30 October 2020
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A clever political trickster is our Tony Abbott

Under Abbott’s leadership I think it is fair to say that the first principle has been “the more boats the more votes for us”.

Confused? Take a number, stand in line

The good news and the bad news: the RBA cut the cash rate.

This mess we're in

And so it begins, here's just a few thoughts on election Day One.

A new tax. Surprise, surprise

Chris Bowen's proposed banking deposit levy. The hue, the cry, the context.

Playing dumb

Canberra plans (again) to freeze changes to super; K-Rudd brings in crack-squad of election advisors courtesy of Obama; and the FBT rort.

China pushes ahead with key reforms

Chinese economic news Chinese authorities have announced a number of reform/stimulus measures in recent days via websites and the local media. What has been announced? According to Reuters, quoting the state-run China Daily newspaper, “China plans to invest 1.7 trillion yuan ($277 billion) to combat air pollution over the next five years.” “The money is […]

Capitalism - alive and more than well

Well we have a lot of capitalism breaking out in the local news at the moment.

Who killed Channel 10?

And Fairfax. Talk about serial offenders. One.Tel anyone?

Share plunge indicates Labor will win? Spare me.

Well if ever you need evidence that the stockmarket really is not much more certain than throwing your money away at the track, you only need to look at the debacle over McMillan Shakespeare shares.
 Just to recap, the listed salary packaging company was suspended last week because of uncertainty over the government's new FBT […]

The Perrett Report: Female exec's fall from grace

This is what true equality is about. When the women can be just as bad as the men.

The Perrett Report: He would say that, wouldn't he?

McDonald's blames China and Australia when it releases its disappointing June quarter results to Wall Street. I didn't realise we were that important. 

The Perrett Report: the first edition

Well the start of a new week so it's worth looking at a few news items you might have overlooked or not believed the first time around. The headline in the Fairfax financial pages today 'Forrest dominated board' … Yes, apparently key early investors in Andrew Twiggy Forrest's Foretescue Metals group have accused the mining […]

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