22 October 2020
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Switzer TV: Investing

What stocks are the experts buying? Plus, should you gamble on Mesoblast?

Join Peter Switzer with guests; Julia Lee, Jun Bei Liu, Gemma Dale & ST Wong

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If a trade deal is coming, what stocks should you buy?

This week on Switzer TV: Investing, Dr Ross Walker, Sean Cortis, Charlie Aitken, Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy and Tim Farrelly.

Are Blackmores, Link, Smart Group & Microsoft stocks you should buy?

This week, Peter Switzer sits down with Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Charlie Aitken, Ryan Fisher and Damian Cottier.

Positive trade talk exposes great stock selections

This week on Switzer TV: Investing, Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Paul Rickard, Shane Oliver and David Head.

Trade deal - what stocks? Trade war - what stocks?

This week on Switzer: Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Charlie Aitken, Paul Rickard and Rod North.

Reporting Season is over, so what stocks look hot?

This week on Switzer: Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Paul Rickard, Gerry Harvey and Simon Reynolds.

Market dives! Buying opportunity? Expert's hot stocks!

This week on Switzer: Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Paul Rickard, Paul Bloxham and Charlie Aitken

How scared should you be about recession & a stock market collapse?

This week on Switzer: Christopher Joye, Julia Lee, Kate Carnell, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard.

What stocks should you buy with China taking on Trump?

This week on Switzer: Julia Lee (Burman Invest), Michael McCarthy (CMC Markets), Paul Rickard (Switzer Report), Michael Gable (Fairmont Equities) and Tim Reed (MYOB).

Why you shouldn't be scared of stock prices and house prices falling

This week on Switzer: Stephen Koukoulas, Angus Woods, Julia Lee, Rudi Filapek-Vandyck and Paul Rickard

Roger Montgomery won't buy local but loves this US stock

Peter Switzer sits down with Roger Montgomery this week, plus Charlie Aitken, Glenn Cooper and Simon O'Connor.

Stocks to buy now and Prof. Keen's house price prediction

Steve Keen returns to Switzer this week, plus Julia Lee, Paul Rickard and Charlie Aitken.

Should we ban bitcoin, AMP and other money-killing investments?

On Switzer this week, Nugget's News founder and CEO Alex Saunders and Canva co-founder and CPO Cameron Adams.

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