2 December 2020
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ATO Audit Targets for 2009-10

The ATO has received additional funding to undertake more audits this year and has indicated that it will be targeting specific groups. Where a taxpayer falls within a target category, they should double-check their records to ensure that everything is in order as it is now more likely that they will be contacted by the […]

It's hard being a bear (part five): rescued?

I’m happy to admit that I underestimated how strongly governments would respond to this financial crisis. Dramatic reductions in interest rates, huge fiscal stimuli and—in the USA and UK—expansion of government-created money, have all had a positive impact on the economy and asset markets (both shares and houses). In his recent essay, Australian Prime Minister […]

Miss Universe shares

It’s sometimes argued, especially by some women, that some men don’t think with their brain but some other organ! This terribly unfair accusation crossed my mind when I saw that Myer’s upcoming prospectus was fronted by our beauty queen Jennifer Hawkins. Around the same time I could not help thinking about what the late Rene […]

New faces

A population growth spurt that will take Australia's population to 35 million by 2049 will create significant opportunities for smart businesses. Rupert Murdoch recently said, “It will not be the big beating the small it will be the fast beating the slow”. Treasurer Wayne Swan unveiled new research last week and stated that the updated […]

Another up week

Local analysts tell us that it's hard to see the stock market keep rising because the numbers, like that computer on Little Britain, “says no!” However, it might not matter what’s going on here because our economy has done so well — it’s all about Wall Street. If the all-important indexes in New York — […]

Investor signposts: week beginning 20 September 2009

The big picture Much of the data that is produced each month highlights changes in the economy. For instance data on business investment, retail sales or building approvals are helpful in gauging whether activity is expanding or contracting. But from time to time statistics are released which update information on the structure of the economy […]

The Telstra lesson

The case of Telstra this week made me think of the great Aussie comic Dave Hughes and rams home one of the most important money making messages you can ever read, see or hear — don’t be too smart, don’t be too cocky and don’t be too scared. Another supporting message is select an investment […]

Take advantage of first homebuyer accounts

As the countdown for the $7,000 First Home Owner’s Boost for established homes and the $14,000 boost for new home are coming to an end on 30 September, there will be many people out there who would not have saved enough money for a deposit in time to reap these generous government benefits. This group […]

Too good to be true?

Despite the fact that a lot of smaller banks as well as non-bank lenders can’t easily access money from overseas and the Big Four banks are dominating home loans, there are some pretty interesting home loan options out there at the moment. I was asked by a radio station and its listeners to look at […]

Debtor's paradise on the horizon?

Bankruptcy laws could soon be changed to make life better for the wrongdoers — the debtor who doesn’t pay — and at the same time punish lots of small and medium-sized businesses. The Federal Attorney General has proposed increasing the minimum debt at which creditors can petition for bankruptcy from $2,000 to $10,000. Roger Mendelson, […]

A great distanced travelled

I remember being on the floor of the Stock Exchange in Melbourne in October 1987 during the market crash and wondering what I had gotten myself into, I remember being up late and watching live on television the horror of 11 September and thinking to myself that the end of the world must surely be […]

Super women

Excuse the possible misinterpretation, but women are being screwed and it’s time they hit back with what I call the ‘Network’ solution. And it requires women to get “as mad as hell” such that they do something about it! Elizabeth Broderick, who is the country’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner, has slammed the nation’s superannuation system because […]

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