30 Report's anchor so rude to Treasurers? She's a great journo who doesn't need to ask smart Alec questions.

It's a kryptonite budget to hurt supermen and superwomen!

This first budget comes with a super-slugging sting.

Can Morrison become another Keating or Costello?

This is a huge day for my old economics student Scott Morrison and I hope he pulls off a big one for himself and the rest of us.

Why ScoMo has to pull off a Houdini Budget tomorrow

This budget has to stimulate growth, prove a surplus is coming as well as win over voters.

Tony Abbott gave me the budget secret last night!

Tony Abbott admitted to me last night that there are two things that are critical underlying issues for next Tuesday’s budget.

Would a rate cut next week be good or bad for the Government?

I hope the RBA decides that we don’t need a rate cut on Tuesday but I also hope that they’re right in their guess!

Will this be the make it or break it week for the stock market?

I really hope this is a year when we buy in May and stay!

Here are the scary numbers that have worked out for Treasurer Morrison

The data over the coming months will be pro-government.

Mark Bouris: Lessons from Kerry Packer

Having won the late business mogul over with his Wizard business, this boy from Sydney's western suburbs remains focused on success.

This rally will be tested. Beware old pests like George Soros!

If anyone had listened to and been spooked by Soros, especially in the US, they would have lost a lot of money.

Beware the Budget, the election and the media. They'll make you unhappy!

You can change from being a pessimist to becoming an optimist!

Could May bring a May Day call for the PM?

I know the election hasn’t been called but we’re in campaign mode and May could be a make or break it headline month for the PM and his team.

Andrew Bolt is wrong on the economy and the budget

Who's giving Andrew Bolt his economic briefings? They’re way off beam and economic data to date proves they are way too negative.

Oil deal a no-goer in Doha. Share prices should fall!

The failure to reach an agreement on oil production paves the way for a perfect scenario for hedge fund managers and their short-selling ways. I expect negativity on markets today.

Moody's intelligent madness could KO the economy

The debt ratings agencies have had a chequered history of late and their advice needs to be questioned but they could take away our triple-A rating.

What in the hell are Aussie consumers afraid of?

Consumer confidence plunged to new lows despite our stock market bounding up. “What the #*!?”

What has to happen to make Malcolm smile?

With an optimistic tailwind from yesterday, let’s see what good economic/market things have to happen to make our PM smile.

Could Shorten bank bashing short the banks?

Right now short-sellers are having a crack at our banks. I wonder what Bill’s bank bashing is adding to the negativity that encourages short-sellers.

Who's to blame for Arrium's demise? And should we be worried?

I’ll be worried if Arrium’s fall from grace was because of something wrong with our economy but will be a little relaxed if it was just dumb management.

The business of being a Switzer

From a home-based business to a diversified company employing more than 50 people. I share my story.

Turnbull's sinking sizzle needs a blockbuster budget or he's cooked!

Next week there’ll be a couple of other tests that could easily scream: “Malcolm, you’re in trouble!”

Are the enfants terrible hurting stocks going up?

There is still value in the market despite what the enfant terrible like the oil producers are doing to the market.

Our wealth could rest on the sanity of Arabs, Russians and Iranians

The future of stock portfolios looks like it rests on the sanity of the OPEC and non-OPEC oil producers.

Why women especially don't trust financial advisers

Financial advisers should be important to wealth-building for all Australians but the cost and the expectations of clients makes it a very hard game to get it right, especially for women.

Malcolm needs a new adviser. He should sack himself

I’ve been a big supporter of the new PM because he looked set to do what Tony Abbott couldn’t. However, he needs a new adviser before it’s too late.

A happy Valentine

Radio host James Valentine talks family, friendship, the relationships he has forged with thousands of his listeners and being the male version of his mother.

Are we waiting for a crash or a stock market surge?

My view is that we’re caught in a battle between bulls and bears. It's a line ball call on who’s winning but the bulls are just ahead.

Why is the world picking on our banks?

Why is the world picking on our banks? And more importantly, are the banks’ doubters wrong?

Fed boss didn't screw up but it's not all good news for us!

The most important takeout of Yellen’s speech was probably that “economic readings are mixed and it is appropriate to proceed cautiously.”

Is Australia the world's best economy or country? The facts say yes!

At the risk of annoying my media colleagues, it's possible that Australia is the best economy in the world.

It's good news vs bad news: I'm not sure what I'm rooting for!

I want a stronger US economy, a faster growing local economy and a rising stock market.

The economic fallout of Brussels and ISIS

The human tragedy that is Brussels was buffeted by what looks like better economic news in both Europe and the US.

10 sensible reasons for the PM to ignore my good advice

Given Malcolm Turnbull has ignored my good economic advice to not go for an early election, there must be compelling political reasons for the decision.

Malcolm, don't just stand there - do nothing!

Because we’re at an appropriate time in our economic cycle, my best advice to the PM would be “don’t just stand there - do nothing!”

Another good day for bulls on Wall Street! Why do people hate optimists?

Don't play the short-term game.

The Fed wimped it! Let's hope the market likes it

The Fed has reacted to the market’s big swings this year but, in backing away from four rate rises, they have foiled those who were predicting a US recession.

What I'm telling my clients about investing now!

Our job at Switzer is always to give insights, even when they are contrarian. This gives our followers the best chance to build their wealth.

5 things a busy person should do to be richer!

It’s crazy but so many of us are so ‘busy’ that we ignore the basic things that could make us richer in the long run, let alone the short run!

Do you really want to get rid of Jacqui Lambie with a double dissolution?

I know we’ll be stuck with our ragtag lot called the Senate crossbench but I’m prepared to risk it for economic growth.

Super Mario becomes Stupid Mario

Once tagged Super Mario, the ECB boss, could end up being Stupid Mario, following a string of disappointing decisions when there were high expectations that something was coming.

What's wrong with the CBA? Its leader has a problem

In many ways, the problems with our bankers is partly created by our unwillingness to hold banks accountable when they behave badly.

Malcolm don't do it! An early election will hurt the economy

From my point of view an early budget and an election looks like good politics but questionable economics.

You don't have to be a feminist to invest in women

I think if we ignore women in business and with our investments, we do so at our peril.

Ignore Abbott-Credlin affair. Look for success

Sure, the Abbott ‘slap and tickle’ is magnetically newsworthy, however, such trivial matters won’t make us smarter or more successful!

Stocks up 4% in a week! Is the worst behind us?

When it all went pear-shaped on the stock market earlier this year I simply explained that good news was being trumped by the expectation of bad news.

Screw the media! The Aussie economy is the best in the world!

Australia’s economy is a world-beater! And to steal a line or two from Paul Keating - these were a beautiful set of numbers.

Stocks are up but is this crazy, stupid love?

Economic and market data has been mainly good news and the stock market has gone up - that’s not crazy, in fact it’s logical.

This could be a scary week for stocks!

We’re in crazy times but I believe the best outcome from this week needs to be one that says China isn’t as bad as the market has been thinking.

Malcolm, have some real guts and say what needs to be said!

The PM has to get the big things right. If he keeps playing Malcolm-in-the-middle to the next election, then he could get beaten.

It's time to de-fear all of the stuff scaring the stocks markets

In case you’re worried about big fears out there such as a China slowdown, let me try to de-fear a lot of these frightening possibilities.

Who is Jonathan Tepper?

Tepper’s proposition is that a housing crisis is coming that will rattle our banks. Believe it or not, he is not the first to call a housing bubble in Australia.

Yes Zac, there is no Santa Claus with stocks but don't blame the politicians

Don’t be afraid to buy quality companies when they are cheaper.

The stock market is positively crazy but let's hope it lasts!

Could the crazy market turn around on a dime and be crazy in the opposite direction? In a word — yes!

Is Turnbull an economic dud?

Better policy ideas will be welcomed but I think we can afford to wait until the May budget for the Government's economic game plan.

I'm on unicorn watch! Stock rally unicorns and policy unicorns!

I quite like the idea of a mythical or unicorn rally that’s here on hope but ultimately is not real!

Morrison's do nothing on tax now might be smart!

Given the precarious stock market, Morrison’s lack of a tax plan is a good strategy for now.

Labor's negative gearing plan will hit stocks too!

Labor’s negative gearing proposal could extend to shares and other investments.

Mario to the rescue! But do central bankers still count?

The biggest problem is not that central banks haven’t got any firepower, it’s that the European and Japanese central bankers were too slow to act.

What's more important, tax changes or the stock market sell-off?

The real economy outlook is looking OK to pretty good but if the media runs a different story, jobs, profits and wealth could be destroyed.

Scary times like these and I earn my money!

Have faith in stocks in the long run and don’t be too sidetracked by the falling stock markets and negative press.

The market is not always right. It's not now!

I think the market is wrong betting on an upcoming recession and so does Janet Yellen.

3 bankers better say the right thing or stocks could dive!

The best people to allay market fears should be the central bankers.

Is Malcolm a wimp or a good economist by backing away from a GST?

This is the rare time where I’d argue that good politics is good economics.

These FAWLTY stock markets, they go crazy!

This perceived craziness is more a short-term thing and it creates profit-making opportunities for the long-term investor.

Keating is not the Messiah, he's just a naughty commentator!

Paul Keating largely should be ignored as an objective commentator when it comes to party partisan politics.

Wall Street slips on oil again! When will this end?

Here we go again with a fall in the price of oil and Wall Street has succumbed to the move.

Why Andrew Bolt is wrong on Malcolm Turnbull

Our economy isn't "going down" and influentials like Andrew Bolt need to tell the real story for the sake of the Australian economy and the people he talks to each day.

Good news starting to kill bad news. This week's the test!

This is a crucial week and I’m praying for another five days where good news takes centre stage.

Bob Geldof's best advice: "f**k off"

The best advice Sir Bob was ever given could be a lesson for all us - in business, relationships and life.

Oil prices going higher - yahoo!

The S&P 500 index has shown a close correlation with the falling oil price, so a rising price should reduce the gravitational pull we've seen since the start of this year.

Stock markets are loopy now and that might be a good sign!

Rethinking a very negative view can result in strange market reactions, so I hope that’s what we’re seeing right now.

Is someone having a laugh at our expense?

The US stock market was up, so is someone having a laugh at our expense?

Have we turned the stock market corner or will negativity prevail?

Mismanagement by central banks and governments remains a risk but all the economists I respect both here and abroad aren’t seriously tipping a recession.

Movie review - Don't go in short with the Big Short film

There are some important lessons in this film that everyone can benefit from.

Enter the Samurai of Europe - stocks and oil spike higher!

Enter the Samurai — with the European Central Bank’s hero, Mario Draghi, coming in like the noble protector of everything good in an economy.

Today this sell-off gets serious but I'm not panicking

The key to investing is to have a good investment strategy and then you have to stay the course.

Our stock market spiked on Chinese data - how come?

Stock markets have been selling off, largely on the Chinese economy going to hell in a hand basket, but the country's growth numbers were only a tad below expectations.

Why are stocks selling off and how worried should you be?

There’s a lot of speculation in the bad list of economic data that could change in the not-too-distant future.

It ain't going to be pretty on the stock market today!

China was behind this new spate of stock market sell-offs and it could rub the bad news in today and tomorrow or make up for Friday’s effort.

Outside Australia is worrying but inside Oz is looking good

Yesterday’s employment figures show that the nincompoops who were tipping a recession were way off.

Is there any reason to be positive on stocks?

It’s funny that we’re focusing on Chinese manufacturing data and how its reduction has hurt iron ore prices, however, tourist numbers out of China to Australia breached one million.

Sell everything! But I'm not

I’m not a seller but I will be a big buyer if stocks drop further. But if you’re someone who can’t take a big fall in stocks, then you should think about cashing up.

The stock market sell off is excessive!

To be quite frank, I think the sell off is excessive but a market is what it is and right now the sellers are trumping the buyers.

Don't do it Malcolm! Kill early election talk!

It’s time for good government and an improving economy. That’s what will ensure Malcolm and his team are re-elected.

Why the Fed got it right!

We still have to work through issues such as energy prices but, at this stage, it looks like the smart investors in the market are having sway over the smarty speculators.

Fed raises rates. It's time to cheer not jeer!

Some of the smartest economic minds in the US think that the US economy is ready to go off life support. That very thing should set us up for a better year for stocks in 2016.

I'm not the only bull on the planet!

In case you think I’m the only bull on the planet, let me share with you the thoughts of Mike O’Brien, co-head of solutions at J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Has oil really grinched Christmas?

Personally, I think we’re now in buying opportunity territory again. This year's 200-point plus slide has been a signal that a money-making situation has developed.

Malcolm and Scott, ignore Goldman Sachs' bad advice!

One of the craziest suggestions I’ve heard came from someone who should know better, namely Tim Toohey, the chief economist of Goldman Sachs. Toohey has recommended that the Prime Minister opt for an early election!

Great unemployment numbers or great mistake or sour grapes?

The critics of the recent job numbers are sour grape merchants and the economy and stock market will eventually prove me right.

The good oil on oil

So how do I want to bet on oil? Fair dinkum, the experts are split. For everyone who has a strong case for oil going to $US20 a barrel, there are those who are saying it will double to over $US70!

Commodity prices aren't good news but think of Fangio!

I’m sorry but I can’t join the pity party around sliding stock prices now because I know this is only temporary.

Don't yawn at the Innovation Statement

I applaud any government prepared to inspire and breed lateral thinkers, risk-takers, employers and GDP growers!

The best news over the weekend was economic!

We still have a way to go before I am confident that the global economy is out of the woods but this weekend’s economic data has added more to my positivity.

What I want for Christmas looks mad but it's the gift that keeps giving!

I really want the rally to be extended and better investment as well as growth will be the best ways to ensure it all happens.

Our economy is looking good but don't pop the champagne yet!

To those in the media who want to play down the very good economic growth numbers, let me give you a ‘play up’ take on what has happened this week on the economy.

ScoMo, don't let these fockers hurt our economy

ScoMo must play with the force of Messrs Keating and Costello, who had their enemies and dissenters but, in the fullness of time, have been seen as very effective Treasurers.

Economic happiness could be coming our way

Locally, we were delivered economic results that imply happiness for lots of Australians, which made me happy.

Santa is coming to a stock market near you

I’m currently in Abu Dhabi but I’ll be watching economic data. I hope I get some sizzling Santa statistics to write home to you about.

Web opinions are like butts. Everyone has one!

What I love and hate about the internet is that it has made everyone a commentator!

A tightwad is killing our potential

The bottom line is that highly successful people recognise what will stop them from succeeding and they then do something about it.

Turks shoot down Russian plane but no panic on Wall Street! Why?

The Turks shoot down a Russian jet fighter, oil spikes on this new potentially-scary Middle East curve ball but ahead of the closing bell on Wall Street, the Dow is up!

Could Woolies be owned by the Yanks?

Just as we are putting our money on China helping us to create a dining boom to replace the petering out mining boom, we could be losing our “fresh food people” to the Yanks!

Try taxing our super and we'll switch to buying property

I think the new PM will tread carefully with super. However, if super becomes less lucrative, property will become more attractive.

Your super has done OK

Despite all of this negative stuff, super has done OK. You only need to look at the latest numbers.

Australians couldn't give a fig about getting wealthy

Australians don't want to get rich — just look at what they read and watch. It's garbage!

What in the F is wrong with good news?

You all know I carry the can for "positivity" but I wouldn’t if I believed the economists who have been pedalling stories about the economy that even hinted at recession, which some poor Aussies have read and believed.

Wall Street positive so can our stocks go up?

We simply need the economic data to keep delivering the positive story that has shown up lately, which has been virtually unheralded in the media, and then Santa Claus could easily come to town for Aussie stocks.

It should be a downer today

My stock market crystal ball suggests that our market will slide today and again on Tuesday, but history shows us that Middle East geo-political events are not sustaining for negativity.

Great job numbers so I'm nearly saying sorry to Glenn Stevens!

One day, I hope I can say I was wrong and RBA boss Glenn Stevens was right but I need a few months of economic watching.

We can learn a lot from the Kiwis! Really we could

Our cousins across the ditch have something worth admiring and it’s not because they live with a 15% GST on virtually everything and don’t whinge about it as being akin to killing orphan babies at birth like we do here!

The stocks fall isn't my biggest worry. It's when do I buy in again!

I know the news headlines have focused on the recent falls in the stock market, however, I've been treating these dips in stocks as a buying opportunity.

Wall Street down on rate rise tip as Turnbull turn on is tested here

This week, the ‘Turnbull turn on’ effect - as I call it - will be tested, which started yesterday with a nice pass, as job ads rose for the third month in a row to a three–year high.

Why I don't want a lecture in economics from Bernie!

One of the great aspects of the internet has been that it allows anyone to be a commentator.

Don't succumb to the GST BS! Here's what you should know

A GST is not an easy thing to sell while winning friends and influencing people. Here are 8 things you should know.

Is internet disruption going too far? And who's going to fix it?

The new internet-created social media age has great attributes but it has some shockers and it doesn’t look like governments are doing enough to sort out the problems.

Cup Day rate cut mistake might ruin my closeness to Glenn Stevens!

With the Reserve Bank having decided to leave rates on hold, after months of being a total supporter of the RBA’s efforts, I have to say: “Not happy Glenn, not happy!”

On Cup Day, I have a dead set winner!

On a day when the country is looking for a winner to deliver a nice dividend, the best result might come at 2:30 pm and not 3pm!

A week of punting ahead. Hoping my bank can stand it!

Before the big race at 3pm tomorrow, the Reserve Bank has to take a punt on the cash rate of interest.

CEO supplements share price

The last week of October 2015 could go down in Australian corporate history, when a female became arguably this country's greatest CEO.

Could we be the surprise grower, not the USA?

The post-Fed statement positivity for Wall Street lasted one day, with the market not sure if it should cheer the central bank’s apparent lack of negativity or be worried about the first rate rise since 2007.

We could be wrong! The Fed might raise rates in December!

It has been a morning of surprises on Wall Street, with the Fed’s interest rate meeting leaving pretty strong hints that it might raise interest rates at its December meeting.

Good economic news plus Turnbull has to equal growth!

Here's a whole pile of good things that are going on in the economy right now that your favourite media outlet might have overlooked telling you about.