22 June 2021
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Are low doses of alcohol a major risk factor for cancer?

Recent studies have shown a small link between light drinking and some cancers, but there are also many other factors at play.

Soft drinks - are they really that bad for us?

The combination of sugar, caffeine and phosphoric acid has many unpleasant side effects that we all should know about.

Why we need movies at school

The documentary Gayby Baby has been called "overtly political" and banned in NSW schools, but it's a safe bet that the people that describe it that way have not actually seen it.

Are we overtreating the elderly?

We need to start talking about what kind of life, and death, we want.

The Australian diet report card - could do better

How healthy are your eating habits? Take the test here.

Understand the potential dangers of medical radiation

The dangers of some medical tests are not well known, so make sure you ask your doctor if there is a non-radiation alternative.

The weight is not over

Recent studies highlight that the more you weigh, the harder it is to lose. Real weight loss requires a lifestyle change, not a fad diet.

The pain of moving

Is there any time in one’s life more stressful than moving house? Not that the burgeoning self-storage sector is complaining.

Get the power to save hundreds on electricity bills

You might have electricity, but do you really have power?

More trials of medical marijuana needed

A recent study found some interesting results for the medical use of marijuana but more studies are needed into its effective use.

Shopping for a nursing home

Finding the right aged care facility in a billion-dollar industry is not easy and you need to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.

The lessons of Belle Gibson

The author of The Whole Pantry duped many people and is a timely reminder of why it's important to question anyone who challenges conventional medical thinking.

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