30 October 2020
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Pollies still on the front page

Day three of the new government and the good times just keep on rolling. Confidence is soaring. It's official.

Don't hold your breath Joe

Day two of the new government and the market was still up and while I don't want to rain on the parade, it is still more to do with overseas factors I'm afraid to say.

They can't be any worse than the other lot

I'd love to say at least we have certainty and rejoice at the end of a dysfunctional minority government and being at the mercy of mercurial independents...

The election - marketing lost (and relationships won)

Just as the Super Bowl is to advertising, US elections can be regarded as a testing ground of leading edge marketing techniques.

On the eve of the election

Here's my new media take on the old school editorial: how to vote on the eve of the election.

Give us a break

Roger Corbett makes headlines for stating the bleeding obvious: that Kevin Rudd is a liability and they shouldn't have rewarded his treachery by reinstalling him.

September 8 and beyond

Only four more sleeps to go and I'd like to say it's just getting silly but in fact it's been silly for a while now; the election really is at the tedious stage.

Tony, enough about the carbon tax

Enough about the carbon tax – you're in, it's out, move on.

Can Abbott avoid a Hewson cake moment?

Abbott and the economy are heading in the right direction provided he can avoid a Hewson cake moment!

Sportsbet already paying out on the election

Apparently Tony Abbott is the Black Caviar of political bets.

Here in the magical land of Oz

New South Wales minister quits, admitting he was not a good politician. What took him so long?

Billabong triples its full year loss

I told you last week those profit results currently bombarding us were a mixed lot; totally confusing even within one company as was the case of the Seven group yesterday.

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