6 December 2023
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Meet legendary retailer Remo Giuffre and his unique book!

Meet legendary retailer Remo Giuffre and his unique book!

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Trump's trade torture!

This week, Peter and Paul are mad about Trump's trade war tactics, the dropping Aussie dollar and stories of sinking house prices.

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Mad about bad reporting!

This week on Mad about Money, Peter Switzer is mad about house price 'armageddon' stories and is praying for a trade deal between Trump and China.

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Debt is down, down, down!

Tune in to the latest episode of Mad about Money!

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5 steps to real change

Dr Ross Walker lists the steps you need to take to give up bad habits.

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What's going on with the economy?!

Peter Switzer explains what's happening with interest rates, the economy, the stock market... and Bill Shorten.

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Learn better coping skills

Grieve, laugh and declutter.

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Shenanigans in Canberra

There's a showdown in Canberra plus how has earnings season affected your investment strategy?

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