23 October 2021
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Investor signposts: week beginning 19 July 2009

The big picture Investors have plenty of reasons to feel frustrated by the performance of the Australian share market over the past 18 months. While the Australian economy has out-performed every major developed nation, our share market has closely tracked the under-performing US market. In fact, the measure of the relationship (correlation) between the Australian […]

Big calls

The scariest stock market bear of them all, Nouriel Roubini, with the nickname Doctor Doom, was reported as saying that he’s capitulated and the share buyers loved it. This guy might not be on your social network radar screen, but he has become a market mover and shaker since it was accepted he called the […]

Buy the dips!

I have said this before, but I will say it louder and clearer — buy the dips. Buy when everyone is panicking and selling, and buy believing the worst on the stock market is behind us. That doesn’t mean it won’t fall, but the long-term investor wanting to build wealth over the next five to […]

Mysterious economics

The wonderful thing about the world of economics is that it’s like the great line in the movie JFK, which described the enormous unanswered questions around the late president’s death. It goes like this: “It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.” In fact, moviemistakes.com says this actually was a line lifted from […]

Telegram from the Queen

When you turned a hundred years old you used to get a telegram from the Queen, as it is such an achievement. I don’t know if they still have telegrams these days or whether Mum just casually drops you an email. Either way, she is going to be very busy because in 2004 there were […]

Interview with the wolf

When a money story is so big that legendary film director Martin Scorsese and actor Leonardo DiCaprio want to make a movie about it, you know it’s a gripping yarn. This is what has happened to the Jordan Belfort story — a Wall Street brokerage, sex, drugs and jail! But the tale does not end […]

“No one saw this coming?" Balderdash

The widespread statement that this financial crisis was a tsunami that no one saw coming has been given the lie to by an excellent survey of economic models by Dirk Bezemer, a Professor of Economics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Bezemer did an extensive survey of research by economists or financial market commentators, looking for […]

Is this stock market for suckers?

When it comes to making money off the stock market, there’s a sucker born everyday, but the next few weeks is shaping up as the classic case where the uninformed or the plain unlucky could be in line to cop a sucker punch. Let me show you how to dodge it! Past warnings Regular Switzer […]

Investor Signposts - week beginning July 13 2009

In the US, retailers aren’t complaining just about high unemployment, recession and falling house prices – the weather has also proved problematic. Until recently, the summer in the north-east has proved unseasonably cool and wet, reducing demand for seasonal items like air conditioners and clothing. Investors and analysts tend to focus on economic factors when […]

Reporting begins

You are going to hear a whole pile of reasons why the stock market is not rallying at the moment, but you can’t miss the fact that there are no panicky sell-offs. However, we are not getting the near instant bounce backs we were seeing a month or so ago. The reason? The wise guys […]

New tax on family homes held by companies

Following the recent Federal Budget announcement, all families that hold their homes and other personal assets in family companies should now be reviewing the income tax consequences of these arrangements. It may be necessary for families to consider either entering into leases to use the homes or even transferring the homes from the companies. It […]

Gotta have faith

Want some good money making advice? Keep the faith. Believe in the ability of good companies to turn a profit and don’t let down days on the stock market blind you to what you’re trying to achieve. Oh yes, show some guts, but make sure it’s measured by sensible risk management. Master of the markets […]

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