7 August 2020
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Switzer TV: Property

Victoria lockdown: Expert shows how you can make money out of property

Destiny Final Solutions' Margaret Lomas, Preston Rowe Paterson's Greg Sugars and Federal MP Tim Wilson speak to Peter Switzer.

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The Coronavirus has shocked stocks - where are the buying opportunities?

Michael McCarthy, Julia Lee, Charlie Aitken, Paul Rickard and Webjet CEO John Guscic join Peter Switzer to share their insights into how the coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting stocks.

We test out the doomsday merchant's claim that the property prices must crash

Shane Oliver, Damien Klassen and Anna Porter join Peter Switzer for a property price discussion.

House price doubters, wrong again!

Eliza Owen, Bruce Hockman and Mike Day join Peter Switzer in our latest property show.

Here's what you need to know if you're a first time property investor

Margaret Lomas, Dr Karl Mallon and Richard Gibbs join this week's Property show.

Expert's guide to becoming a property investor

Your Empire's Chris Gray and Msquared Capital's Paul Miron and Paul Myliotis join Peter Switzer this week.

House Price Recovery “Real and spectacular!”

Switzer TV: Property is back for 2020, this week we are joined by Trent Wiltshire, Tom Panos and Tim Slattery.

REA's Nerida Conisbee says house prices are rising!

Nerida Conisbee, Rich Harvey, Paul Miron and Paul Myliotis join Peter Switzer for the final Switzer TV: Property of 2019.

Is a housing recovery our only hope?

Peter White and Charles Mellick join Peter Switzer on this week's show.

Property princess pinpoints the property hotspots!

Margaret Lomas, Greville Pabst and Anthony Doyle join Peter Switzer this week.

The hottest suburbs around the country

Century 21's Charles Tarbey shares the property hotspots around the country, plus Suburbgrowth.com.au's Ben Kingsley talks about the first home loan deposit scheme.

Housing sector is rebounding! Believe it!

Coolabah Capital's Chris Joye, Domain's Jason Pellegrino and PEXA's Marcus Price join the show.

Sydney & Melbourne house prices to surge over 14%

Peter discusses the latest property market news with SQM Research's Louis Christopher, The Agency's Ben Collier and Centuria's Ross Lees.

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