4 August 2020
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Resolutions for 2010

With the start of a new year, now is a good time to make your personal and business resolutions for 2010 and beyond. Personal Review/update wills and powers of attorney. Those who don’t have a will should consider putting one in place, particularly if they have dependants or own major assets. Consider if retirement savings […]

Shakespearean guidance

When PM Kevin Rudd gets over his number one Aussie persona, which he had publicly for a day on 26 January, he will have to put his mind to what lies ahead for him and his party during this election year. And he might reflect on a bit of Shakespeare if he wants some guidance […]

Waves of opportunity

This week, Apple likely will launch yet another record-setting, transformative wireless device. Two weeks ago, we wrote how the new innings of high speed wireless internet availability (perhaps up to 100 MB per second) on the 4G network will see to it that Telstra comes to an arrangement with the federal government rather than risk […]

Don't panic

There’s a lot of talk about a correction of the stock market around right now, but the only people who should be really worried are short-term investors, day traders and fund managers who have to show their investment results every three months. All the experts will tell you that last week was the worst on […]

Investor signposts - week beginning 24 January 2009

The big picture Australia’s listed companies about to kick off the earnings season – that is, issue their financial results for either the 2009 calendar year or six months to December. On Wednesday, Coal & Allied and GUD Holdings kick off the season with their earnings results. On Thursday, Newcrest Mining, Aquarius Platinum and Alesco […]

Is a correction close?

Just when market prophets have been warning a correction of share prices is looming, along come two big, responsible question marks that have rattled stock players. The first is the worries over China. The second, President Obama’s bank bashing. First trigger Ironically, this comes as China revealed it has grown at a slam-dunking 10.7 per […]

Australian Dollar: Buying the Dips!

The Australian dollar repeatedly has sharp and sometimes significant sell-offs. The reasons are often similar, and this allows us to take advantage of these better buying levels. Australian dollar daily chart, showing a very firm major up-trend to our targets. With global growth running strongly and demand for commodities steadily increasing, the domestic scene of […]

World outlook on the up

You don’t have to be an economist to know China is delivering big time on the economic growth front and this should provide a bit of a protective blanket for our economy. But the nagging question is — will the rest of the developed world let us down and ruin our party? The Behravesh view […]

Sitting on spare cash?

While Australians are being told to brace themselves for rising interest rates this year, you should keep in mind that not all interest rates are expected to climb. Interest rates on mortgages are tipped to increase one per cent by 2011 and it is likely that personal loans, car loans and credit cards will follow […]

Out of the zone

The thing about travelling to places such as New York is that you are taken out of your comfort zone. And for a media man like me it means you become a Wall Street Journal and New York Times kind of guy for the time you are in the Big Apple. I learnt years ago […]

The year of the porker

In China, 2010 is the year of the tiger with 2009 having been the year of the ox. In Australia, we have the year of the porker. Will our hyper-consumption lead us all to be misery guts or fat guts? After the success of last year’s runaway hit MasterChef (we wrote about that one at […]

Use the economic force

Star Wars legend Obi-Wan Kenobi made the advice — “use the force Luke” — famous. A line I pedalled, Kenobi-style, with great success last year, will be re-run this year. And that counsel is — buy the dips. Long-term view Warnings of corrections abound and many of them come from hedge fund managers who are […]

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