22 October 2020
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Coalition won back the government

by Raymond Chan Voting is compulsory for every Australian citizen aged 18 years or older. On 7th September, 15 million Australian casted their vote on which party was going to manage our economy over next 3 years. It has come as no surprises that Coalition, after losing to Labor in 2007, won back the control […]

The not-the-US-debt-crisis chat

Time for some end of week musings, or maybe we can call it Not-The-US-debt-crisis chat.

Not just good news, excellent news

Australians are the wealthiest people in the world, per capita according to a new report from Credit Suisse.

Senate election - drubbing for Labor and Greens; no good for Abbott

I say that the Senate election has seen an absolute drubbing for Labor and the Greens but it has not been a good result for Abbott who has actually lost a senator, Helen Kroger (Victoria).

Borrowed money

Honestly, there should be some proper penalty for this instead of just, 'oops I'll pay it back years later and only when I've been outed by Fairfax newspapers'.

The calm before the storm

With much of Australia on holiday yesterday, you would expect a quite calm day on markets but the fact they are not in chaos is really just a sign of the calm before the storm.

Opposition of gloom becomes the government of boom

Was it only a week ago I was cruel enough to think Malcolm Turnbull could do better than Wal King who was being touted for the NBN board.

They've lost their minds

No, not my opinion of the current US government shutdown, but the appropriate words of their own senate leader Harry Reid.

Men behaving badly

Well I'd like to have a go at the silly goings on of our pollies but those bozos in the US make them look good … Well, at least not so bad.

Let's hope it doesn't end in tears

Didn't I tell you the old Liberal lackeys, sorry faithful, would be lining up for their appointments?

It's called progress, stupid

Let's drill down on some of the news stories that were around yesterday.

Corruption in the ranks?

After what NSW has been through with ICAC and the stinking Labor party it would be a relief if Barry O'Farrell showed zero tolerance for the same behaviour on his side of the aisle.

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