7 May 2021
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Small in size, not in skill - 10 William Street

Last night I went to the most fabulous little new bar in my neighbourhood (in fact, it was my second visit in a week). Having lived in Melbourne for years and enjoyed its small bar culture, I am so glad the Sydney licensing people have seen the light. ‘10 William St’ is the small third […]

Organising a Melbourne Cup lunch

The Melbourne Cup is an amazing event – it’s fun, it’s glamorous and the whole country gets involved. The sense of party is infectious and it is apparent not only at the track but around the nation. I love the way everyone wants to dress up, put on a hat, have a few bets, sip […]

Baking a name for yourself - creating client dinner perfection

If having your friends to dinner isn’t stressful enough, imagine what it’s like to invite your colleagues, maybe your boss and some major clients. Don’t get stressed – get planning. It is the key to all entertaining. Just like you would at work, make lists! Grab a cup of tea, put aside half an hour […]

Rediscovering the lost art of the family dinner

How many times a week do you sit down to eat as a family? I am sure some level of guilt will accompany the answer. We all know it is good to have meals together but many of us rarely do so – especially without the ‘white noise’ of the TV, radio, CD player or […]

Lemon meringue pie - the perfect end-of-meal treat

The beauty of the lemon meringue pie – other than it being my favourite dessert in the world – is that it goes with so many main courses. From a tasty chicken salad to tender oven-baked lamb loins, the lemon meringue is a perfect end-of-meal treat. Sorry boys, I promise more beef next week! Shortcrust […]

Heralding spring - three chicken salads to celebrate the season

You can smell it in the air – it’s the smell of spring. Now mix that with the smell of fresh chicken salad and you’ll have a quick, healthy and delicious meal for a warm spring afternoon. The trick is to have some poached chicken in the fridge. It will last for up to four […]

Three sugary treats for school holiday fun

A few old favourites to make with the kids over the holidays – there is nothing like baking these to take you straight back to your childhood and create a few memories for the kids. These recipes are no-fuss, simple delights – the bonus for you and the kids is they require very little washing […]

The no-work work lunch diet

So you're on deadline and stressed? Or maybe you had one too many drinks the night before ... that Quarter Pounder is looking mighty tasty, isn't it? Ring any bells? While fried and battered, greasy fast food looks like the better option in these moments, refrain from temptation. Often the healthy alternative will feel better […]

Spring into health with five seasonal salads

Spring … summer  – the perfect time for a BBQ, yummy salad and glass of wine (for me it’s a Sav Blanc). This is a fabulous way to eat – we need good lean meats, salads are healthy, and it’s been proven a few wines shared with friends is beneficial on a lot of levels! […]

Don't live in sweet denial

Treats are good for the soul – they make you feel good, special, decadent, even deserving! Especially that spot of ‘self bribing’ we do – you know, the ‘I can have that bar of chocolate if I finish my tax tonight’ thought pattern. Following my no numbers rules, try and make your own or check […]

The truth about yoghurt

At the supermarket, there is literally a wall of yoghurt, and one would be forgiven in thinking that ‘hey, it's yoghurt, all yoghurt is healthy’. I live by a simple mission – to avoid anything with additives and preservatives (numbers), and encourage others to do the same. For the uninitiated, this wall of yoghurt is […]

The value of veggies

Vegetables remain undervalued in most people’s diets – not only are they delicious, they are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. If you eat your veggies, you really don’t need any multivitamin tablets! But don’t take my word for it. Here are a few examples of the goodness of vegetables. Carrots Carrots are fat-free, low […]

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