15 April 2021
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Storm clouds

An inquiry held in Brisbane into the collapse of Storm Financial has searched for the answer to the central question about what happened to Storm and its clients. Was it a cock-up? A conspiracy? Or just plain old greed? These are the questions posed by The Sydney Morning Herald’s Stuart Washington, and they are good […]

Top 30 stocks

When I kicked off my show, SWITZER on Sky Business Channel on 29 June this year, I told my viewers I wanted to pursue the perfect portfolio over time and then we would add or take from it, tracking its performance over time. I gave myself an imaginary starting point, which was the group of […]

Scary September

September promised to bring spooky trading days and on day one in the USA, like a Hollywood scary movie, it delivered a gasping fright right from the start. But don’t worry. Unlike the blockbuster called ‘Lehman Brothers is Dead’, which ran last September, this one looks more like being a B-grade production called something like: […]

After the gold rush

John Kenneth Galbraith said some time ago that “Banking may very well be a career from which no man really recovers”. The debate regarding Consolidated Media and the intentions of the sparring parties will continue for some time but in my view will end up being all about the following. Marrying the internet and television […]

Pullback, smullback

The case for a September share market pullback is building, especially with the Chinese stock market starting to take a dramatic dive, but my old mate, ex-chief economist at Deutsche Bank, Don Stammer is not worried. He sees it as a buying opportunity of the stocks he wants to hold in his portfolio. I asked […]

Focus on YOU

Forget about the market. Forget about interest rates and stop worrying about your job and focus on the most important moneymaking issue in your life — you! That’s right, watching the market, timing your buys and sells of shares, locking in interest rates at the right time as well as buying the right assets in […]

It's hard being a bear (part two)

One of the reasons I’m still a bear on the economy is because the economists in the optimist camp are relying upon very bad economic theory. If that theory is telling them good times are ahead, that’s one of the best predictors of bad times you could have. This isn’t because the optimists are bad […]

Investor Signposts: week beginning 30 August 2009

The big picture Questions and answers – the profit reporting season Q: Has it been a good earnings season? A: It always depends what you mean by “good”. Analysts were braced for bad news but analysis by Bloomberg shows that only a third of companies disappointed with their earnings results – a third of results […]

Beware September and October

I know Julius Caesar’s wife Calpurnia warned the Roman emperor to “beware the Ides of March” but investors would do better to worry about the months of September and October. There has been a bit of a debate about what month is really the spookiest with crashes often happening in October but the records actually […]

Time to hate the banks?

According to a passage in the bible, there’s a time to love and even a time to hate and lots of Aussies allocate their limited amount of hate for banks. And given what they can do, it can be understandable but the question is — is it time to hate banks? I have to be […]

ATO provides tax debt relief for small businesses

The ATO recently announced the following two new initiatives to help small businesses that are struggling to manage their tax payment obligations in the current economic climate: 12-month general interest charge (GIC) free payment arrangements Deferred activity statement payment due dates. A small business is one where the turnover of the business is less than […]

Don't get left behind online

Just how modern do you think you are? A recent report pretty well implies that if you are not online you are off the planet! So if you want to benchmark yourself against the cutting edge generation and online fanatics, have a look at the big observations from the 2009 e-Business Report from Sensis. If […]

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