5 July 2020
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Presenting your property for sale

If you’re selling this spring, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you relates to the presentation of your property. Presentation is a critical part of the selling process as it directly contributes to how buyers feel about your home. Investing a little time and money upfront to get the presentation right […]

The art of negotiation

Many of us feel at a loss when it comes to negotiation, an important skill when buying by private treaty.  This is because we buy property so rarely in our lifetime that it’s virtually impossible to have gained the experience necessary to become a skilful negotiator. While a vendor has their selling agent to negotiate […]

Rents up 30pc, recent declines a blip

Average weekly rents across Australia have risen by 30 per cent or around $95 per week over the past three years – a fantastic boom for investors particularly during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Rents are now at historic highs – well above our long term average and they’re likely to remain stable. Although new […]

Choosing an agent

We now have firm indications that a significant amount of new stock is about to hit the market as the busiest selling season of the year gets underway. Internal RP Data figures show spring stock levels will be significantly higher than last year, which is great news following several months of severe shortages. It’s also a clear […]

Market review - spring 2009

We’ve had an unusual winter season with strong buyer demand and a severe shortage of stock resulting in very healthy prices, particularly at auction. But rather than a brief blip on the radar, I suspect it is the beginning of the next growth cycle, the one that property owners have been eagerly awaiting. Spring may […]

Is the GFC losing steam?

We’re now at the beginning of a long period of economic recovery. One of the worst global financial crisis we’ve ever seen is finally losing steam and global markets are definitely stabilising. Australian RBA Governor Glenn Stevens says this may turn out to be a shallower recession than first feared but risks remain, so caution […]

The rise of apartment living

Once considered the Great Australian Dream, the family house on a quarter acre block is no longer everyone’s ultimate property choice. Significant changes in our population profile and lifestyle priorities are feeding a strong trend in apartment living. Today, our lifestyles are vastly different to those of our parents. We’re working longer, starting families much […]

Upper end recovery begins

Australia’s prestige property market is showing signs of recovery as cashed up buyers swoop on discounted properties in our most desirable suburbs. Premium property took a hit last year as the full force of the GFC significantly impacted highly geared professionals, particularly those in the banking and finance sectors. Large job losses and declining wealth […]

You can't sell a secret

  If you want to achieve the maximum price for your property you need to invest in marketing, whether you’re selling by auction or by private treaty. At a minimum, you need professional photography, a signboard and internet advertising. These are the no-brainers of real estate marketing and will cost you anything from $800 to […]

Investor activity flies under the radar

Beneath the flurry of first homebuyers is a major resurgence of investor activity in property. We haven’t seen them for several years as the mining boom temporarily kidnapped their focus. Now they’re back. Australia’s property market is welcoming a new breed of investor – savvy, informed and wiser from recent lessons learned. They’ve re-jigged their […]

Tips for buying at auction

Most Australians are intimidated by the auction process and it’s easy to understand why. Auctions are very exciting events. I’ve been in real estate for 28 years and I still get that surge of adrenaline every time I bid on a property myself. It’s totally normal. But if you avoid auctions because you’re uncomfortable with […]

Stand up, Gen Y

Australian parents are finding it tougher to provide financial assistance to their adult children in the wake of the GFC, but most Gen Ys are still expecting their parents to support them as they continue living at home well into their early 20s. These are the findings of a survey commissioned by St.George Bank of […]

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