22 October 2020
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$7.8 million package for CBA chief well-earned

I am publicly defending a multimillion dollar executive pay packet and for a big four bank no less. I wanted to get in before the bank bashers whip themselves into a frenzy.

The Poms, they're winning

And the US are also showing us up. Turns out, the economic slowdown might not be as bad as we'd all thought. So where does that leave us who still call Australia home?

Sexy and he knows it

Another day on the campaign trail: Abbott loves the ladies; the Opposition's aversion to numbers; look, it's the parental leave scheme!; NAB chief calls for GST to be reviewed…

Election 2013. Hardly Australia's Got Talent, is it?

So what else is on the program?

On the campaign trail

Peter Beattie: I've always admired him and bemoaned the fact he never moved to Canberra as I saw him having the appeal of a down-to-earth Bob Hawke type prime minister.

What mining tax?

If I was a Fortescue shareholder I'd be very very peeved after Andrew Twiggy Forrest's loss yesterday in his High Court challenge to the government's mining tax.

A Dirty Harry day of reckoning for Rudd?

Unemployment numbers at 11:30am is Rudd’s first Dirty Harry moment on the campaign. Will the ‘punk’ be lucky?

A clever political trickster is our Tony Abbott

Under Abbott’s leadership I think it is fair to say that the first principle has been “the more boats the more votes for us”.

Confused? Take a number, stand in line

The good news and the bad news: the RBA cut the cash rate.

This mess we're in

And so it begins, here's just a few thoughts on election Day One.

A new tax. Surprise, surprise

Chris Bowen's proposed banking deposit levy. The hue, the cry, the context.

Playing dumb

Canberra plans (again) to freeze changes to super; K-Rudd brings in crack-squad of election advisors courtesy of Obama; and the FBT rort.

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