29 May 2022
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Why multivitamins are a good investment

There was a clear 8 per cent reduction in all common cancers after ten years of taking a multivitamin daily.

If I were Barry O'Farrell

Come the revolution and I am running the show the following points would be my way of dealing with increasing problems of alcohol fuelled violence.

Healthy habits for next generation entrepreneurs

One of the problems is that the earlier you develop bad habits, the more ingrained those habits become.

A chocolate a day...

Should you be feeling guilty about the weekend's chocolate binge?

10 health tips for the lazy man

Without wishing to sound sexist, women are typically better and more motivated to practice healthy life habits.

Does calorie restriction extend your life?

For a number of years scientists have been claiming that restricting our calories is an effective way of extending our lifespan.

How dangerous is Marijuana?

Recent studies raise the specter of the danger of regular marijuana use.

Keeping healthy over the break

Although the holiday break should be a time of renewal and rejuvenation, often the reverse happens.

Violence. Time for stronger regulations?

Many of us members, of the older generation have concerns around the increasing violence we are witnessing, typically, on a daily basis in our community.

Summer survival tips

The secret to a happy, healthy life is balance and nothing demonstrates this better than how we treat our skin.

The thrill of the win - how deep does it go?

It’s almost considered un-Australian not to bet on the Melbourne Cup or play 2-up on Anzac Day.

Plenty more Zzzs where that came from

One of the five keys to good health is cultivating and maintaining a good quality sleep habit.

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