15 August 2022
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Open water

Bondi’s shark nets have ensured that there hasn’t been a fatal attack there since the 1930s, but Western Australia hasn’t been so lucky.

Shift work - is it good for you?

It may be an essential part of modern day life for many people, but the detrimental effects of working odd hours can add up.

Cultural cringe

It doesn't matter if you arrive on stage to the strains of Bruce Springsteen like a rock star (like Obama did), if you don't deliver on jobs and the economy, you might as well stay home.

Are we getting too hot under the collar on climate?

Has the G20 pursuit for growth goal been railroaded by China and Obama's new good climate citizen charade?

Milk - to drink or not to drink?

Good health does not depend on whether you do or don’t drink milk – avoid dairy, go gluten free or vegan

Time to fight for a dignified end

Australia needs to again start the conversation about dying with dignity if it wants to become a great nation not to just live in, but die in as well.

Enemy of the state

How possibly could a 17 year-old living in one the world’s safest and most peaceful cities in one of the most prosperous nation’s on earth become so twisted and hateful?

Near Death Experiences

For as long as humans could reason, a major question that has been the centre of ongoing debate has been what happens when you die?

The benefits of 40 winks

It is estimated that a third of the world’s population suffer a degree of insomnia.

Poly pill for heart attack survivors

For a number of years, many experts in the cardiology world have been spruiking the potential benefits of a 'cure-all' poly pill with multiple cardiac medications in the one pill.

Motorists enjoy cheaper petrol

After an unusually long discounting cycle, pump prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane peaked last week and have retreated sharply over recent days – supporting the fall in the national average price.

My mum bought a Jeep

Car numbers continue to out-pace population growth.

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