6 December 2023
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Vale Kevin

I had been waiting for some news to update my column on this site. Last month I said it was too hard to call the market without more clarity on the RSPT (resource tax). Well, we got that yesterday morning in spades. Kevin was shown the red card and Julia scored in injury time only […]

Morgan Stanley and Dead Presidents

The news is out. US prosecutors are investigating several Morgan Stanley CDOs. Like the Abacus inquiry at Goldman Sachs, the issue is what representations Morgan Stanley made to clients. How did the bank market those Weapons of Money Destruction? Here’s what The Wall Street Journal reports: Among the deals that have been scrutinized are two […]

Credit where credit is due

In an effort to drive the US economy, Washington continues its quest to get big banks to offer more to small business lines of credit, and week on week it seems to get more challenging. The lenders are just not buying into the rally. And in part I can see why. For one, why would […]

The state of the union

Last week I like the rest of the world, sat watching President Obama delivering his State Of The Union speech. And it missed the mark for me. Like 23 million other small business owners across America, I watched in anticipation for the nuts and bolts of what the small business stimulus package might do for […]

The power of now!

It’s interesting, 12 months ago while the world waited for a new President to appear in the United States, I was on radio across the US saying business people across the country here needed to simply claim some personal responsibility for their destiny, put their head down and the tails up, and run their own […]

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