13 August 2022
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Mad about Money

Mad about Money

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard share their thoughts on the major current affairs impacting financial markets and the economy.

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Tax cuts are coming!

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard look at how Bill Shorten has kicked the union bosses' butts, how the budget is shaping up and whether stocks could still rise.

Bloody Britain's Brexit!

This week, Peter changes teams on interest rates, and looks at where stocks are headed plus bloody Britain's Brexit.

Can our market go higher?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard look at whether our market can go higher, whether Bill Shorten is anti-business and the stocks to buy following reporting season.

Reporting season is hotting up!

This week, reporting season is hotting up with Coles, BHP and WOW, plus Peter and Paul look at whether a Trump trade deal will push the market higher and why Labor should support mortgage brokers.

Is Trump a positive for the stock market?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard look at how Donald Trump helped push the stock market higher, how bad the economic slowdown is and whether mortgage brokers are being treated unfairly.

Economic nerves and Twitter trolls!

Peter Switzer talks about being economically nervous, Twitter trolls and the stream of data out of Australia and the United States this week.

Blame the IMF for stock market drop

Peter Switzer looks at how the markets reacted to the International Monetary Fund's growth downgrade for the global economy, plus the ASX stocks with double-digit growth.

British parliament rejects Brexit deal

This week on Mad about Money, we're talking Brexit, a tax stimulus from China and the latest on Wesfarmers.

Can we trust the market rebound?

Peter and Paul look at the gains for the Dow Jones, industry super funds overtaking SMSFs and how the Australian stock market will respond to local headwinds.

The Fed's important interest rate decision

Peter and Paul discuss the upcoming interest rate decision by the Fed, whether the market is in a crash or a correction and John McGrath's home price call.

Tired of Trump!

Peter and Paul look at the latest effects of Trump on the markets, house price falls and whether Bill Shorten will be denied his tax grab on retirees.

What happened to the Trump trade war truce rally?!

Peter and Paul look at the 800 point fall for the Dow overnight, whether our banks might be affected and the release of economic growth numbers today.

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