20 January 2021
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Switzer TV: Investing

BUY or SELL these hot stocks: Tyro, Z1P, A2M, ELO, EML, TWE, NXT and MP1

On this week's show, Peter Switzer is joined by Fairmont Equities' Michael Gable, Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Switzer's Paul Rickard and Avecho's Dr Paul Gavin.

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Sold-off stocks that experts are buying!

Joining Peter Switzer on this week's show are Julia Lee, Jim Rogers, Christopher Joye, Adam Dawes and Paul Rickard.

What stocks are the experts buying? Plus, should you gamble on Mesoblast?

Join Peter Switzer with guests; Julia Lee, Jun Bei Liu, Gemma Dale & ST Wong

What stocks will head higher thanks to the budget & Julia Lee on Mesoblast!

Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Shaw and Partners' Adam Dawes, FNArena's Rudi Filapek-Vandyck and Switzer's Paul Rickard join Peter Switzer.

Experts tell you the stocks you should buy and the ones you should dump!

Julia Lee, Paul Rickard, Jun Bei Liu, Peter Switzer and Michael Gable share their analysis of some stock opportunities.

Our experts assess Brainchip, Nearmap, Treasury Wines and tech stocks

Peter Switzer speaks to Burman Invest CIO Julia Lee, Shaw and Partners Senior Investment Adviser Adam Dawes, Yellow Brick Road Chairman Mark Bouris, McPherson's CEO Laurie McAllister and Switzer Report co-founder Paul Rickard.

We pinpoint some tech stocks you don't want to ignore!

Peter Switzer is joined by Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Medallion's Michael Wayne, Tribeca's Jun Bei Liu and Switzer's Paul Rickard.

Is Mesoblast the biomedical stock you have to have? + Freelancer: stock on the way up?

Peter Switzer is joined by Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Freelancer.com's Matt Barrie, Vanguard's Robin Bowerman and Switzer's Paul Rickard.

Tech stocks on the slide! Which stocks are the best buys?

On this week's show, Peter Switzer is joined by Shaw and Partners' Adam Dawes, Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Tribeca Investment Partners' Jun Bei Liu and Switzer's Paul Rickard.

7 Experts! Their One Best Stock! Plus, CEO of NextDC - Check Out The Future!

Peter Switzer talks to the experts about the best companies coming out of reporting season, plus NextDC CEO Craig Scroggie.

CEOs of BHP, Coles, Tyro, Domino's, Coca Cola & A2 Milk. Buy or Sell?

Peter Switzer talks to CEOs and a CFO from some of the biggest companies reporting in the past week, plus a catch up with Julia Lee.

The hot companies to follow out of reporting season!

Peter Switzer speaks to Burman Invest's Julia Lee and Shaw and Partners' Adam Dawes about what companies to watch, plus Ruslan Kogan joins the show.

COVID-19: Great for retail stocks! Plus, these charts will make you want to buy stocks!

On this week's show: Burman Invest's Julia Lee, Fairmont Equities' Michael Gable, ELMO's Danny Lessem, Morgans' Raymond Chan and Switzer's Paul Rickard.

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