15 August 2022
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Supplements may cause cancer - really???

New research has claimed that complementary medicine actually causes harm. But is this really the case? We take a look.

The damaging health effects of pollution

Pollution is having a serious effect on our long-term health and it's time governments took it seriously and did something.

How much exercise is enough?

Should you exercise for longer or are short, sharp bursts of exercise better for longevity? The good doctor sifts through the research and finds the answers.

5 tips to good sleep

There are plenty of reasons why you need to get a good night's sleep and here are five things you need to know to help you get there.

The fountain of youth! Don't scoff, it might be real

Scientists have discovered some new drugs that have been able to stop the ageing process in mice.

To screen or not to screen

It's my opinion that it is irresponsible not to screen people but the results should always be carefully explained and interpreted with great care and caution.

Statins - are they safe?

Statins do have a proven benefit in lowering cardiovascular risk but the problem comes down to simple analysis of cost versus benefit.

Fresh is best

If you can't be absolutely sure that what you buy has been tested, growing your own fruit and vegetables might be the best choice.

The slippery slope of the legalisation of dope

Three trials of the medical use of cannabis in NSW were announced late last year but if the US is anything to go by, this could be the beginning of a much wider approval of the drug.

More benefits from the Mediterranean diet

As we head towards a new year, and in the wake of holiday feasting, there is no better time to review our eating habits and look to adapt healthier practices.

Rest, rejuvenate and reflect

Use the holiday period wisely. Try not to overindulge too much, avoid family friction and recharge the batteries for a great 2015.

Time to declare war on ice

It's a horrible drug but becoming as normal as putting on a pair of shoes for some sections of the community. The Prime Minister needs to start taking control of the situation before it grips more people in its vice.

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