21 September 2020
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The GFC: Pothole or Mountain?

“The Marxian view is that capitalistic economies are inherently unstable and that excessive accumulation of capital will lead to increasingly severe economic crises. Growth theory, which has proved to be empirically successful, says this is not true. “The capitalistic economy is stable, and absent some change in technology or the rules of the economic game, […]

It's hard being a bear (part three): good economic history

“Green shoots” are appearing everywhere—just read the newspapers, and you can be assured that we’ve turned the corner. Bar the latest rise in US unemployment—up 0.3 per cent to 9.7 per cent, after falling 0.1 per cent the previous month—there’s nothing but good news as far as the eye can see. Unless, that is, you […]

The Sandilands effect

Gold shot through the US$1000 an Oz level and this is often associated with flights to quality, when stock market players are getting a bit panicky. However, there are many reasons why gold is glittering and one could be linked to what I call the Kyle Sandilands effect. Stick with me on this. Those playing […]

Risky business or a spoonful of sugar?

As the US Federal Reserve balance sheet continues to expand (some say it may reach $5 trillion by this time next year), it seems more and more likely that the US will need to manufacture inflation whilst attempting to keep interest rates at historically low levels. Inflationary pressures will also be exacerbated by the enormous […]

Anatomy of business building success

The great business thinker Peter Drucker once explained successful business in pretty simple terms. He said it starts with an innovation and then it’s all down to marketing. When you trawl through the marketing messages that have been burnt onto your mental hard disk, you know no truer business words have ever been uttered. But […]

Question of when

One week into September — the scariest month of all on Wall Street — and no sell-offs, yet. That’s good news but we still have the rest of the month and that pesky October to deal with. And locally, we have another dilemma — will the Reserve Bank raise interest rates in October? Frankly, I […]

Investor signposts - week beginning 6 September 2009

The big picture The global financial crisis has caused many investors to question the value of listening to economists. Economists across the globe didn’t warn that a crisis was coming. And of course that includes the supposed experts at the International Monetary Fund as well as the experts at the heart of central banks and […]

Spring clean your savings plan

It is that time of year when we toss out the junk in our garages that we have accumulated over the past year and clear out the clutter from our homes. Spring is also a great time to shed our bad winter savings habits and clean up our savings plan. Australians who have spent careful […]

Storm clouds

An inquiry held in Brisbane into the collapse of Storm Financial has searched for the answer to the central question about what happened to Storm and its clients. Was it a cock-up? A conspiracy? Or just plain old greed? These are the questions posed by The Sydney Morning Herald’s Stuart Washington, and they are good […]

Top 30 stocks

When I kicked off my show, SWITZER on Sky Business Channel on 29 June this year, I told my viewers I wanted to pursue the perfect portfolio over time and then we would add or take from it, tracking its performance over time. I gave myself an imaginary starting point, which was the group of […]

Scary September

September promised to bring spooky trading days and on day one in the USA, like a Hollywood scary movie, it delivered a gasping fright right from the start. But don’t worry. Unlike the blockbuster called ‘Lehman Brothers is Dead’, which ran last September, this one looks more like being a B-grade production called something like: […]

After the gold rush

John Kenneth Galbraith said some time ago that “Banking may very well be a career from which no man really recovers”. The debate regarding Consolidated Media and the intentions of the sparring parties will continue for some time but in my view will end up being all about the following. Marrying the internet and television […]

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