1 December 2020
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America is no doughnut economy

Homer Simpson once asked the question: "Doughnuts. Is there anything they can’t do?" The same question might be asked of the Aussie economy with another run of great data today. In contrast, the US economy, while getting better, is certainly not in the miracle doughnut class and that showed on Wall Street this morning. An […]

Savings boost - how to ride the interest rate wave

Rising interest rates will not only weigh down debts, but it will also help your savings grow. As financial institutions prepare for the interest rate recovery, you will need to tend carefully to your finances, or risk scarring your bank balance. The big four banks (Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, National Australia Bank (NAB) and ANZ) responded […]

Cup day rate rises - a safe bet?

If the scary interest rate talk of three rises in a row and even a whopping half-a-per cent rise is under starter’s orders for Cup day, don’t get too stressed. This outcome is not an odds-on certainty. Even the rapid rises could become gradual and measured rises as economic data justifies it. Yesterday, the Reserve […]

Trading places

I was wrong about where the malaise of the past year started, it wasn’t Wall Street, but Madison Avenue, home to the offices of the advertising executives who consult psychologists about how to stimulate consumerism by plugging into our deepest impulses by lying to us. They used television media with great effect to convince those […]

Apple of the earning season's eye

On the 22-year anniversary of the Crash of 1987, the Dow Jones and the S&P 500 indexes kept climbing, defying gravity and negative predictions of bear investors, with the latter index breaking through 1100 for the first time this year. The tech story The big story was tech today, and earnings optimism pushed the US […]

The Empire strikes back

For people old enough to remember Nine’s sports broadcaster, Darrell Eastlake, this US company reporting week and therefore the lead for our stock market will be HUGE! And for those optimists out there who might have noted that some of the US economic indicators have wobbled a bit lately, there are still some promising signs […]

Investor signposts - week beginning 18 October 2009

The big picture The Aussie dollar evokes different emotions and reactions from consumers, investors and businesses. For consumers, the high level of the currency is viewed positively, the perception being that it will translate to cheaper international travel and cheaper imported goods. But the strong Aussie certainly isn’t viewed as an unambiguously positive event by […]

Governor Stevens set to star in A Nightmare of Debt Street - the sequel

The Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens continues to terrorise those in debt with a speech yesterday that confirms he has no qualms playing Freddy Krueger in his remake of A Nightmare on Debt Street 2. He said the central bank cannot be too timid when raising rates given that it was prepared to cut interest […]

JPMorgan result puts the bears into hiding

It’s early days in the US reporting season and for the bears it's not good news. Some great results came out yesterday morning for optimists with Intel, the world’s greatest microprocessor producer (that’s the key thing inside your computer) beating estimates, particularly on the revenue side and their outlook call was promising. A big boost […]

Financial performance indicators for businesses

It is very important to monitor a wide range of 'performance indicators' in your business, in order to ensure that appropriate and timely decisions and plans can be made. Given that sales, profit margins and cash flow are the lifeblood of any business, owners should place particular emphasis on receiving regular reports on these areas […]

US recession over - or is it?

It is now official in the USA — the recession is over — and that’s a message the 15 million unemployed Americans might find a little hard to pop a bottle of champagne (or even a can of Bud) over. That said, the actual announcement of good news of that consequence really is a valuable […]

Inflation, not deflation

What is monetary policy and what are its objectives? The website of The Reserve Bank of Australia clearly states the following: (RBA) is responsible for formulating and implementing monetary policy. The Board's obligations with respect to monetary policy are laid out in the Reserve Bank Act 1959. Section 10(2) of the Act, which is often […]

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