15 July 2024
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The Check Up

The truth about COVID vaccines | The Check Up

Dr Ross tells us the facts about COVID vaccines that we need to know!

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The link between COVID-19 and heart disease

Dr Ross Walker looks at whether there is any connection between the Coronavirus and drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease.

What is a viral load?

Dr Ross Walker looks at viral load in relation to COVID-19 and which people are most at risk.

How to boost your immunity

Dr Ross Walker explains how you can boost your immunity and which vitamins will give you an extra boost.

COVID-19 and your immunity

Dr Ross Walker looks at how your immunity affects your risk of contracting Coronavirus.

COVID-19 vaccine update

Dr Ross Walker explains two promising COVID-19 vaccine trials and what they have been able to achieve.

A treatment for mild to moderate COVID-19

Dr Ross Walker shares the details of a treatment plan with positive results in some mild to moderate cases of Coronavirus.

How does herd immunity work?

Dr Ross explains herd immunity and how it could work in the case of COVID-19.

Did health authorities make the right decision about COVID-19?

Dr Ross Walker shares his criticisms about how the coronavirus pandemic has been handled.

What therapies are available for COVID-19?

Dr Ross Walker examines the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

The COVID-19 game-changer

With over 100 vaccines for COVID-19 currently being trialled, Dr Ross Walker explains what vaccination is and how the latest research into Coronavirus vaccines is progressing.

Why are there more COVID-19 cases in the northern hemisphere?

Dr Ross Walker explains what kind of people and places are more susceptible to the Coronavirus.

The 5 key solutions to COVID-19

Dr Ross Walker explains how general measures, personal immunity, anti-virals, management and vaccination are key to the COVID-19 response, in this video contribution to the Fit India Conclave Doctors Day initiative.

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