17 October 2021
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In praise of property

Christopher Joye is as mad as hell when it comes to the so-called experts bagging housing as an investment and he has started identifying the culprits who are conspiring to promote the big rivals to direct property — shares, funds, financial institutions and a complying media! And he points the finger at short-sighted super fund […]

The 11 investment lessons

This is the most important story I have ever written and that’s why I want you to read it. I have penned good ones in the past but this is the most important. In February last year, I warned that the Reserve Bank would have to “turn on a dime” and cut interest rates because […]

The price is not quite right

Never underestimate the negativity of headline makers from media outlets, but forgive them because they know not what they do! The latest that made me both cringe and laugh was — “Recovery comes at a price”. This was followed by bullet points — “Interest rates to rise” and “Growth to rebound quickly”. Of course, many […]

Investor signposts: week beginning 9 August 2009

With any luck we will be reading fewer articles on the lines of 1,001 ways to cook sausages in tough economic times. While appropriate perhaps in countries like the US and UK, those reports were always less relevant here in Australia. The simple fact is that Australian consumers have actually been winners during the Global […]

Best bank accounts

One of the challenges of being a so-called money guru is that people actually believe it and they set tasks that should only be reserved for those who are superhuman. These thoughts became obvious as I tried to work through the quagmire that is the matrix of comparable bank accounts in this country. Why was […]

New employer super reporting rules

New reporting obligations that came into effect on 1 July 2009 mean that many employers now need to make changes to their payroll systems and update payment summaries to include reportable employer super contributions. Reportable employer superannuation contributions are those made for an employee where the following two conditions apply: The employee influenced the amount […]

Up to our necks?

On 21 July when the index was at 951, I wrote that 961 was being tested and in bull case if 961 was taken out we’d get a run. I wrote: “Bull Case: I’d anticipate that a close above 961 should open up a swift move to 1,008 as a first point of resistance (up […]

Don't be fooled by teaser rates

Low rate home loans are the perfect way for banks and other financial institutions to lure in new customers. Also known as a teaser or introductory rate, the gimmick has been around for a while. However, if you’re keen enough to take the bait, you could be risking thousands of dollars over the term of […]

DIY or expert?

One of the hottest topics and questions asked by investors, especially new, inexperienced investors who believe we are staring a great opportunity in the face to buy into shares at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, is, do I do it DIY or with an expert? Who are the experts? The expert could be a full-service broker, a […]

Has the bottom been seen?

We are days, if not only hours, away from confirming signals that the market bottom has been seen. What looks to be an inverse Head and Shoulders (H&S) formation has formed in the US and Ozzie stock indices. In the US, resistance is at 1,008, followed by stronger resistance at 1,048, after which a pullback […]

Pullback on the way?

How good is this rally? Well, compared to the market in 2008, this is an overdue lucky break, but for those who are out of the market and want in, is it too late? Or is there a pullback overdue? At the beginning of August, these were the big numbers that screamed investors were not […]

Roubini in Australia

The famous Dr Doom — Nouriel Roubini — is in Australia for the famous Diggers and Dealers mining conference in Kalgoorlie and again he is peddling his bad news warnings. His latest is to beware a double dip recession (DDR)! He is not the only expert to say the DDR is a chance. Some weeks […]

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