20 January 2021
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The up and down side of daylight saving

As we have just come to the end of daylight saving, a new study of hospital admissions in Michigan has discovered a very interesting finding.

Saturated fat does not cause heart disease

So what is the reality and why have we been fed this nonsense over the past fifty years?

Should you have the flu vaccine?

This year’s flu vaccine has just been released and is available now for all Australian Citizens.

Why anger is giving you heart disease

A recent study of anger showed that within two hours of becoming angry, you increase your risk for heart attack five times.

Medicare: rethink our healthcare funding

There have been recent rumblings from certain sectors in the Government and the expected scare mongering from the shaky opposition about changes in Medicare.

Why multivitamins are a good investment

There was a clear 8 per cent reduction in all common cancers after ten years of taking a multivitamin daily.

If I were Barry O'Farrell

Come the revolution and I am running the show the following points would be my way of dealing with increasing problems of alcohol fuelled violence.

Healthy habits for next generation entrepreneurs

One of the problems is that the earlier you develop bad habits, the more ingrained those habits become.

A chocolate a day...

Should you be feeling guilty about the weekend's chocolate binge?

10 health tips for the lazy man

Without wishing to sound sexist, women are typically better and more motivated to practice healthy life habits.

Does calorie restriction extend your life?

For a number of years scientists have been claiming that restricting our calories is an effective way of extending our lifespan.

How dangerous is Marijuana?

Recent studies raise the specter of the danger of regular marijuana use.

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